Tuesday, October 7, 2014

this is where i jump right back in

Oh hey. Believe me when I say I've missed you all.

We're all moved! And kind of unpacked. I will overshare all of that in another post, surely. If you follow me on twitter, then you know I lived a long ten days with no internet but that problem is now resolved so... no excuses. Except for the fact that I no longer carpool with Andrew so I don't have my extra hour in the mornings anymore. That's kind of an excuse.

In other, non-moving related life happenings:

- I saw This Is Where I Leave You a few weeks ago. The cast is so good and it made me like Adam Driver a lot more (even though he's very similar to his Girls character). The movie itself just feels like it would be better as a book - I bet the characters make a lot more sense on paper. It was good, but not worth full-price admission in my opinion.

- Houston's Food Christmas has arrived. If you've ever clicked on the "Eat" tab above, you'll see that I'm keeping a record of the restaurants I've eaten at that are on Houston's Top 100 List. Well, 2014's list came two weeks ago and I'm pumped to have been to 46/100 (lots of ones I had been to are off the list or have since closed) and eager to try the 54 I've yet to visit. 

- TV is back! What's on your DVR? I'm excited for the final season of Parenthood. I recorded Gotham and Red Band Society too, but so far nothing else new. Between unpacking, working late, and just other general life things, I haven't watched much yet.

- I chopped off five inches of hair. I've been growing it out for years, and it was time. I'm still not sold on it being shorter, but at least it's healthier, so there's that.

Due to the head tilt, it doesn't look as short as it feels, okay? Also, perfect chance to tell you that we celebrated Sarah's baby girl over the weekend! This is Miranda and Sarah if you don't already know them.

- It's my birthday month, and also my last month in my twenties.  More to come on those feelings, for sure.

- Bauer is completely terrified of the new house. It's been two weeks and he won't voluntarily leave my bedroom. Luckily, he has dared to venture from the safety of laying in his letterbox (ew) so... progress?

I've missed blog life and real life and all things not involving unpacking or buying things for the house (very first world problems, I know). I have super old comments that I do want to respond to so expect some very dated emails to hit you soon. So tell me, what's new with you?


  1. So glad you finally have internet!!! I love Parenthood, every episode makes me cry!! Poor Bauer, hopefully he adjusts soon.

  2. Well look at you all moved in and stuff! Poor Bauer!!! I hope he starts to realize that this is just a new space for him to claim as his own soon.

    Your hair looks cute!!! I had contemplated cutting a few inches off mine. It is just so long and stringy these days...as much as I would like to deny that fact. Cant wait to hear all about the move and other going ons! And yay for birthday month!!!

  3. welcome back!! glad the move went well and can't wait to read more of the new digs.

    poor bauer! when my friend moved, her dog had diarrhea for weeks until he got used to the house :(

    Vodka and Soda

  4. Yay so glad the move went well!! I hope Bauer feels better! And I think your hair looks great!

  5. Welcome back!! I DVRed Red Band Society too. It's cute but not exactly "must-see TV." I'll keep watching though. Definitely wanted to see This is Where I Leave You- maybe will wait for it to be on demand. The book was definitely worth a read.

  6. First of all--your hair and your dress!! Both gorgeous!! Secondly, Bauer. Let him explore on his own. Try not to force him out of your room if he isn't ready. Once a cat starts peeing outside of his box, it's nearly impossible to make them stop--and that's a risk you could run if you try to force things. He's laying in his litter box because it is something that is familiar and safe and his. Is there anything the laid on at the old house? A blanket, pillow, a shirt, something? Maybe bring that into your bedroom remind him that it's his home too :) Good luck!! I'm sorry he's so terrified! Was the old house the only one he ever lived in?

  7. Yayyy so glad you're back on the grid, hehehe!

    Poor Bauer, moving can be so hard. He'll get it all figured out soon!

  8. Congrats on getting all moved in!

    I completely understand about not being sure about your haircut. And it feeling a lot shorter than most people think it is. I am the same way. Every once in a while I'll go crazy ;) and get 4-5 inches trimmed off my hair and feel like it is super short "for me." Definitely long hair problems!

  9. Welcome back! With your fancy dancer hair! It looks good.

    I can't wait to see the house.

    This is Where I Leave You is great on paper. I won't be seeing it in the theater but since I love much of the cast, I will be seeing it.

    Gotham, How to get away with Murder, and The Affair are my new fall TV loves.

  10. Love the hair! October is the best month for birthdays! Mine is the 23rd. My DVR is kind of all over the place ha.
    Sunday - The Walking Dead
    Monday - NCIS LA
    Tuesday - Chicago Fire, Sons of Anarchy
    Wednesday - Nashville
    Friday - Hawaii Five-0, Girl Meets World

  11. That is a fantastic picture of you! You are so pretty!
    I am right there watching Parenthood with you! I was able to catch up on Netflix in time for this last final season. I'm bummed it's going to be over after this. :(
    As for other shows, we are catching up on our DVR-ed USA shows (like Covert Affairs) we recorded this summer and are coming back this fall. Next up will be catching up on the latest season of Bones on Netflix. So really, I don't have any opinions to give you about current TV besides Parenthood. :)

  12. cheers to birthday month! also your hair looks great! it still looks 'long' if that makes sense

  13. Your hair looks great, and I love that dress. :) Welcome back! Happy to hear that everything is coming together at the new house, so exciting! We have unpacked everything, now it's time organizeeeee! Woo. haha

  14. I'm so happy your back from your unplanned break and I'm happy Comcast decided that it was ok for you to have internet again.

  15. I'm so glad you're back! Did you watch Red Band Society yet? I watched the pilot yesterday. Curious to know what you think! I thought it was good but I don't know if I'll commit to it weekly... then again I said that about Parenthood and here I am still watching it after how many seasons!?

  16. I just chopped off 9.5 inches so I hear you on not being used to a shorter length! It's still past my shoulders but it just feels/looks weird from what I'm used to!

  17. Read the book. Of course I'm going to say the book is better, but I did like the movie. You should also love Adam from Inside Llewyn Davis except now I'm wondering if you've ever even seen the movie! OMG HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN THE MOVIE?
    He also sings on Please Mr Kennedy. He's the "uh oh!" guy. But you would know that if you saw the movie.

  18. Yay, glad to see you back!!! I think your hair looks super cute. I wanted to see This Is Where I Leave You--given the cast and I read the book. The book was good but I found it a bit awkward, it's one of those stories that makes you cringe a bit for the characters (or maybe it is just me). I just started Parenthood, after binge watching Scandal to the current season. The only new shows we started are How to Get Away With Murder and Gotham (that was P's pick).

  19. Um yea...so 3.5 months later and I still have boxes, lol. Glad you're back!

  20. Poor Bauer kitty. Poi hie was the same way every time we moved. Some cats are just more timid I guess :). Hopefully Bauer will be out exploring in no time!

    Love the hair!


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