Wednesday, November 5, 2014

it was my birthday

And if  you read that title a la Dwight Shrute's birthday banner, then we'll get along just fine.

I turned 30 on Friday (yes, Halloween). And while I wanted to make a big ol' thing about it on my blog, I never found the time or energy to do so. I have no wisdom to impart, no bucket list of things done... it was just a birthday like all the rest, except the number on the left was changing. My husband is in his thirties, lots of my real life friends are in their thirties or beyond, and lots of my blog friends have turned thirty without falling apart, so I figured I would quietly join their ranks. But that doesn't mean I don't want to talk about what I did.

So I'm a firm believer that you should not go to work on your birthday, assuming you have a vacation day tucked away. I do not want to answer emails or make small talk on MY day. This year, Andrew decided to take the day off, too, which was nice but I did complain about a little since I am horribly ungrateful but I like what I like. I always get up around 9:00 and then watch Kelly and Michael (and all of the things it was before) because they have the best costumes. Then I usually go shopping and end up at Starbucks for a salted caramel mocha. It's just what happens.

This year, Andrew woke me up with Kelly and Michael paused and coffee made. He had decorated the house (granted, I did leave out all the birthday decor for him... sometimes you have to insist on ridiculousness) and I returned some phone calls from family members checking in and opened presents (my friends Kate [Spade] and Kendra [Scott] made appearances this year). I slowly got moving and got packed for the staycation he booked for us downtown.

View from my couch of one of the birthday banners. You can see that we were watching Kelly aka Piper and Michael aka Crazy Eyes.

We went to Triniti for lunch, which is on the Top 100 Restaurant list and hosted Michelle Obama a few months ago. It was beautiful inside and the food was really good. Somehow our drink order was lost, and we honestly didn't even mind, but as soon as someone saw the oversight, they comped our drinks and gave us two vouchers to use on our return visit. I was super impressed with the whole experience.

After that, we went to Kuhl-Linscomb, which is an upscale boutique with lots of gift and home decor items. I thought it was awesome but very expensive so we didn't stay too long. Since I had gotten two pairs of the same Kendra Scott earrings, I went to exchange one. When I did, I mentioned that I wasn't in their system to get a birthday coupon (50% off one item) so the girls working there were super nice and told me to pick something out for half off. Another customer service win. After that, we were close to Cloud 10 Creamery so we had to stop in for ice cream. We split two scoops - sour cream with banana jam and sweet potato marscapone. Both were excellent.

We checked into the hotel and had some down time in which I was still full and didn't want to start drinking yet. There's a nice movie theatre nearby, so I decided we should go see Gone Girl (if you like the book, you'll like the movie. It was a really good adaptation). We got out and started people watching by getting some food at Batanga and then drinks at Moving Sidewalk. It's a new bar and I liked that the outside of the menu had a graph on it going from light to boozy and bitter to sweet with the various house cocktails plotted on points so you knew what you were getting. These two guys were in furry dog costumes and had lingerie on over them. They looked ridiculous and told the bartender they were sexy bitches which cracked me up.

We went to Bad News Bar for more people watching and then down the street to Public Services which is new and serves wine and whiskey. I said it reminded me of a hipster granny's house because it was all antique furniture and old decor. It was very quiet and bright - the kind of place you would want to go to really talk to people - and I liked it. But, I was tired and knew that my 30-year-old self couldn't handle many more drinks so we called it a night when we were done there.

See, it totally doesn't look like a bar | I could eat this bagel combo daily and be fine with that

Saturday morning we went to my beloved Revival Market because it was Bagel Saturday (every Saturday they have a different awesome treat). We checked out a few shops and a fall festival in the area, and then I was kind of over shopping and requested that we go home. So we did. I guess my old age is making me even more of a homebody.

Some other highlights:

- On Wednesday, we went to Coltivare for dinner because they had gotten in fancy truffles that they were giving away for free on some polenta. It was delicious and according to Andrew's  math, about a $100 dish. Add that to the bucket list (also I was singing about tuxedos for no reason in my head the whole night).

The polenta topped with truffles and a butternut squash and brussels sprout salad which was awesome, too.

- Coming home on Thursday to a surprise birthday package from Kerry. So unexpected, thank you my friend!
- There's this awesome thing called Tiff's Treats that basically sends you still warm cookies to your home or office. Well, the things I like are well-known because I got three dozen at work on Thursday.

Two of my three dozen, with milk and beautiful blue hydrangeas from another work friend.

- I love Entenmann's chocolate glazed donuts and they aren't available in Houston so I was thrilled when my father-in-law sent me two boxes with my gift (I probably would have been happy with just the donuts, but let's not tell him that...)

So that's how I spent my Halloween birthday. Next year is my Golden Birthday (31 on the 31st) so I'm already excited to see how I'm going to spend that!


  1. Is that a huge spider on the ceiling or are my eyes deceiving me?? So glad you had a good birthday! Welcome to the old lady club! ;) that place does not look loke a bar!! Three dozen cookies, my word! Yum!

    1. Hahaha no spider, just the wiring for a smoke alarm that needs to be replaced. It's much larger in real life!

  2. ahhh it only gets better from here because the older you get, the less fucks are given! when you get to my old hag age, you legit don't care about any foolishness and life is pretty grand. happy birthday!!!

  3. Happy birthday! I turn 30 next October... hooray for that :)

    I also do not believe in working on my birthday-- never have, never will!!

  4. OMG. SEXY BITCHES! That would crack me up too! I'm so glad you had such a nice birthday! So much packed into just a few days! I'm impressed!

  5. it really did look like a spider in the photo!! what a NICE birthday. i'm jealous! i turn 30 next year and plan to do nothing :)

  6. Sounds like a great way to turn 30!

  7. Well, Happy Belated Birthday my friend! You did it right, for sure. Up until the job I have now, I always took my birthday off (January 2nd), but now I can't take any time off in January. I like your birthday style. Welcome to the thirties club!

  8. Happy birthday! I'm sad I didn't know it was your birthday. I believe birthdays are the shit, cause for celebration and never for work.

    Customer service wins, good gifts, movies, good food. I love it. I hope it was fabulous.

  9. Happy Belated Birthday!!! It sounds like an amazing one, tons of good food :) That bagel makes me want a bagel RIGHT now!! I may have to go out to find one!

  10. I'm glad you had a good birthday! I love that you usually have a routine for your birthdays -- tried and true is always the best route to go! Also, salted caramel mochas from Starbucks are delicious.
    What lovely Kate Spade item did you get? I just love her stuff.
    And two last things to note:
    1. Why can't KC have a warm cookie delivery service?!
    2. I had no idea you loved those chocolate glazed donuts. I do, too! I'll have to keep that knowledge stored away to use sometime. :)

  11. Wow, sounds like an amazing birthday week! Happy belated birthday :) I want warm cookies sent to me!!! Haha yum!

  12. I love it! That is exactly how you should celebrate 30 I think.

    I love that people got you such thoughtful gifts too, it makes a birthday so much better when people know what you love and send it to you!


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