Monday, November 17, 2014

life lately: fall 2014

Just to document life lately:

- You may have seen my tweet already, but I kind of already made Andrew buy me us our fifth wedding anniversary gift: Tickets to the ATX Television Festival to see the Gilmore Girls reunion. I have such an attachment to that show. I had to be home to watch every show, or else I recorded it on my VCR (and later, DVR) and I discussed it on the phone with my best friend at the time. I even bought the "Reading is Sexy" tshirt Rory wore in one episode (I want to say season six or seven). I made Andrew watch the entire series and vowed to love him like Lorelai loved Luke in our wedding vows (because she did love him, dammit, and in my head, they got together in the end). It never gets old and I love it so much and I am THRILLED to go breathe in the Gilmore air. So that's happening in June.

- On Saturday we went to Nutcracker Market. It's a market that happens once a year and there are all kinds of things for sale, but mostly Christmas decor and gifts. I was really looking forward to it this year but I found that a lot of things were more expensive than I thought they should be or just weren't my taste. Oops. I guess I'll be hitting Hobby Lobby and Michael's this weekend to see what I can DIY...

- Houston friends, we tried the new Pondicheri Bake Lab. Pondicheri is an indian restaurant that I've been to before, and it's good. The bake lab has spices, coffee, a juice bar, and desserts. Andrew and I shared the chocolate brioche (great) and I got the last of the madras coffee which was creamy, spicy, and delicious. Like a cousin to a chai latte but maybe better.

- We had yet another amazing dinner at Oxheart (the #1 restaurant in Houston according to the Top 100 list). The onions cooked in goat's milk were my favorite (sounds weird but it was awesome). There was also a stew made with "last year's cabbage" that totally gave me pause, but it was fermented cabbage and the stew was really good. They have a record player in the restaurant. It was playing Thriller when we walked in (a personal favorite in our house), then went to Ella Fitzgerald, then a familiar voice came on... I thought no, this can't be, and on vinyl? Upon hearing "Yeahhhh we're happy free confused and lonely in the best way" I knew that we were in fact, listening to an actual Taylor Swift record. I confirmed that it was vinyl with our waitress, who also confirmed that it was the chef's choice of the evening. I told her I would be listening for 1989 on our next visit (just checked Amazon, it comes out on vinyl on December 9th, so of course it went on my Christmas list).

- I am insanely obsessed with the Serial podcast and if anyone besides Kerry (who is probably tired of hearing me talk about it) listens to it, then let's talk because I don't know what I think anymore. Since I last mentioned it, I've caught up, started listening to Slate's podcast about the podcast, and read all of Rabia's blog posts about it. Can't get enough.

This is the last real week of work before Thanksgiving and then December is here and life goes crazy. Weren't we just at this place? Where did 2014 go? 


  1. That market sounds like an awesome place to get ideas from, I would take pictures and then DIY them myself. ;) I am so obsessed with Serial, thanks for getting me hooked. I am more confused then ever now too. So good!

  2. I'm only on episode five of Serial but I love it. But if you want to talk about confusing things later I cannot discuss.

    You go on your DIY. I'm a buy not DIY but I always admire the handiness of others.

    Hurrah for your Gilmore Girls dream! That's how I feel about going to the place where Dirty Dancing was filmed. It's happening. I keep running out of time every year but eventually it's happening.

  3. I loved Gilmore Girls when it first came on and then lost interest once Rory went to college. When I saw it on Netflix, I did watch the last episode of the series to see how it ended. I keep meaning to watch those later seasons now that it is on Netflix.

    Hobby Lobby is evil. ;) I bought all new Christmas decor from them last weekend and I was just going in there for wrapping paper. But as I rationalized for Drake, this is my first Christmas in my apartment, so it deserved new decorations.

    2014 has flown by! I am so ready for December ... hello 2 weeks off from work! The perks of working at a university.

  4. One of my best friends came over yesterday, and as it snowed we were watching Gilmore Girls! I love that show too! I skipped to the...fifth season? Maybe sixth, when she first met Logan. :) He always had an endearing douchy quality about him.

  5. I am going to be honest and tell you I only read the first bullet. Dudddde, I want to go! I saw that announcement last week about the GG reunion and begged my mom and sisters to go. I said, "let's make a girls trip, and plan a vacay in TX!!", and I had zero takers (jerks)...If I find someone to go, I will let you know! We will have to meet up! I am so jealous you are for sure going.

  6. I started listening to Serial on Thursday and CAN NOT GET ENOUGH. SO so good. And I'm freaking jealous of your gilmore girls expedition. For real. Oh--and about the serial thing--yes. I hugely appreciate how the narrative is being told--probably why I'm enjoying it so much!

  7. I need to listen to this podcast everyone is talking about, but finding the perfect time isn't easy. If I had a commute or even 5 quiet 5 year old free minutes a day!

  8. I love the Serial podcast! I almost hate that I'm caught up now because I have to wait for Thursday to get here just like everyone else. I can't get enough either!!

  9. Ahhh your Gilmore Girls adventure sounds so fun!!!! Perfect anniversary activity!

    Mmmmm all of your food adventures leave me hungry. I wish I would have more time in Houston to actually explore and visit these places you speak of!

    I have intentions every year of DIY Christmas but then I am left saying maybe next year. Oops!

  10. I spent 5-6 hours with the GG's on Friday now putting me smack in the middle of season 2 and I'm over Dean and needed a break from Lorelai as well. Her snark is a bit much 5 hours straight.

    I keep seeing tweets about serial but I hate the act of downloading a podcast cause I'm an android but I have an iPod nano... the laze is so strong this time of year.

  11. i've heard so many things about gilmore girls but i've never seen an episode....will check it out :)

  12. Oh man, Gilmore Girls...that is so cool!!! I can't believe how quickly this year has flown by! I will have to check out this Serial podcast.


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