Thursday, November 6, 2014

making a house a home: the cribs style tour

Hey y'all, welcome to my crib. Today I'll call it my Humble abode. The suburb we live in is spelled Humble but is pronounced "um-ble" because Texas is weird, so make sure you're saying it right.

This is our house! Most houses in Houston are brick, either all the way around or on three sides with siding on the back side. This house is all siding. All the homes in our part of the subdivision are like that. It's different, and we really liked that. We also have a front porch, which is unique to a lot of homes in Houston but again, is something you see in all houses in our section of the neighborhood.

Still to do: Spraypaint the knocker and paint or remove the kickplate

Walking through the front door, there's the formal dining room on your left. The furniture we bought this past spring worked perfectly in there; we just added a new rug, curtains, and placemats. The doorway goes through to the kitchen, but we'll get there. A lot of my fall touches are out right now, so things will definitely change in the new year I'm sure. The wine rack was actually in a bedroom in our last house because we liked it but didn't have space for it. I'm happy we kept it.

Still left to do: find artwork to go above the wine rack.

To the right of the front door, you can see the stairs and a hallway that takes you to the garage, half bath, coat closet, and utility room. I'm oddly fond of the half bath because it's the first room I decorated in my head before we moved in. I love the wainscoting, too. When we first moved in, the mirror was so tall I couldn't see myself in it. We fixed that pretty quick. I love the utility room because it's a logical place for Bauer's litter box - no more putting it in an area we use daily. We also have tons of storage in there for Christmas decorations.

The half bath, the view of the entryway from inside the house, and a peek at all of our storage space. I spared you a shot of Bauer's litterbox.

I put our old sofa table in the entry hallway. I love the window mirror on it (more about that in another post) and the "Happily ever after starts here" sign I made for our wedding. Our growing record collection is stored on the bottom shelf. Down the hallway is our living room. The whole house has new-ish cream paint. While it isn't my top choice, we're going to live with it for now and might paint some of the rooms with shorter walls in the future. I love the high ceilings and the windows that add extra light. We added a section to our existing couch to fit the space better, but that made our rug too small and I've yet to find one to replace it. We also couldn't fit end tables in our old house, but now we can, so we need to buy those. I know mantles aren't everyone's thing, but I love that this one is a little chunky and I'm excited to be able to decorate it each season. I refashioned our old gallery wall with a few new things so it would be a little taller since the ceilings are so high.

Bottom right photo: We have many very unfortunately shaped lights, don't you think?
Still left to do: Print photo for top right of gallery wall, hang curtains on living room windows, buy end tables, buy area rug. I'm dreading the day the lightbulbs burn out in the ceiling fan and have no idea how to clean those windows!

To the left of the living room is the breakfast nook and the kitchen. The wainscoting and trim around the windows in the breakfast nook is one of the things that made me love this house more than the less expensive version down the street. The kitchen had been redone by the previous owners. I was happy to have white cabinets. I also really like the sink - it's asymmetrical, with one really large, deep side, and a smaller side with a garbage disposal. I never knew I had a sink preference, but apparently I do. We had to replace the faucet the day we moved in because it was loose, but other than that, we haven't touched the kitchen. We have a good amount of storage, but not as many drawers as we had in our old house so I had to get creative and put a lot of utensils on the counter. Our pantry is huge and has lots of storage space for all of our small kitchen appliances. The breakfast nook is another one of my favorite spaces in the house. I wanted to find a wall shelf to display all the fun vintage items and other fun things we've collected and I'm happy to have found one with plenty of space. The table is another favorite thing that I'll talk about more in another post.

I forgot to include better pics of the breakfast nook but they will follow when I talk about my beloved table more!
Still left to do: Buy a new fruit bowl and find something funkier to replace the vase next to the fridge (it's where we put bottlecaps that I save for some weird reason). Find frame and hang print in breakfast nook. Buy new placemats.

The master bedroom is also downstairs, and it's the space that is the farthest from being done. Our old bedroom furniture was a hand-me-down from Andrew's dad, and while it was nice, it wasn't my taste. We got an iron bed frame to go along with the vintage, collected decor of the rest of the house. Just off the bedroom is the master bathroom, which is huge compared to our old one (which had roughly 15 square feet of floor space). I've found that I'm not a huge fan of the shower stall (I hate getting my face wet) but my love of the tub makes up for it. Our closet is on the other side of the bathroom, and we put our dresser in there. There are also built-ins where I created a little jewelry station for myself. It makes getting dressed more fun, in a way. In our old house, I felt claustrophobic if I had to get ready with the bathroom door closed, but I don't mind it in this house at all.

I haven't decided if I want a bedskirt or another rug next to the tub yet. The future bedroom sitting area will be next to the floor lamp.

Still left to do: Buy nightstands, a small dresser to go under the TV, and a slipper chair for a small sitting area. Find art and maybe curtains. Hang candle holder above bathtub and find something to hang over towel bar. If we have any "leftover" art, hang it in the water closet (not pictured because it isn't very exciting).

We still have lots to do before it's "done," but it definitely already feels like home. I'll show you the backyard and upstairs tomorrow!

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  1. i love it! although you feel that a lot more has to be done, the important part is that it already feels like home :)

  2. Look at your beautiful new home!!!! Eeeeek this is so exciting and I think you've done so much already! Super impressive! It looks amazing Lauren!

  3. I love it! I am totally jealous of your kitchen and master bathroom.

  4. I love love love it all. Especially the kitchen (I need to see the breakfast nook better), the half bath, your front porch set up, your table in the entry, and the block glass next to the tub. What a great space, I hope you guys are happy here for a long time!

    I've lived in my house for over five years and am still not done. I never plan to be done. I always like to change it up as my whims change!

    For the first time in my life I don't have a bedskirt and I have to say I really like not having one - they collect dust and grossness and I personally don't wash them often enough.

    I'd leave the second rug out of the bath and just use one of those towel rugs when needed. I hate washing bath rugs because I'm a weirdo.

    If you're looking for slipper chairs, check Target on the cheap and Homegoods for the eclectic! I've had great luck in both places.

  5. I Love it! What color are you going to paint he knocker/kick plate?

    Bedroom decorating is hardest for me, I think it's because it's the only room Tyson will let me decorate without any input but I still try not to make it to girly.

    I was watching Nicole Curtis rehab an old house the other night where there was the gentlemen's bedroom, the ladies bedroom, and an adjoining sitting room. I thought why don't we do that anymore? I could totally have a girl room then. :)

  6. I LOVE IT!! You've done such a good job making it so homey!! And I live and breathe for your kitchen! Seriously!

  7. Your new house is SO gorgeous!! I love the kitchen, it looks so nice and open with plenty of counter space! Looking at the pictures you do seem at home, it looks like you are all settled. The living room is perfect, seriously it looks like you bought everything to go just in that space! Very impressed!

  8. I love it! Everything is so nice, especially that big kitchen!

  9. Love the new digs! It seems so spacious compared to mine, lol. I want wainscoting so badly (things that make me sound old?).

  10. I want your kitchen!! Mine doesn't have a pantry which will be a must in my next home. You still got a lot done, the small touches can come later.

  11. Yay! So fun to see the house. I hope I can see it in person soon. I really like the bed. We have a really old one that looks similar, actually it's Jen's but we are keeping it in the nursery/guest room for now. They're so charming and vintagey! Can't wait to see the table!

  12. Beautiful house and great job decorating so far! :) PS - I love mantels! Who doesn't love mantels?!?! Crazy people! :)

  13. I LOVE your house! It feels so home-y and inviting. I really love your living room gallery wall. :)

  14. I love the giant entryway. I swear, that's the most functional part of the house!

  15. Super jealous of your beadboard/wainscoating! I want to put some somewhere in our house! Your kitchen looks lovely! Super excited for you!! We have such a long list of things to do and things to buys it's a bit overwhelming! All in time though... :)

  16. Love it!!!!!!!!!! I really love your kitchen and living room! You really have everything coming together so nicely. And ummm you have way more decorated than me and you just moved in and I have been in my house for two are making me look bad!

  17. Your house is GORGEOUS!!!! Seriously I am so jealous!!! It's beautiful!! Can I move in?


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