Monday, November 24, 2014

thankful post

A weekend/Thanksgiving combo post, since it will likely be my last for a while.

- I'm thankful for blog friends always, but especially this weekend. Nadine came to the Houston area for a wedding and we got to meet up for breakfast. We were in an area I never go to (another suburb, sadly not "in the city") so I was lost as to where to take her and we ended up at Fielding's where we both just ordered pastries, bacon, and potatoes. It was so nice to meet someone I've been talking to for over a year now! I wish I could have taken her to some of my favorite places but, next time for sure. I also got a fun package in the mail from Liz. Her boyfriend started a sauce making business and because we love our barbecue, she sent Andrew and me a bottle of barbecue sauce to try. It's really good - sweeter than the Texas-style sauce that I'm used to - so I'm excited for some variety next time we have barbecue (which, let's be real, will likely be in a week or two).

Sorry for the regrams!

- I'm thankful that one of my work friends lives in the area and is excited to include Andrew and me into her friend group. Her friends hosted Friendsgiving this weekend and were nice enough to invite us. We made headdresses, drank wine, played Catchphrase, and ate awesome apple pie. They were all so warm and I'm excited to get to know them all better.

- I'm thankful to live in a place full of parks and trails and places to explore. On Sunday, Duncan and I walked nearly four miles (!!!) to find the neighborhood butterfly garden. It wasn't as cool as promised. But, on the way, we did find a lake that was really pretty. Last weekend, we were freezing, but this weekend, temperatures were in the 70s so the weather couldn't have been much better. You have to love Houston weather.

The best I could get with an 80 lb dog trying to chase everyone at the park!

- I'm thankful for new challenges. Some things have happened at work that are going to make me work harder and have more projects, but I'll also be stretched out of my comfort zone and be able to learn new things. It might not be the easiest thing, but I'm excited about it.

As my presence in blogland has been next to nothing lately and I feel guilty about the frequency with which I respond to comments, I've turned them off for this post. Have a nice Thanksgiving!

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