Friday, December 12, 2014

for memory's sake

I forget everything, and I'm sure a year from now I'm going to wonder how I spent this Thanksgiving and the time leading up to Christmas. So this post is more for me than you. But it's also to say hi.

We spent Thanksgiving in Delaware with Andrew's dad and sister. It was much colder there than it was in Houston but no snow, so I was bummed. We flew into Philadelphia and ate lunch at High Street. It was on Bon Appetit's list of Best New Restaurants for the year and I got what was supposed to be the best grilled cheese sandwich ever (seriously, that was the name on the menu) but it was just... eh. I mean it was good but like every other grilled cheese I've ever had, I was kind of over it halfway through. We also went to the Liberty Bell which was underwhelming since the school I work for has an exact replica that I see every day. And there were TONS of kids. Wow.

My grilled cheese | The Bell | My FIL and SIL's dogs at the beach | The only thing Andrew had to do in the kitchen for Thanksgiving, ha.

I finally read the book Defending Jacob and I pretty much hated it (I found it predictable and I hated both the narrator and his son). The restaurants we had been to before in my father-in-law's town weren't as good as they used to be, but he did take us to a Mexican place that was really good. And I took lots of naps. It was nice. When we went back to Philadelphia for our flight home, I really wanted a cheesesteak. Google took us to a pork place that was supposed to have great cheesesteaks. We split a pork sandwich and a cheesesteak and both were just okay. Philly, you let me down. I need to go back just to eat again! But I did get my beloved Thrasher's and tons of Entenmann's donuts as well as a donut from the Fractured Prune, so don't go thinking I starved or anything.

Since getting back to town, things have been crazy. My job goes a little crazier in December since there are so many parties to coordinate PLUS Andrew and I decided to host a housewarming party this past weekend. I really like hosting in theory but always forget how much work it's going to be. But, it was fun to have a lot of my family (including all four of my parents) and several of my friends come over and check out the new place. I was just tired when it was all over. Oh, and worlds collided when an old friend who knows nothing of my blog life grilled a blog friend about how we met. She played dumb like a champ and I'm so grateful because how do you explain blogs to non-bloggers? She even made a comment about mommy bloggers at one point. I had to bite my lip since said blog friend writes for a mom's blog group.

With Heidi, Miranda, and Bre. Of course I had to take pics with blog friends because I knew they would understand.

This past week I worked on events, first at the gorgeous and restored 1910 Courthouse and then at a fancy country club (George Bush 41 is a member, y'all) and they went mostly well and I'm glad they're over. Just one more week and then I get to be off for two!

I've gone a little nuts with Christmas decorating in the new house. We still have Bullwinkle, of course, and I semi-homemade some lit garland: bought pre-lit garland at Michael's, wrapped wired ribbon around it (sheer gold so you can still see the lights) and then used floral wire to attach Christmas balls to it. I'm always so proud of myself for finishing even the simplest DIY. We had to have new stockings and a new tree skirt, of course, and we started collecting a Christmas village. Our village currently contains a cookie factory, a pancake house, and a Christmas store... clearly it covers your basic needs.

That's the Cliff's Notes version. I love the days when I can come home and actually sit on my couch and watch TV without passing out. I miss my pets and since we returned from Delaware, Bauer rarely lets us out of his sight. Things are busy but good. I hope your things are, too.


  1. I hate when the food is underwhelming when travelling. The best part about travelling is the FOOD. ;)

    I wish we didn't live across the country from each other. Your party looked fab!

    Here's to 1 more week of work!

  2. Disappointing food is ALWAYS such a bummer, but when traveling it's the worst! hate that!

  3. Well you know how I feel about disappointing food :) Sorry Philly disappointed :( Your holiday party looks like so much fun, such cute pictures!! I would have totally cracked under the pressure of the friend. Glad your events are going well and you are almost at the end!

  4. There is a Delaware trip in my future to see the in-laws. We haven't been in a few years. I've been in December. BRRR. I can't remember-are you totally in the blogging closet?

  5. Defending Jacob has been on my to read list forever, maybe I'll skip it.

    I haven't put up my Christmas village this year, to much trouble when Little K and I won't even be here.

  6. How do they mess up grilled cheese?! Bummer. Glad the house warming party went well.

  7. That grilled cheese does look good... but you're right - if you're gonna call something "the best ____ ever" it better be the best fucking ______ EVER! haha #whatatease

  8. Did you go to Tony Luke's? I'm not a fan of their cheesesteaks. The pork sandwiches are okay but nothing like DiNic's.

    I've never even heard of High whatever. That grilled cheese looks sad.

    Love your HO HO HO shirt!


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