Wednesday, December 17, 2014

my favorite christmas entertainment, non-movie edition.

We all have our favorite Christmas movies. I'm convinced that if you grew up watching A Christmas Story (like me), then you're convinced it's the best holiday movie, but if you're wrong like my  husband and you grew up watching Christmas Vacation (still good), then nothing will sway you to think otherwise. What can I say? We're a house divided.

(For the record, I also love Elf and Love, Actually).

Anyway, the other day I wanted to watch something Christmas-y but not a movie. So, thanks to Netflix, I watched every Christmas episode of The Office with Michael Scott (I may get to the ones without him,  but let's face it, those were the worst years of the show). And I ranked them for you because it's the giving season and you may not have as much time on your hands as me.

5) Classy Christmas (Season 7) - Eh, this was the beginning of the end. There were some funny Holly/Michael scenes at the beginning, and Michael being Sexy Santa was kind of cute, but this episode didn't pack as much greatness as earlier seasons for me.

No idea why this is black and white but the epic snowball fight was pretty funny.

4) Moroccan Christmas (Season 5) - Meredith went to rehab and Toby got the last Princess Unicorn doll that Dwight bought out of stores. The intervention was awkward, but this episode did give us the innovative drink known as an "orange vod-juice-ka."

3) A Benihana Christmas (Season 3) - Karen and Pam create their own Christmas party, Michael drowns his sorrows at "Asian Hooters" (love when he had to draw on "his" waitress' hand) and we get Angela singing The Little Drummer Boy.

 Oh, Nard Dog...

2) Secret Santa (Season 6) - Michael dresses as Jesus since Phyllis is already dressed as Santa. So un-PC, but still so hilarious. This is one I totally forgot about, watched again, and died laughing.

Couldn't find a gif of this but Michael, dressed as Jesus. You know, the guy who can heal leopards.

1) Christmas Party (Season 2) - My dad told me the entire plot of this episode and that's what got me to eventually give the series a shot. Anytime I hear about a yankee swap, I have to repeat it back like Michael.

 Also, Andrew and I quote this all the time.

I would also highly recommend any snow-y episode of Gilmore Girls and of course, last year's Mindy Project Christmas episode because this.

Because let's be real, being able to use this gif largely motivated this post.

 Any non-movie Christmas stuff to add to the list?


  1. The epic snowball fight is one of my favorite things ever on TV!

    I love watching all of the Christmas cartoons every year: How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph, etc.

  2. The Yankee Swap and Michael as Jesus are my favorites. I freaking love The Office.

  3. Christmas/snowy Gilmore Girls definitely get me in the Christmas spirit!! And they make me want to visit a small town and eat in a diner, with giant coffee cups!

  4. I never ever understood the appeal of A Christmas Story (I know, I know), but we grew up watching It's A Wonderful Life and I love Love, Actually! Jason loves Christmas Vacation. And now you just made me want to re-watch The Office - Moroccan Christmas, because gah, I miss this show!

  5. We are a Christmas Vacation house, all the way. One of my favorite Christmas TV episodes is from Friends when Ross dresses up as the Christmas Armadillo.

    Love Actually is one of my favorites! I made John watch it and he was like...I don't get it. UGH.

  6. The Office Christmas episodes are my favorite! Right up there with all those holiday movies...I may have to also do a Netflix flush and watch all of them again! Great share :)

  7. I miss the Office! The Second Season was my favorite one. I amy have to watch the Mindy project one after that gif!

  8. AHhh YES love the office!! I'm going to go home and pull these up !

  9. For some reason now I want to watch Slapsgiving.
    Also I love Chris Messina but don't watch Mindy...yet.

  10. ... I have never seen the Office. Eeep!
    But I'm with you on GG and in general Christmas themed episodes of tv shows. You always forget about them!

  11. Hahahahah... I love that you watched TV episodes rather than movies! Hmmm... Friends had some really good ones - the one where they try to find the gifts Monica hid is prob my favorite snowy one!

  12. Yessssss! I haven't watched the office but for the first few years j and I were married we'd watch every xmas episode of friends!!!! And all the snowy gilmore girls episodes are the best!!!!

  13. I basically forgot everything I wanted to say when I saw Danny dancing. Yum...

  14. Love it! I totally forgot about last year's Mindy I laughed so hard at that episode. I miss The Office but agree that the earlier seasons were better, once Michael left it just wasn't the same...though he was never my favorite character of the show.

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