Thursday, January 22, 2015

if we had a lady date, part two

If we had a lady date, I think we would have a lot to catch up on.

If we had a lady date, I would be grateful. I think the holidays and new year add a different element of busy-ness to everyone's lives and that taking extra time for someone else gets really hard. I would understand that things are happening in your life and just be happy we found time to connect.

I would tell you about my new love, the Call Your Girlfriend podcast. It's two smart women who are "long distance besties" who talk about everything from current events to the Kardashians to their bodies. They're feminists without being man-haters and they use awesome words like "garbage person" and "apreesh" (short for appreciate. It works, I promise). I have a new appreciation for faking cultural literacy and a renewed outlook on our patriarchal society and all kinds of things I never considered before. I'm listening to all of the back episodes and I'm excited to be caught up in real time.

Talking about that would make me want to talk about friends. Yours, specifically. I am still so fascinated by the intricacies of female friendship and it hasn't stopped. If nothing else, some of the things I've gone through lately has made me want to study women in their friend groups like animals at the zoo. The dominant one, the nurturer, the pair that are there for one another unconditionally. Like siblings, adult best friends are things I have yet to experience for myself.

If we had a lady date, I would tell you about Andrew's super fun bout with the flu and how I'm not the greatest nurse there ever was. I tried, but by day three I forced him to the doctor more for my sake than his. I've stayed at arm's length so as not to catch his plague and I miss him feeling well.

I would want to tell you that I am doing pretty well with my new year's resolutions. I even walked in circles for 40 minutes in an empty conference room, Hart of Dixie playing on my iPad, at lunch the other day just to get my steps in. The Project 365 was a failure - I kind of assumed it would be the day I began - but I am playing with the new camera a little. Finding something instagram-worthy every day was too much pressure.

Whoa Wait Walmart would have to come up. I love Target as much as the next girl, but looking at this site, it looks like Walmart has totally stepped up their game. I love following their instagram though I've yet to pick up anything in store. It almost makes me excited for my next grocery trip.

Mostly, if we went on a lady date, I would hope that we could just let things flow. I would hope to have one of those evenings where two and a half hours pass and it feels like fifteen minutes. Before we parted, I would want to set up plans for the next time, just like you do at the dentist. That's the mark of a good lady date.

You can read about our first potential lady date here.


  1. So happy you introduced me to the podcast. Loving it! To walking around in circles at the office, I just have to laugh. I love it! You go girl!!

  2. The walking in circles is hilarious. J gets tired of watching me pace the house if I'm no where near my goal! Bailey benefits a lot because even on run days, there's a good chance I won't make my goal so I take her out for a long walk (again, the benefit of working from home I guess). I need to check that whoa wait walmart site because our walmart sure hasn't stepped up their game like AT ALL. In fact, it still makes me batshitcrazy to walk in there. I'm sorry Andrew has been sick! I hope he's back to normal soon!!!

  3. If we went on a lady date, I'd be all WTF Lauren I haven't even blogged about going on a lady date once and you're on your second and I love these and I want to do one. And other run on sentence things.

    I could talk for weeks about my best girl friends. I am so aware of the roles they play in my life. I would be absolutely lost without them. I know what we have is unique, and I've seen it grow and change over the years, but still marvel that for 20 years (more in a few cases), they've been witness to absolutely everything in my life. It's powerful, comforting, humbling.

  4. YES I've been looking for a new podcast, downloading that one NOW!

  5. Ohhhh that podcast sounds interesting. I haven't quite stumbled in to the podcasts yet. I wanted to download serial but then I realized I didn't know how to and haven't went about finding how yet, Someone told me I had a podcast app on my phone. Who knew? I need to figure that out and try out the one you mentioned too!

    I would love to have another lady date with you! I enjoyed our breakfast and mini shopping trip! That Walmart site looks amazing and maybe I should stop being a Walmart hater.

  6. You would probably get bored because I can talk forever about my best friend. ;)

    I have bookmarked that podcast. I just love listening to podcasts while I am at work. It makes the day go by faster.

    The past three nights I have walked around the block at 9:00 pm just to get to my steps in.

  7. This makes me want to go on a lady date with you. :) You might also like the Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast - it's along the same lines!

  8. So all the stuff I read on Project 365s is to not be too strict about the 365 part. Plus you can always start over with a new 365.

  9. I'll have to look up that podcast! I was thinking I need a catch-up type post. It has been one of those weeks...I've been fighting something off and there has been tons of days that have not went as planned :( I really hope you don't get sick!! I wish I was closer so we could go on a lady date :) We would probably talk about our next meal and where we had been out to dinner lately :) Don't throw in the towel for your 365!! Some people just pick their favorite for the month, not necessarily one taken everyday. I missed uploading mine yesterday.

  10. It's funny, I was just thinking today that I wished I had friends that shared more of my interests. One of my closest friends and I share a love of travel, but other than her some of my friends I honestly wonder how we got together. Our personalities click, but we don't really have anything in common yet we are always there for one another. It's really weird when I analyze it.

  11. I enjoy reading your thought process on female friendships. I particularly love the "study women in their friend groups like animals at the zoo" part. It's amazing there are so many different dynamics to friendships, especially female ones. It made me wonder how I would describe the friendships I have, what role I play and what role they play, and why it works the way it does.


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