Friday, January 30, 2015

this weekend in food

A weekend recap-type post on a Friday? I do what I want. Actually, I do what I want when I finally feel like getting pictures on the computer.

Saturday was a little insane, food-wise, at least when I put it down on paper. I didn't end the day feeling like I ate all that much, though. On Sunday we were pretty lazy, but we did take a family walk with the camera so I could take pictures of things besides the cat. Those pictures will be mixed in with our day Saturday.

 It was sunny and in the 70s, so we went to a nearby lake.

We got up early and went to check out the brand new Weights and Measures. It's a restaurant/bar/bakery/coffee shop... basically everything I love in one place. Slow Dough Bakery is already a well-known concept in Houston and they supply buns and other things for many restaurants, but this was their first full-on retail bakery operation, and it opened on Saturday inside Weights and Measures. We grabbed a glazed donut, a cinnamon twist, and a bismark (a donut filled with cream and topped with chocolate) as well as coffee. Unfortunately, on day one, the pastries all left something to be desired. The donut was fine, but there was an overwhelming amount of orange zest in it that I just didn't expect. It was also denser than I would have liked. However, its density was nothing compared to that of the cinnamon twist. That was thick and chewy and not good at all. Between the two of us, we barely made it through half. The bismark had good cream, but too much, and good chocolate. The donut was thicker than I would have liked (maybe to hold in all that cream?) and overall, I didn't care for it, either. I will definitely give this place another shot or two - the scones and muffins looked great - but it wasn't amazing, which is what I was hoping for.

Some kids drew all along the path we walked on.

After breakfast, we made our way down to another Houston suburb to have lunch at Killen's BBQ. We got there early, grabbed a number to secure our place in line, and then wandered around a nearby Walmart to kill time. We got back before the doors opened and got through the line really fast. I got some of my favorite creamed corn, but the corn was overcooked and the turkey wasn't as perfect as it normally is. The brisket was good, though, and the burnt ends special that Andrew ordered was fantastic. Maybe it was just an off day. For the record, I took about half of my meat home.


After lunch, we made the long drive to our old suburb because I really like the mall out there (it has a lot of outlets). I found lots of casual stuff, but none of the work stuff I was looking for. We made a quick drive past our old house, then went to my beloved Costco. Our membership ends next month and since there isn't one nearby, we aren't going to renew. This kills me! Apparently if someone buys you a gift card, you can shop without a membership, so I'll likely try that when I need a fix. I was way too excited to leave with 30 rolls of toilet paper.

I love this short trail that runs through our neighborhood.

We had to go to the drive-thru of our favorite bakery while we were in the area to grab a snack for later (cupcake for me, cookie for Andrew). Andrew was in search of a beer and he thought this empanada place we used to love might have it. They didn't, but by this time we were ready for a snack, so we had an empanada. We headed toward our house, then decided to stop at Half Price Books to look for records (total bust) and then ended up making a long detour to get back to our part of town. A place near our house was supposed to have the beer he wanted, so we stopped in. They didn't, so he settled for another beer and I got a glass of wine. As a plus, the place was pretty cute so we'll likely be back.

He realized he wasn't the star of the photos so he jumped up to make sure I was paying attention.

After a stop at one more store (for more wine), we finally went home to have our lunch leftovers for dinner. It was a good day. Maybe now people will believe me when I say I'm willing to travel for food...


  1. There was a lot of talk about food, and now I'm hungry! Hopefully the second go of the bakery won't be as bad. Wine is always a good idea!

  2. First of all, great photos. Especially the dog walking ones, you know I love them.

    I enjoy a day of hopping around eating, perusing, shopping. Sorry the bakery was a bust. That twist thing sounds awful! I'm interested in this burnt ends special. I've never heard of that.

  3. You should seriously be a food reporter! And I had no idea about the gift card thing with Costco! I usually just hit up my mother to "take me shopping" when I'm in Raleigh and use her membership haha! Love the trail! Did it break your heart to drive by your old house? I did that once after we moved from Charlotte and I wanted to cry. It made me feel sick to know someone else was living in "MY" house haha.

  4. 70-degree weather sounds absolutely gorgeous! I'm totally jealous of your lovely Texas weather. We had a 75-degree day this week, but sadly, it dropped back to the 30s-40s the next day. Bummer. It's January, though, I shouldn't be surprised. I did savor the warm day by eating lunch outside. It's the little things.
    The short trail looks like a nice place to walk. Duncan! What a cutie. Great photos!

  5. Last week I tried a new BBQ place and then a new bakery - though they weren't all in one. I'm about to do another Whole 30 and feel like Tampa has had a lot of new places opening that I'm going to miss for a whole month (really, first world probz)...ang again I will say I wish we lived closer to try all these places together!

  6. Where is this park/lake?? I was looking at the top 50 bbq places yesterday & am already making plans to hit up as many places as possible while I'm still down here. I have definite plans for 3 of them at the moment.

  7. Such pretty pictures!!! That stinks that the bakery was a let down. I hope the next time you go back it will be a better experience. A new one opened down the street from my office and they are awesome!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. So glad to read one of your food re-cap post again! Sounds like an awesome day! I hate when you make a special trip for something and it is not as good as the last time :( You guys had a busy, busy day!


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