Tuesday, February 3, 2015

cookie time

A few weeks ago, Andrew and I realized we hadn't had any good treats in a long time. The same day he went to Common Bond for lunch and brought home a cookie for me, I went for a walk at lunch and brought home cookies from two different places for us to sample later. Realizing we had three different cookies in our house from three different places at once, I did what any blogger with a DSLR would do: I made it into an official cookie tasting that I could photograph and make into a lame blog post.

I took the cookies and numbered them one through three. The Common Bond one was incredibly easy to tell apart since we've had it so often. One was from Michael's Cookie Jar, which we've had a few times before, and the other was from Porch Swing Desserts, whose cookies we had never tried.

Cookie spread

I made ballots. If we had a working printer, I would have done that, but use what you've got, right? Each cookie was rated on a scale of 1-5 on its chocolateyness, texture, and overall deliciousness.

His and Hers Ballots

Cookie #3 was awful. Cookie #1 was fine, but Andrew didn't love it. Chocolate chip cookies are his favorite thing, though. so he's pretty picky. Cookie #2 was nearly perfect and was the resounding winner.

My only complaint, if you can call it one, is it's so soft it's almost cakey. The chocolate is the best, though.

Sorry, Michael's Cookie Jar (#1) and Porch Swing Desserts (#3), but Cookie #2 was just too great.

Please tell me you've done something equally ridiculous in the name of having a reason to break out the camera or make a blog post from nothing...


  1. Haha! I love that you made ballots and turned into a fun tasting. Sounds good in my book. The second cookie looks huge!

  2. hahahah I totally would've done the same thing. My ballots would look like a serial killer wrote them though.

  3. Hahahaha so funny. Just wait until you decide you need to take some pictures of yourself for your blog, it's all so awkward.

    Your third close up cookie picture is my favorite of the three.

  4. From that first image, I immediately liked cookie 2!! I'm a huge chocolate chip cookie fan so I'm alllllll about this little challenge! I'm actually weird and prefer a cake-like cookie!! Delish!

  5. I have not done something "equally ridiculous" but really want to! This sounds fun, and hellllo cookies.

  6. hahaha! I haven't yet, but it's on my list now. What better reason for a blog post than a cookie-off?

  7. Cookie number 2 was certainly my favorite from the picture, as there was more cookie to go around and I love cookies! I have never actually wrote out and ranked my food before but now I kind of want to!

  8. this is like that seinfeld episode when he tests people on candy bars, but they were all twix.
    also i've never done this but i really need to have a cookie taste test. i mean WE need to have a cookie taste test.

  9. Dude. This sounds like the best time EVER! I want to come live with you! hahahaha


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