Monday, March 9, 2015

getting rid of our night stools

I haven't had my own nightstand since sometime in 2010. We inherited almost brand-new furniture from Andrew's dad when his job relocated him overseas from NYC. He only had one nightstand, so we only had one nightstand. It fit better on Andrew's side, so I made do with a sad little dorm room shelf that attached to the bed frame for years.

I had this exact one! Let it be known that this is the world's tiniest notebook. From Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

When we moved, we bought a new bed. I had a vision of how our new room would look. But, like most things in life, my vision and money could never align. So for the past few months, we've been living with night stools: bar stools on either side of the bed that can barely fit a charging device, a pair of glasses, and a bottle of lotion. When Oprah said that your bedroom should rise up to meet you, I don't think having a combo table/stool was what she had in mind.

Enter this weekend. The closest thing I had come to achieving my bedroom vision was a side table from Target. It was constantly on sale and off, available in store and not. I wanted two, and I could never find two at the same time. If I could find it in store, it would come preassembled! Hooray! I love my husband but we are not the best team when it comes to following directions (I follow them to the literal T and move at a snail's pace; he applies "common sense" with varying degrees of success) so this option sounded amazing. However, all the ones I saw in stores were scratched. No thanks, I have a 16 lb terror named Bauer who loooooves to damage my stuff. He'll ruin them in no time, no help from floor models needed.

So I kept my eyes on the online version of the side tables but never pulled the trigger because lazy always wins. This past Saturday, though, Andrew had plans to be out with friends all day. I have dropped my phone off my night stool one too many times, so I casually mentioned that if I could find the stools, they were coming home today. Even IF they weren't on sale or in Cartwheel (seriously, it KILLS me to pay full price at Target now). I literally couldn't even anymore.

I checked online before I left, and the color I wanted was no longer available in stores or online. Cool, I thought, now I have to go back to searching for the perfect, looks nicer than it cost nightstand. But I decided to go into Target anyway and angels started singing when I saw two untouched, not scratched, pre-assembled nightstands on the shelf waiting for me. I did that annoying fast-walk, on-a-mission thing to the front of the store for a cart (please tell me you've done this too), thinking that some other crazy woman was going to nab my nightstands before I could get them. I got back with my cart and wondered how my weak arms were going to get this thing in, but I made it work. And the damn thing took up three quarters of the cart. Now I had to repeat the run-walk back to the front of the store with one cart to grab another cart (what? Did you think I would risk someone taking my pre-carted table? NO.) so I'm parading through Target, pushing one cart and pulling another, feeling a little ridiculous, but not really. I hoisted the second table into the second cart and immediately went to check out to pay full price because it was worth it. I think it's the first time I haven't been derailed by the siren song of Target clearance shelves.

I trekked out to my far away parking spot (because I never thought I would be so lucky and didn't bother to fight for something better) and heard my precious new additions rattling against the plastic of the carts. The bumpy pavement was not on my side and I was ready to be THAT woman who returned the merchandise before getting it home due to inadequate crack filling in the Target parking lot. I unlocked my Civic and tried to shove table one into the trunk. The top was too big; it didn't fit. Well, damn. I couldn't even ask Target to hold these because our other car, the one Andrew was out in all day... it's also a Civic. I was determined to make these fit. Both of them.

After much internal swearing and rearranging of Andrew's work stuff and the lamp I bought earlier in the day that had the shade zip-tied on, I managed to open the door wide enough to not bump the car next to me and still get table two in - success! That left me with table one, still hanging out of the trunk. I thought if I moved everything out of the trunk, I could angle it in, but well, me and fitting furniture in spaces don't have the best history. Not wanting to repeat the sofa incident, I moved everything from the passenger seat and heaved the table in, thinking I could make the short drive home hugging the driver's side the whole way if I had to. It fit!

Snapped these pics and sent to Andrew with the message "WE NEED A BIGGER CAR!!!" He did not agree. Maybe if he had had to play Tetris with our new furniture...

I got everything home and I will be the first to admit that night stands are way better than night stools. I got the aforementioned lamp at Ross, hoping to find tables for it to go on later that day. After my fortunate Target trip, I was still short a lamp. If you follow me on twitter, you already know I had a Ross-mas miracle when I went to the other nearby Ross, found a second, identical lamp, and have now saved myself from going on a wild goose chase for something else.

Which is a good thing. Because now I'm gearing up for a wild goose chase for art to hang above the bed.

This is an awful picture, taken at 10pm Sunday night, because I know people want to see results. This is as far as I've gotten! And with one floor lamp, this lamp, and the overhead light on, AND the flash, this was the best pic I got. WHY wasn't the second lamp on? I'm still short a lightbulb, of course.


  1. I love your night stands! I'm also in search of night stands and currently using little $10 Walmart tables that wobble when you touch them.

    I do that vision thing with rooms too, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

  2. I love those! I am currently looking for the perfect night stands as well. My bed sits super high, so the table I currently have is way too short. I have to hang off the bed to hit the snooze in the mornings.

  3. I LOVE THIS! Our bedroom suit only came with one night stand so I didn't have one for years (and yes, the struggle is real). I finally broke down and bought a shelf from target to compensate--but I'd love a day when we can have matching night tables!

  4. Success!! They are really pretty. The crazy run around to find matching stuff is never fun but always nice when it works.

  5. Haha such a hassle for some night stands :) Looks like it was all worth it in the end! I love the night stands and that lamp is fabulous! I always have to laugh when I hear that someone got something at Ross because of a youtube video I saw once. You have to watch it!!!!!!!!!! My husband and I sing it every time we pass by one now. Or when someone asks the question where did you get that? Hahahahah

  6. Those bedside tables are beautiful! They look very posh. I like your lamp, too. Now you have the revelation of all that space (and a drawer!) what are you going to do with it?!

  7. Holy crap, you have achieved the highest level of lamp love the universe has to offer, because I've played the Mfing lamp game at HomeGoods/TJ Maxx/Etc and never ever ever won it. You rule!

    I'm glad the stands appeared in a vision from above also. Good for you! I have jammed many a furniture piece into a small car. I'm sure a lot of strangers have videos of me huffing and puffing and cursing in parking lots in the Philadelphia area.

  8. Congrats on finding the night stands!! When I first moved down to Texas I was all "oh I'll buy a night stand later..." I shit you not for the first 2 years I used a printer box on it's side... now I just don't have one... #TheStruggle

  9. I don't know why but I love that the stools were called "night stools", lol. We have lamps that have shelves (I actually hate them, but can't decide what I want and/or am CHEAP) so those are our "lamp stools"?

  10. Don't you love when you finally get the item(s) you've been wanting and waiting on forever?! I'm glad you were able to get the night stands in the car. I also love the lamp! Great finds! I have a nightstand on my side. I don't love the look, but I do love the functionality of it. David on the other hand, does not have a real nightstand. We haven't really looked that hard because I want to get all new bedroom furniture. We can get a coordinating nightstand whenever that we purchase the other items. But in the meantime, he's using a big cardboard box we got from Costco turned on its side. Talk about ghetto, huh? (Side note: I'm sure the term "ghetto" is super outdated. Maybe I should have went with "random" instead...)


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