Wednesday, April 8, 2015

if we had a lady date: april 2015

I like these kinds of posts. So sue me.

If we had a lady date, I would tell you that it's been too damn long since I had time away with any friends I don't work with. Everyone just seems busy. I think it's our stage in life. I'm doing that thing, where I retreat into myself, and I stop calling and emailing and just assume you have better things to do. So I would be happy that you initiated, or accepted my invitation. (Oh wait. Sarah, stop reading this, since we now have dinner plans on Friday. I don't want to be out of things to say.)

I would have to talk to you about TV. All of my shows are ending and I need a new addiction. I loved Kimmy Schmidt and I think Younger is the most precious thing I've seen in a while. Since I'm going to the ATX TV Festival this summer, I want to give The Fosters a try. Yes, it is on ABC Family, but I'm not above their brand of drama. I also need to finish season three of House of Cards. Does it get better? I hope it gets better.

And since we're on the subject of media, I would tell you about how I basically quit the radio in 2015. I used to flip between several morning shows each morning and NPR and music in the afternoons. Now that I've discovered ebooks, the morning shows' empty topics and the songs I don't really like anyway downright annoy me. I mostly listen to audiobooks, but I'm having a hard time finding one at the library I like that's available. I'm trying to find another good podcast - I really like Criminal and still like Call Your Girlfriend, though much of the sheen of the latter has worn off - so I'm always on the lookout for something great. I would want your opinion on what you read and listen to. My book likes are falling toward memoirs and books that have some kind of unique spin. I don't like fantasy, chick-lit, or anything following a typical mystery story. I would hope you would have some suggestions for me since suggestions from friends are always the best.

Work would have to come up. I've been at my job five years this fall (!!!) and this is the busiest I've ever been. I have to plan a gala. I'm not a gala person. The idea of people spending a few hundred dollars for a night of dinner, dancing, and dressing in their best clothes is downright crazy to me, so the fact that I'm now responsible for their fun is stressing me out. Event fundraising is no joke and you have to think about every penny - basically show people a great time while spending as little as possible. I would want to know more about your work and your day to day and what you've got going on. Work is such a huge part of our lives, yet something we rarely go into detail about with others. I wonder why that is.

I've read a few things lately, whether in blog posts or books, about people who don't like small talk and would rather jump to the intimate details of a new friend's life immediately. I think blogging makes that easier, but it's still hard. I would want to jump in, overshare, and be able to be myself. And I think, if we had a lady date, I might be able to make that happen.


  1. I like these posts too!

    I'm a jumper inner for sure.

    So you don't like House of Cards at all or you don't like where it is right now?

    I think we don't talk about our work days because a lot of times the details are boring and it seems like a lot to explain for a small return on the story you actually want to share. However I'm more likely to talk about work in person. I like a total separation from that on my blog.

  2. i don't do chick lit either. i see a lot of books other bloggers love and when i read them, i can't even finish the book!

  3. I think the reason we don't talk about work the way we talk about other things is the second we "clock out" (in our minds or physically) we want to shut that part of our brains off, like it doesn't exist. I like that blogging allows us to usually dive right into the intimate parts of conversation. I had a blogging date a couple weeks ago and the conversation was stellar because we talked about things that matter. I loved it! I wish we could have a lady date. Email banter might have to start back up.

  4. Umm, I love The Fosters. #sorrynotsorry

  5. I am guilty of loving easy, chick-lit. I like predictability though :) I love when you do these posts!

  6. I tend to not be big on small talk but I am also pretty open so if you ask I'll answer. I do like chick-lit and mystery but I am all over the place when it comes to reading, except fantasy and sci-fi can't get into it.

  7. Have enough ways to get booze. Nothing I hate more then spending money on an event with an open bar (heck even a cash bar) and the line is out the door. Multiple bars and bartenders, that's really all I judge an event on :)

  8. I love when you do these! That's so cool that you're going to the ATX TV Festival! Good luck planning the gala. I wish I had some tips for you but I don't sadly.

  9. I've had a lot of lady dates recently and they are so much fun!

    If you asked me what you should read I would tell you to read The Broke Diaries by Angela Nissel. It's a memoir created from a girl's online diary (isn't that a blog?).

  10. Lady dates with you are quite fabulous!!! The sheen to Call Your Girlfriends has worn off on me a little bit too, but I still tune in for new episodes. The radio has been getting on my nerves real bad, I can't tell you the last time I listened. I have been binging on the Totally Married podcast. I really enjoy the array of relationship topics that come up.

    I rarely talk work with people because nothing exciting really goes on. I do the same thing every day, just a different property and who wants to hear about that? Unless it is me telling a funny story about how some girl in an assessor's office in some podunk town can't read 567,500 and has to say the comma and each number separate. You have one job!!!!!

  11. I like these posts Lauren!! I watched the first few episodes of iZombie, and actually like it...I totally wasn't sure but needed something to watch this past week when I was sick. It hurt too much to look at the computer or read. I don't read chick-lit either. You have to give us at least a little update on your ATX TV festival experience...yay!


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