Monday, May 11, 2015


I like currently posts as an excuse to share what's going on with me, so here goes.

Planning... our Napa trip in September. 2015 is flying by. We (let's be honest, Andrew) have most of the details ironed out, but a few things are up in the air. The area is known for its mud baths, but I can't decide if I want to do one or not. They aren't exactly cheap and I don't like removing my clothes in front of strangers. At the same time, I feel like this is a YOLO moment and I should try it.

Listening to... Mumford and Sons' Wilder Mind. I love it. I miss the banjos, but I like the swell of the music and the way the songs were written. I checked it out of the library for free but it's worth the money to get on iTunes.

Thankful for... blog friends who explain my blog to strangers for me. It's still not something I'm comfortable talking about away from the computer, but Sarah and I were at Miranda's wedding shower and one of her friends asked how we knew each other. Sarah jumped in with the story, and when I tried to say that I barely blogged anymore because explaining it was too weird, she said nice things to validate my sporadic internet rambles.

Thinking about... work stuff. It never ends. Graduation is next weekend. I got a promotion last month (woo hoo!) but of course it comes with more to do, so it's getting harder to shut my brain off. But, I would rather be busy than bored, so it isn't the worst problem.

Wondering... if my husband sends me flowers and I don't post it to social media, did it actually happen? My poor photography skills caused me to never instagram a pic of a very pretty bouquet he sent to my office a few weeks ago. The fact that that almost makes me feel ungrateful makes me wonder what the internet is doing to me.

A non-IG worthy shot I took to let him know they arrived. My desk has been covered in papers for far too long.

Wondering (part two)... why it's now a "thing" to instagram a pic of yourself holding something in front of a white wall. You all look ridiculous. Your life does not take place inside a photography studio. I know I have some friends who feel the same way. We might send evidence of your ridiculousness to each other, but I'm not naming names...

Wishing... that I had confidence/desire to cook. That the weather wouldn't get any hotter. That it was easier to make a cat lose weight.

Wearing... cheap running shorts from Walmart that come in great colors. Wet N Wild Grasping at Strawberries because it's kind of red, kind of orange, and kind of pink (and so cheap). And Banana Boat self tanner, recommended by Steph. It works overnight but will definitely leave you splotchy and looking like you have a skin disorder if not applied correctly. Not like I look like a leper today or anything. (None of these are affiliate links because I'm not that fancy.)

Loving... that my cat has to lay on my head at night before I go to sleep. Bath and Body Works candles (alternating between lemon mint leaf, eucalyptus mint, and beautiful day). Clean floors, low humidity, our new car, making time for friends, the book I'm listening to, judgement-free group texts, and writing blog posts because I have something, albeit inconsequential, to say.

I know you've missed pictures of my cat looking sad for no reason. Don't worry - I've got plenty.


  1. girl, i hear you on work! i need a vacation and no responsibilities but what drink to order! prettiest flowers! congrats on the promotion! :)

  2. I am liking the Mumford album as well. It took a little bit for me to buy-in to the new sound, but I am a fan now.

  3. I love me some cheap running shorts from Walmart :)

  4. I say do the mud bath! I've never done one but carpe the hell out of the diem. I'm so confused about this white wall-ness. First, because I'm not sure that I've seen any of these pictures? Can you send me one? haha. Second, no...I'm not really sure I have a second...I'm just all around confused.

  5. Bauer-gram!

    I have my finger-gram ready to go the next time I see a shit ton of white background photos.

    I require my shorts to have pockets like an old person.

  6. I love currently posts! Definitely try the mud baths!

  7. Wait your fully naked in the mud bath?! Yokohama! <<<that was supposed to be Yolo and I had to leave it in because WTH!!! Didn't know the Mumford and Sons was at the library already will have to check it out before I buy it! Love them!! Woohoo for group texts! White walls we are judging you! The flowers look so pretty!

  8. Napa!! Ooo you have to share the details!! What a sweet kitty!! Pretty flowers!

  9. Bahahahah @ the white walls. I mean, they're ASKING for it.

  10. I know it was awhile ago, but congrats on the promotion!! And yes, with the flower thought. It's like you have to post it to share it to the world. We shouldn't feel guilty about not posting, but I do. And that's a problem. Social media should not make us feel this way! On a semi-related note, I also hate how social media makes me sometimes think my husband isn't that great. He doesn't cook meals for me. I get flowers maybe once a year. But is that really a measure of a good husband?! No. I still love him very much because he's great in other ways. Stupid social media.
    Woo hoo -- your Napa vacation will be here before you know it!

  11. While working growth is really important to keep up with your spirits and in this case I am just like you. When I got my last promotion I celebrated at San Francisco venues, it was great fun and I hope you also celebrated your success.


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