Wednesday, May 13, 2015

diy diaper bouquet tutorial

When craftiness strikes, I do everything in my power to oblige. I like being creative, but I often lack in execution. When my boss offered to throw a baby shower for another coworker, I stepped up and offered to make a diaper cake without giving it much thought. It looked like a fun challenge.

Do you know how many diapers go in that thing and how many cute little toys you need to make it look good? A lot. So I went to my frenemy Pinterest for an alternative and saw a diaper bouquet. It still used diapers and still served as decor, but it seemed easier. Sold!

And it was super easy. A little time consuming, but so, so simple. Even easier than the candy bar bouquet I made a few years ago. So, by popular demand, mostly because my coworkers kept asking me how I did it and I thought you might too, here's a tutorial.

First, here's what I used, with prices, because does anyone really know what a roll of tulle costs?

Vase (purchased at Goodwill for $1.99)
Small pack of diapers (I got a pack of 37, Up & Up brand at Target for $6.39 using Cartwheel)
Styrofoam ball that fits in the mouth of the vase ($2.99 after Michael's coupon)
Wooden Skewers (I already had these but I think they were around $2. I used the longer, thicker ones for extra support)
Burlap Ribbon (Dollar tree!)
Tulle (I used a roll of white purchased at Dollar Tree and roll of aqua purchased at Michael's for $2.99 with a coupon. It was much larger. Find it in the wedding section - took me forever!)
Vase filler (I got a Johnson's Baby on-the-go travel product set for $3.99 at Target)
Ribbon ($1.50 at Michael's)
Wooden "C" (.59 at Michael's)
Tissue paper (already on hand)
Clear hair elastics ($2.48 for 75 at Walmart. Worth every penny and I'll use the leftovers!)

Most of the materials you'll need

1) Roll up a diaper, grab some tulle, and figure out the look you're going for. I liked for the tulle to go about 3/4 of the way up, so about 8 inches of tulle was a good amount.

2) Cut tulle the length you want it (so, 8" sections for me) and set aside.

3) Place the styrofoam ball in the vase. With any luck, gravity will keep it in place and you can attach it more securely later. Determine how long you want the skewers to be, allowing for space for it to go into the styrofoam and into the diaper, and cut them down accordingly. I only did a few at a time since the ones on the sides were longer than those on top. I found it easiest to "score" the skewer to the length I wanted it, break it by hand, and then trim off the splintery edges.

4) Make the flowers. Roll the diaper about halfway. Place the skewer inside your roll, pointy side out, and roll up completely. Push the skewer through your preferred amount of tulle. I used a piece of white in between two pieces of aqua - so, three total - and made sure they weren't straight for maximum fluff-ability. Arrange the tulle around the diaper and then secure the whole thing with a hair elastic.

Rolling the skewer into the diaper | Pushing tulle on to make a flower (and you can see my stacks of cut tulle in the background).

5) Grabbing the base of the flower, push it into the styrofoam. Repeat until you're happy with the look. I used 33 diapers on a 5" ball.

Filling in with "flowers"

6) Now, decorate the outside of the vase. I hot glued the burlap ribbon to the vase, attached the C to white ribbon, and then wrapped it around the burlap.

7) For the inside of of the vase, I arranged the travel products and then rolled up the remaining diapers and tied them with tulle. I was lucky that my vase was squat and I was able to fit a lot inside!

8) Now, you'll want to secure the ball to the vase. You could hot glue it, but I wanted everything to be reuseable. I got four of my discarded skewers and placed them in the center of the vase. I wrapped them loosely with my leftover tulle so they weren't visible. Then, I got two pieces of tissue paper, laid it flat across the mouth of the vase, and pushed down through the skewers. Finally, I got the ball and pushed it on top of the center skewers for some extra support.

Outside of the vase | To make a puffy tulle bow, tie a regular bow and snip the loops | Testing to see how things would fit before I decorated

I was really happy with how this came out. It was a thoughtful, easy, DIY gift for not a lot of money ($25 for me since I had very little of the needed stuff on hand, but for anyone with a decent craft stash, it could be a lot less). I looked online and there weren't many step-by-step tutorials, so I did get frustrated in the process and had to go back to the store many times. I was going to use ribbon around the rolls instead of the clear elastics to save money, but the elastics were much easier, kept the size of the rolls uniform, and likely saved me loads of stress. Everyone at the shower was really impressed with the gift so I'll definitely make this again.


  1. FREAKING SOLD. I am so making this for my sister-in-law's shower.

  2. That is ADORABLE!!! Going on my Favorite post for Friday! :)

  3. Dude!!! This is brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing!!! I have a friend's baby shower that I need to start putting together and I looked up diaper cakes the other day and started have an anxiety attack on trying to figure out how in the crap I was going to make that work.

  4. That is such a cute idea and it came out great!!

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