Monday, June 22, 2015

a really good day

Some days are just good days, start to finish, and you just want every day to be that good. Saturday was a day like that. We did a lot of fun things, but we do fun things a lot. Something about the things we did and the mood we were both in just made it a really, really good day.

We woke up in Georgetown, north of Austin, after celebrating Miranda's wedding the night before. Since we were there, we figured we might as well do some fun things before heading home later that day. Andrew suggested Foreign and Domestic for breakfast. It's a place we have wanted to go to for over a year now, but have never made it in. I heard they had pancakes so I was totally fine with that.

It was a cute place where you ordered from a chalkboard menu at the counter and got your own coffee. I knew I wanted the pancakes, and I was a little surprised when the menu said "peaches, white chocolate crumble, creme fraiche, raspberry" beneath pancakes. I thought I was going to have to pick one, but the woman taking my order didn't ask for any specifics so I didn't offer any. All of those things made an appearance on my pancakes, in addition to syrup with a slight smoky flavor. It was a really unique take on a traditional breakfast and I loved it.

So, I knew the Presidential Libraries existed, but I didn't know anything about them. Did you know Texas has three? Both Presidents Bush have their libraries here, and so does Lyndon B. Johnson. I read a few weeks ago that a traveling Beatles exhibit was at the LBJ Library, and for a low admission price of $8, I insisted that we go. I love the Beatles and pop culture in museums and we were in Austin anyway, so why not? The Beatles exhibit was relatively small, but very well done. There were all kinds of Beatles items that were sold at Woolworth's, lots of handwritten notes and contracts, ticket stubs from concerts all over the country, Ringo's jacket from the Abbey Road album cover (soooo tiny), and a guitar John Lennon played when they recorded "She Loves You." Can you believe that Beatlemania only lasted for two and a half years in the US? The LBJ part was interesting, too. Apparently he had nearly every phone call he made from the White House recorded so that he could refer back to them (and used them to write his memoir, which I now want to read) and you could pick up phones throughout the museum and listen in on conversations. The section about the Kennedy Assassination was very well done, and especially interesting since we went to the Sixth Floor Museum last year. I want to check out the other Libraries next time I'm nearby.

John Lennon's guitar | the pancakes, bc they were amazing | John Lennon's glasses | A ticket stub from the Beatles show at the Sam Houston Coliseum put on by KILT, which is still a Houston radio station today. A pic of me on "Abbey Road" is on my instagram so I didn't want to double post it. 

The animatronic LBJ was kind of creepy but I liked it | That's four entire floors of LBJ's papers while he was president - speeches, briefings, notes, and other correspondence | a 7/8 scale replica of the Oval Office during LBJ's presidency.

After the museum, we made the familiar drive back to Houston. The route we take takes us through our old suburb, which has an Alamo Drafthouse, which we miss dearly. Andrew asked if I would maybe want to go see Jurassic World, and I didn't, but said I would if it was in 3D. We went to the movie (which I liked a lot, surprisingly), drove past our old house, got cookies from our favorite bakery, and then went to the empanada place we loved so much for a quick dinner. As much as we love our current house and neighborhood, our old area still feels like "home." On the way to our actual home, we went to the Korean bakery that I love so much for coffee since we were going past it anyway. Then we came home and finished Orange is the New Black and I snuggled with my very disgruntled kitty. He hates it when we leave him for a night.

It was a good day. We did things, and spent lots of time together. And there was good food. What else can I ask for in a Saturday?


  1. Those pancakes look incredible! I want them. I knew TX had the libraries but I've never been to any of them. I'll have to check them out when I get back to Texas. I'll only be about a half hour from the GWB one so I really have no excuse not to go. Especially since I'm also a social studies teacher...

    I'm glad you had a great Saturday.

  2. We don't have any Presidential Libraries but I would visit if I had an opportunity, the idea of listening in on some of his phone conversations sounds awesome. I loved your Beatles IG picture, by far my favorite IG of the weekend.

    It will take almost 2 years for your new area to feel like home, by then you'll have found places you frequent and love. It just takes a while.

  3. Looks like a great weekend! I love Pancakes so brunch always means some variation for me.

  4. Those pancakes sound amazing! I haven't been to a presidential library but it would be interesting to see the history.

  5. I love days like that. You're rolling with it and the mood is good and everything - events, stops, food - seems to hit the spot. It makes me feel high on life.

    It's pretty cool to be able to pick up the phone and listen to conversations of LBJ.

  6. That sounds like a perfect Saturday to me! Especially those pancakes, they look amazing and so different to the usual toppings! I hope your new place feels like home soon too, and then you will have two places you love and that can't be a bad thing :-)

  7. This sounds like an awesome way to spend the day! Those pancakes look TASTY. I love pancakes but never feel like I stay full enough if I don't have something savory too...I'm weird :) You guys packed a lot into that Saturday.

  8. I love really good days. The pancakes look so so good! I love the idea of being able to pick up a phone and hear LBJ's phone conversations. I bet politicians today don't want to have their conversations recorded.
    One of my communities is in Georgetown! (I layout senior living communities' newsletters.) We have an Alamo Drafthouse here -- it sounds like David and I need to check it out!


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