Thursday, June 18, 2015

anniversary the fifth

I skipped the sappy anniversary blog post this year and went for sap on Instagram instead. I mean five years later and I still can't resist the opportunity to post a wedding pic. When will those get old?

So for anniversaries 1 - 3, we tried new-to-us restaurants with some poor results. Last year, we wanted a sure thing so we went to Hugo's which we already loved and of course it was amazing. We decided that moving forward, we would try to go somewhere we knew we liked - get our money's worth and really enjoy the experience, that whole thing. So for our fifth anniversary, we decided to go to The Pass.

We went to The Pass in December 2013, a few months after it opened, and loved it. It's one of those places with a set multi-course menu and you pick meat or vegetarian and just eat what is put in front of you because you know it will be good. I already knew I was going to be a vegetarian for the evening (the presence of shrimp and sweetbreads decided that for me) and upon looking at the menu, we decided to really go for it and ordered the eight course tasting menu instead of the five course.

And in the first world of first worldiest problems, it was not good. From too much acidity to too much salt to a garnish that tasted like freshly mowed grass, courses one through four ranged from forgettable to a stringy root covered in sauce just lying on my plate unappealingly. It just was not good.

After taking this pic and eating this dish, I gave up on the photos. It's a swipe of sauce, a root coated in the same sauce, and crunchy thingies on top. It was as tasty as it looks...

The fifth course was a falafel patty on lentils and it was pretty delicious. I seriously considered asking if I could just repeat it for the next course or two. In hindsight, I really should have. Andrew's fifth course was basically the same thing, only with lamb, and it was also good (but eating lamb makes me feel guiltier than other animals so I tend to say I don't like it). There was also an olive ice cream course which sounds disgusting - I hate olives - but it was strangely good and probably the second favorite of the meal.

Through our meal, we kept seeing a large cart come out for each table's final course that had 5 - 6 bite-sized dessert options on it. We overheard the cart get explained to the table next to us and the diners got to hear info about each treat and ask questions. As our meal wore on, I noticed the cart stopped coming out and that tables were getting trays with the desserts on them instead. It's a tiny gripe, but I'm Veruca Salt and I wanted the golden goose cart of sweets. It was kind of a let down. One of the treats was a lollipop of some kind that Andrew tried to eat the next day. It had some kind of seed in it and cut his mouth.

No coffee was offered, and we nearly always get coffee with dessert. At The Pass, a parting gift is always provided with the bill. but I guess our waiter was over it and just dropped it off at our table with no explanation - luckily, we had overheard the other table get a lengthy explanation of what it was, too. We left and immediately got online to find a still-open coffee shop in the area, a bit disappointed by what was supposed to be a great food experience.

But our coffee that followed was good, as were the mini s'more pies we ordered to accompany it. And the free cupcakes that were given away kind of made up for the sting of an expensive dinner that wasn't worth the money. We got a story out of it and we'll stop recommending The Pass to other people.

And maybe, next year, for our sixth anniversary - I'll just ask Andrew to cook at home and I'll make the coffee.

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  1. I hate when a meal is disappointing. But yay for good coffee and s'more pies after!

  2. I hate going out and being disappointed, I would be made about the fancy desert cart too!

    We rarely go out to eat here, Tyson is opposed and if I talk him into he finds flaws with all the food. Ha!

  3. Disappointing meals make me sooooo mad! I'm like damn I shoulda burned that money at least I would have had a three minute bonfire.

  4. What a letdown! Some of my friends had a similar experience so, with the prices being what they are, I haven't really felt compelled to go. At least you finished the evening off right with coffee and delicious dessert! And Happy Anniversary!

  5. I've always wondered why they're called "sweetbreads." They are neither sweet nor breads. (eww)

  6. Such a disappointment for an anniversary meal. The S'Mores pie sounds heavenly though.

  7. RAAAGE. I hope you yelp'd this or tweeted it to them. Restaurants need to know this kind of stuff. How terrible that it was so different from your first good experience.

  8. Oh man, nothing would make me more angry that a sucky meal at a place that is more expensive and was supposed to be a sure thing! So sorry. I would have to agree that the root in your picture up there isn't really appealing to me either. At least you had good coffee after.....after you left the place that was supposed to be good! :(

  9. Happy (very belated) anniversary!! I would have been so disgruntled and upset that the expensive meal didn't pan out hardly at all. I'm glad the s'more pies and coffee were delish -- at least it was a sweet way to end the evening! <--- Bahaha pun intended. :)


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