Friday, June 19, 2015

what do you do for fun?

I saw something recently that asked as an adult, what do you do for fun?

It stopped me. I didn't have an answer. What do I do for fun?

I go out to eat with my husband. I see friends for pedicures, drinks, or shopping. I nap, read, and watch TV. On particularly nice days, walking my dog is more fun than a necessary chore.

But on the surface, those things sound so average and like a regular part of life - none of them seem fun.

I think of fun as playing outside, going to an amusement park, having a birthday party, or enjoying summer vacation. What am I doing as an adult that gives me the same thrill?

Along the same lines, I was talking to a friend recently who said that she just wanted to drop everything- her life and responsibilities- and go do something simple.

When I think simple, I immediately think of sitting around at home all day, napping and watching TV. I thought of that prospect and knew that as much as I love a good binge-watching session, after about a week, I would get bored. So I asked her what she would do in her new life.

She said she would bake or work in a flower shop. Simple. Much simpler than whatever she currently does all day, but something like that never crossed my mind. To me, those would still feel like work and responsibility.

So it's making me think about it - what do I do for fun? And what would I do if I could live life without the normal responsibilities?

Honestly, I'm not sure. Is texting my friends observations about my surroundings, trying new restaurants, reading books, and compulsive wikipedia-ing enough? Clearly I need a hobby. I need to work on my fun.

What about you?


  1. I think as we get older our definition of fun changes, things I thought were fun when I was a kid/teen no longer hold any appeal for me.

    If I could do something fun every day I would run a bookstore, even the administrative and finance side sound more fun when books are involved.

  2. Right now, I try new restaurants with Drake and go swimming (a lot) for fun. If I could do whatever I wanted for fun, it would be running a bakery, bookstore, or wedding planning business.

  3. I don't associate fun with thrill. Sometimes things that are thrilling are fun, but I don't need something to thrill me for it to be fun. Sometimes fun is sitting around with friends talking about absolutely nothing of great social import. Sometimes fun is rooting through a stack of paperbacks at a yard sale. Sometimes fun is taking the dogs to the park and letting them run.

    Fun is rarely what I used to consider fun - getting shitbombed at a raging party, being out at the bar all night, etc.

  4. I get a weird panic when people I meet ask me about my hobbies. I usually stutter and say something about food.... I had heaps of hobbies when I was growing up, what happened to them all?! On reflection I think it's just a factor of being a grownup and all that brings, but it does make me a bit sad. However, my definition of fun has also changed; I think sedate fun is definitely ok!

  5. I would plop my butt on an oceanfront property and read all day. Maybe not thrill a minute exciting but fun for me.

  6. This is really interesting actually because I feel the same way. My for fun things are all pretty average run of the mill. However, I feel like it would change a lot if I had disposable time and income on my hands. Meaning no full time job! Even if had the same income but with no job I think I might do more because so often free time is just a short weekend where all I really want to do is relax.

  7. I like to build or refinish things for fun...but only if it's not too hot out and I'm not too It's not always fun but I do enjoy it and feel proud when I've finished something.

  8. As a general rule I dislike that question. I tried online dating in the past & that is ALWAYS a question that comes up. I feel like what do I for fun & what would I do for fun if I had unlimited time/funds are two completely different while very similar questions. There are tons of fun things that I like to do but time and/or money usually step in. So on a regular basis I don't usually do much "fun" & then feel incredibly lame/boring.

  9. I hate when people ask me that question (or my hobbies)...I'm like ummm eating. LOL! I do really say eating sometimes and people usually laugh. A nice lazy day is good every once in a while too. I like to read. I always feel so boring answering that question. P's nephew asked me once "what I do with my free alone time", I was like what?!? At that time I really rarely had time not spent at work or with P. Now I have too much time, but it goes by really fast and I never feel like I'm getting enough done.

  10. Interesting post! I never stop to think about it either. For fun, I really enjoy working out. I am becoming one of those people. I get such a high from running or going to kickboxing class. Endorphins are amazing. Other than that, I think getting together with friends is always fun and baking is fun occasionally.
    The simple question prompt is harder to answer. My dream job would be to have a food truck or own a dessert-only restaurant. But that would come with tons of responsibilities. I guess I'd like to design stationery if I went with something simpler.


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