Wednesday, June 17, 2015

writing what i want to read

I I was chatting with some blogger friends today about the state of blogging and we all agreed that we need some new reads.

I confessed that some days, I don't even write what I want to read anymore. I know my ATX Festival posts were long and had you written them, I probably wouldn't have read them (except the Gilmore Girls stuff) but they were for me and my memories and that's okay, sometimes.

But if I want to get down to it and write, then I need to write the kinds of posts that I want to read. Bite-sized pieces of what I'm doing lately and real life that isn't hidden behind filters and things that are relatable. Even if they might be boring to some and aren't pinnable and might not get any comments (OH the horror!) they're what I loved about blogging in the first place and what I'm looking for in the middle of all of the how-tos and long line of ecards and affiliate links for things I can't afford and things that don't interest me personally but might be exactly what you love. And that's okay. There's plenty of room on the internet for everybody.

Just curious - are there any changes you want to see in the state of blogging, or is there anything you miss?


  1. I do not particularly like sponsored posts. I think they are fine now and then, but a few bloggers I used to follow started ONLY doing sponsored posts. I missed their day-to-day posts.

  2. I completely agree with this. I was thinking about this the other day when I was setting up blog ideas in my new planner. I realized that I've been blogging for about 5.5 years & SO much has changed not only with my blog but in blogland in general. I feel like when I started people pretty much only blogged about their lives & did so to make sure they had a place to keep their memories. Now every other post on my Bloglovin feed is a sponsored post, a recipe, a fashion post, a stuff I really want to buy/just bought. I would honestly rather read a novel about someone's vacation than a photo only outfit of the day post. I feel like it's more about followers/comments now than actual content...and don't get me wrong I get elated over new followers & comments but I will never be a blogger that has 1000+ followers...mostly because I don't have the time/energy/motivation/want to put that kind of effort into my posts or start doing the types of posts that seem to get people 1000s of followers.

    I feel like that got repetitive & long winded ha.

  3. Basically, what Brianne said. Blogging used to be more personal and less about dispensing information, being pinnable and being a magazine. You used to be able to tell the difference between a blog and a website and now, not so much. It's all about traffic, followers, numbers, comments and money which changed the landscape of blogging. I also don't want to do the things that you have to do to get that many followers and that much traffic. I just want to blog, not be a business. I guess it just depends on what you are looking for. I am not so into the glossy blogs and there are people who only want that.

  4. I like! When I first started following blogs I didn't think I would follow "personal" blogs, I only wanted to follow blogs with useful recipes or something. But I've really started enjoying just reading normal, real posts about every day things.

  5. I really like reading about how other people do life. I like hearing how people decorate, how they celebrate holidays, what their favorite dish is and why, etc. I like your blog and I loved the posts on the ATX festival! Especially the Gilmore Girls stuff!!

  6. I do miss the stories and connecting with similar likes and dislikes. The overly staged photos to be blog famous is getting old. I want real life, messy and all!

  7. I wish people cared more about content and less about numbers of followers and views and other similar bullshit.

    I like to read daily stuff, random stuff, I want to see recipes that don't try to look like they're from Ina Garten, I want to know what products work for you and what books to read or stay away from. I want to get to know your dogs, your spouse, where you live. The dailies is sort of what I think of it as. Just life, daily. Good, bad, ugly.


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