Friday, July 24, 2015

summertime almost-sadness

Every summer, I hit a wall and experience a malaise that's hard to shake. Maybe it's because it's grossly hot in Texas (my car read 106 yesterday, eeek!), work slows down and the days get long, and everyone is off having fun at the beach while I wonder what's wrong with me since the idea of bathing suits, sand, and sun sound like torture. Either way, I have been in a funk this week so I thought maybe some oversharing and time with my online friends would make me feel more like myself. Can't hurt, right?

(Apologies in advance if you already know this through texts/emails/snapchat/twitter. If you see a repeat, it means that you're a gold star friend.)

- It's officially the early 2000s on the WB in my house. In addition to watching Gilmore Girls anytime the mood strikes, we're rewatching Everwood on DVD (because you have to pay to stream it) and it's possibly better than I remember. The dialogue is quick and funny and the references don't seem dated. The fashion, on the other hand... let's just say Amy Abbott's bell-sleeved tops that hit right at her belt line and flared jeans really take me back. And young Chris Pratt is just as precious as you would hope. I seriously have to stop myself from livetweeting this show. It's just the best.

- Okay, so still on TV but I love Girl Meets World. At first I hated it and thought it was awful but season two is great if you were a huge Boy Meets World fan - they brought back Angela and Mr. Turner and there's lots of Shawn and Eric. I need to know someone else is watching this who is over the age of 12.

- Andrew's birthday was last week! He spent the evening preparing chicken and ribs with his best friend of twenty years since his friend's mom's memorial service was the next day. I baked him cookies (two days late... we were busy) upon request and we went to Caracol for brunch last Sunday and we'll have dinner at Oxheart tonight to really celebrate, so better late than never.

- I'm strangely invested in My Three Angles (it's a parody, people!) and then GOMI told me that Hey Ladies is in the same vein and now I love that, too. It has fantastic quotable lines like "I am eating for two also: myself, and also my future self. And I would like her to be as fierce as possible" and I just need someone else to read it so we can laugh together.

- I find fashion bloggers particularly intimidating. I think it's lucky that I met Miranda at my first ever blogger meet-up or else I would have probably never been able to relax around her. I went to a blogger brunch over the weekend, not realizing it would mainly attract fashion bloggers (thank goodness Bre was there, also a friend from my first ever meet-up... that was a good day for me) and I basically froze when anyone asked me about my blog and immediately hated my choice of wardrobe as soon as I got there. Insecurity, you are a beast.

- On that note, I saw my nieces this week! The 15 year old and I had a lovely chat about how at 30, I'm still trying to figure life out and I gave her the truth that it's never really easy and we're all just doing the best we can. If someone had told me that while I was in high school, I might have been terrified, but I think she's stronger than I ever was. I got to hang out with her and her seven year old sister for a few days. We went to see Inside Out (it was good but sad! Really heavy, thanks Pixar), had a pizza party in the car because I almost had a meltdown, played lots of arcade games, and went bowling with Andrew. We had bumpers, and I was still terrible. I also learned not to trust a 15 year old when she swears that she likes cappuccinos so you buy her one and she tries it, makes a face, and then says "Ohhhh I was confused. I think I like frappucinos." At least I wasted $3 at my favorite local coffee shop and not at Starbucks.

So that's what's happening with me. Let's talk about insecurity, early 2000s TV, or any other fun things that will get me out of this funk!


  1. I get summer malaise every year. It's the season in which I feel laziest and not my best self. I'm a creature of structure and routine and go with the flow summer is not really my time to shine. I feel my house and belongings pressing down on me because I don't do as much organizing and de-cluttering as I should in this season. My malaise should be arriving any moment, although I'm hoping that sticking to a solid exercise plan (which I've never done before) and being pre-occupied with our upcoming trip will make it less this year.

    I think I have Everwood queued up on Hulu or Amazon?

  2. Not everyone loves the beach, you should vacation in a cooler climate and do mountain type things. :)

    I don't do fashion blogs, I feel awkward looking at someone's pictures of them self modeling something they bought.

  3. i feel like i am getting that way with summer as well. i love summer but this year it's leaving me in a bit of a funk. i have never heard of everwood, maybe i should check it out!

  4. I'm pretty sure it was you & I that discussed this on here before, I know I did with at least one other someone, fashion bloggers...and bloggers that make their lives far too picture perfect intimidate me as well.

    I haven't watched Girl Meets World since I got back to MN in June but when I was down in TX I would DVR it. Ha it's definitely not BMW but I still love it.

  5. The summer is nice in that we can finally go outside after the crazy Winter but it is not my favorite either. When it's too hot I just want to sit inside. I do enough of that in Winter so it makes me rage. I can totally get down with some old school TV, I never got into Everwood though.


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