Thursday, July 30, 2015

tbt to memorial day weekend

Sometimes I write posts and I'm just too lazy to add pictures. Time goes by and they aren't timely anymore so I don't finish them. This post has been sitting in my drafts since early June just waiting for pictures. Today I decided to just add them (what took me so long? There are four.) and post this for my memories, in the spirit of Throwback Thursday, because this was just a good weekend.

I never weekend recap anymore (um, Lauren, you barely post anymore) because my weekends are mostly the same combo of sleep in/go out to eat/fall asleep watching Dateline and who wants to see that every Monday?

No one. But today, you'll get to see what I did over Memorial Day weekend because it was particularly good and I'm particularly lazy when it comes to sitting down and typing.

So, that Friday, Andrew and I carpooled. We went to the credit union that's on the other side of the world (more on that later) after work and then stopped for my favorite chicken biryani. It wasn't as spicy as I wanted it to be but still delicious. World, we need more things to put raita on. Let's get on that. Then we went home and I probably fell asleep watching Dateline.

On Saturday, we did some boring house things and then went to test drive a car. But wait, Lauren, didn't you get a new car pretty recently? Yes, I did. And so we had one new car and one old(er) one. And then the transmission on the old(er) one started having issues. Issues not worth fixing. And thus, we found ourselves at a car dealership for the second time in two months. We liked the car, but they didn't have the color we wanted, so they said they could have it by Monday.

(Side note: a car salesman told me not to let a "silly thing like color" keep me from getting a car. But when I'm spending that much money, it doesn't feel silly. This isn't a dum-dum at the doctor's office. Color matters to you when it comes to something that expensive, right?)

Anyway, so we went on with our Saturday because we had a staycation planned in downtown Houston. We checked in and then went to Prohibition Supper Club for snacks and drinks. It's a 1920s themed bar that's very pretty inside. The waitresses all wear gorgeous vintage flapper-esque dresses (though one was wearing Kendra Scott earrings and kind of ruined it for me). At night, they have a burlesque show in a back room. We had oysters and a veggie dish with beets and carrots. It was a really neat place and would be great for a girls' night.

After that we went to the Rockets game, where they got killed. It was painful to watch and there was a lot of yelling. We left before it ended.

Drinking was required to forget that bad memory, so we went to a bar called The Nightingale Room. I really wanted to check it out because it has 2000 record albums or something crazy. Now, downtown Houston normally has pretty relaxed bars. The area isn't known for dancing; instead, you go to these bars for craft cocktails and unique atmospheres. Apparently, The Nightingale Room didn't get that memo, at least not on Saturday, because it was loud and there was some interesting (and entertaining) dancing happening. I wasn't crazy about the cocktail menu, either. The place was neat and I would love to go back - maybe for happy hour during the week - and I loved that they had a small second story with a drink elevator going up to it. A cool place, but that night, it wasn't for me.

We decided to go to a place we had tried before, Public Services. It's known for wine and sherry and its decor that I refer to as hipster granny. Last time we went there, it was empty. This time, there was a good amount of people, but it wasn't too crowded. We got a table and chatted with the guy who runs the place. He recommended sherrys for both of us, and they were great (this coming from someone who has quite possibly never had sherry before). We also tried their housemade baloney. I know, I hate baloney too. But this was so good. A hunk of meat, some smokey cheese, and then a sleeve of Ritz crackers - comfort food with some extra oomph and a little nostalgia. I loved it. We sat drinking and people watching for a while until we were both tired and took the train back to our home for the night.

(Another side note: when we went to buy our train tickets, there was a huge sticker over the screen. I thought some mean person was just being a jerk so I peeled it back and purchased our tickets. I later learned that it was a Rail Appreciation Day or something and you could ride for free all day. Oops. At least it was only $5 total.)

Sunday morning we woke up to my alarm at 10 a.m. I just love hotel blackout curtains. We wanted brunch, so we decided to go to Kitchen 713. We've been there before for dinner. We ordered biscuits and gravy, the fried chicken dinner for two, and a peach cobbler. It was an insane amount of food. The biscuits and gravy were fantastic (I even allowed a bite of egg on mine, which is crazy since I mostly hate eggs) and filling. The chicken meal for two was ridiculously huge - it came with sides of red beans and rice, green beans, and mac and cheese plus two biscuits. I'm not a huge fried chicken fan and I mostly hate meat on the bone, but this was the stuff that makes people crave fried chicken. Crispy skin (which I normally pull off) with a  tiny bit of spice and juicy meat... it was delicious. The sides were great too and predictably, the mac and cheese was my favorite. Honestly, we could have lived without the cobbler. It was good, but I don't need it again. We had so much food left over that we packed it up for dinner that night.

Saturday night Sherry | Biscuits and gravy | Peach cobbler | Fried chicken dinner with sides and biscuits and gravy in the back

The rest of Sunday, we hung out at home. On Monday, we got a call that our car had arrived, in the color of our choosing, at the dealership. Since we went to our credit union on Friday, we had basically a blank check for the car dealership to fill in the purchase amount on (I've never seen that before and it made car buying so much easier!). Of course, the process took a few hours, but we now have a cute little Honda HRV to match our CRV, and according to my husband, we won't be buying another car for at least seven years.

So that was Memorial Day. Better late than never.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I need to use this idea (tbt) for my blog. I am bad about doing the same thing, writing and then never adding pictures.

    Once Drake and I move in together, in December, I will start new car shopping. Yay for only one set of bills instead of two! However, every car salesman I meet is probably going to hate me. I was raised by mechanics and I know exactly what vehicle I want down to the color. There will be no "selling" me anything! ;)

  2. I'm not even close to kidding when I say I have a minor panic attack when choosing a dum-dum color at the Dr.'s office. Do I go with my staple butterscotch? Do I go nuts and try the mystery flavor (which let's be honest, 9 times out of 10 is raspberry)? Or do I throw all caution to the wind and pick whatever is going to turn my mouth bluest? So I think you were TOTALLY smart in waiting to have your desired color of car. Silly sales people.

    And it sounds like y'all had such a nice staycation weekend! And I have no clue what a "drink elevator" is, but it pretty much sounds like the stuff dreams are made of. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Mr. Salesman only said color wasn't important because he wanted his commission. Color is so important to me in a car, isn't one's car a reflection of who they are color and all?

    Hotel blackout curtains are the best I need some for my living room, my regular old black out curtains don't keep the beating sun out like the hotel curtains do!

    I love love love biscuits and gravy and since I saw a picture of them I'm thinking Tyson should make me some this weekend!

  4. I agree that when you spend that much money on a car color does matter. Unless my current car takes a shit like my last one did, the next time I buy a vehicle it will be EXACTLY what I want, right now to color.

    Sounds like a really great Memorial Day weekend.

    PS...I miss your blog when you don't blog.

  5. HA! I totally support a recent TBT when it's in the spirit of sharing a great weekend or documenting something in your space.

    Color is so important to me. MFD is Mr. Black Car and it annoys me.


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