Friday, August 21, 2015

a link-ly roundup

One of my biggest time wasters in life is going down the black hole of the internet. I'll get on twitter and click from article to article and before I know it, an hour has gone by and I have zero to show for it.

I might as well turn it into a blog post, right?

I love how Kelli gives a weekly round-up of her life followed by some links and perhaps one day I'll adopt that format, but not today. I already posted once this week about what real life is like.

Anyway - onto the best things I've seen online this week. A few of these I've mentioned on twitter before. Are the repeats annoying to you because you already follow me and click through the links there, or are they new to you because you're not into twitter? I know everyone has twitter but I also know not everyone checks it as often as I do.

--- This free, print at home, DIY planner has the potential to be awesome. I already printed one for work since people are already asking me about 2016!

--- I'm a member of a Houston bloggers facebook group and I posed the question a few weeks ago about if anyone still liked to read personal blogs (ya know, more like "here's what I'm doing lately" and less clothes/recipes/niche content). Very few people responded in the affirmative and those who did have failed to stop by here and make themselves known. I find it discouraging, but whatever. Anyway, my friend Bre tweeted this link the other day and I had to retweet because it's everything I feel about blogging and being on the internet, period. I'm not a brand, I'm a person, and all I can do is write about my life and the way I experience it.

--- Hey, Ladies is the funniest thing I have read in a long time. If you like satire and think that millennials are crazy, then you need to read this. I haven't read every entry - I'm savoring them instead.

--- When I first started getting into the big world of blogging, I saw this SMD person who seemed to comment everywhere on everything and actually say something, like she actually read and considered each post. So of course I started reading her blog and basically as I got to know her, I decided I want to be her when I "grow up" (um, she's only a few years older than me) because she just gets things done and is so secure and confident in her choices that I'm always left feeling that I need to be more like that. She's currently hosting a giveaway for $50 to the non-profit of your choice that you should go enter.

--- I listen to the same music over and over and tend to stick largely with the things I liked in high school (and to think, I mocked my parents my entire childhood for doing the same thing). When I want some variety, I click on the Discover Weekly feature on Spotify. It takes what I already listen to and suggests new things. Then I can click on the artist's name and listen to more by them or whatever. Despite that cool feature, I spent all of yesterday afternoon listening to the Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! soundtrack that I fell in love with in college. It's the musical equivalent of comfort food for me.

Not much planned for this weekend - I need to do some fall shopping and I'll definitely catch a little bit of the Little League World Series. The manager of the team from Texas - the guy with the dreadlocks - is a professor at the school I work at (and we're a small school so it's not like I've never spoken to him before) and one of the other dads on the team has actually approached us about another project so it's cool to see people I've worked with on TV. Go Southwest!


  1. Hey that's my name, thank you!!

    I like this post a lot and I loved the link your friend Bree tweeted. I couldn't be a "real" lifestyle blogger if I tried; I don't cook, I don't do fashion, I don't do a lot of DIY and if I do I don't photograph it well. Whatever, I like my blog and I think that's what counts, it feels like the real me not some fake version of me trying to make money.

    Also who doesn't love SMD?? She does have her shit together for sure, she inspires me not to be so lazy.

  2. OMG, I love the planner templates and the fact that they're free! Let me know how yours turns out! I don't know how Steph does it; commenting on every blog I see, but she's gooood. I can't get to any of the other links in this post b/c my work sucks (and sadly not even Steph's blog - wah). Happy Friday!

  3. Thank you and LOL for the mention and the share. I think I just really, really, really like getting things done. I think MFD has said so many times, "You're always doing THINGS." And being a quick reader while understanding in context is a skill that has helped me in so many areas of my life, blog reading and commenting included.

    I think I'd like Hey Ladies. I saved it to my feedly for future enjoyment.

    I always think about printing my own planner. I've tried variations before and made a big fat mess. I want to see how yours turns out and how you house it! And if you carry it. I can totally get down with a binder-like planner but I find them harder to carry.

  4. I get bored with blogs that never post about themselves. I do think there should be structured posts on a certain subject but I still want to hear the "background" noise, too!
    I def listen to the same music over and over. My favorite genre is the 00s and Pete constantly gives me shit for it. lol

  5. i love Steph! obviously haha. What I love most about her and her blog is that she is so honest, always sharing different things, and she actually legit reads blogs and leaves proper comments.
    I totally agree with that article and everything you said about blogging. i love to talk shit about shit, about my life, and occasionally about products / things but only of my own volition, never because i'm getting paid to. i don't think i could ever write about, say, dish washing detergent just because someone asked me to / paid me too. i mean, unless it loads the dishwasher and puts everything away AND is only $5. lol. then I might.
    I love the idea of printing my own planner, but I also really love to buy stuff, lets be real. haha.
    ps. I wasn't following you on twitter, very rude, but i am now.

  6. Steph is super awesome! And so are YOU :) I couldn't open that article link on this computer, it blocked the darn thing but I have to say poo poo on those that don't appreciate a lifestyle blog anymore. If I wanted to only read reviews of products, I would be on Amazon. And if I only wanted to look at clothes, I would browse store sites all day. I want to read random snippets about people's lives and connect and relate to them. I mean, that is why we all started blogging, wasn't it?? Chances of being a "professional blogger" are so slim so why do so many people try?

    I totally listen to all things from high school/college days. I need to follow along with the suggestions too! Win a Date With Todd Hamilton! LOL! Loved that movie....

  7. i prefer to read blogs about the blogger's life. i don't mind reading what they wore for an event but if it's post upon post of makeup, OOTDs, shoes, bags etc, i don't even bother reading them.

  8. I do like to get to know the blogger behind the blog. Steph is awesome, of course. I can't afford to buy all the things no matter how much I want to so oversharing all these must buy things tends to turn me off.

  9. Hey! I think I'm one of the people who commented on the Facebook group. Sorry if I haven't commented yet but I so appreciated you stopping by my blog a couple weeks ago and I love yours! I've subscribed to it but am just behind on my reading, trying to get caught up today. Link lists are always fun. :)

  10. Damn you and all your links ;) I'm the worst at getting pulled into having a million tabs opened from clicking here and there and everywhere. That is cool about the baseball thing, of course you have to watch a little. I still like to read about real life :)


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