Wednesday, August 19, 2015

real life this week

My real life this week involved a low key Saturday at home, nearly falling asleep upstairs, and stumbling downstairs in the dimness and stepping straight into a hairball (don't worry, a thorough foot washing took place immediately).

Real life was my husband waking me up before my 5:45 a.m. alarm going "I have bad news...." only to lead me out of bed to show me the mouse in the dog's water bowl. Thankfully, outside. The drought in Texas combined with our cozy wooden deck and the damn beautiful greenspace behind our house means that critters like to find homes near us.

Real life is finding a pet-safe pest control company but still not trusting it (because chemicals) and carefully combing through your yard for traces of poison from the bait boxes because you can never be too careful.

Real life was the idiot reversing into my still almost brand new car, coming out of his car on a busy downtown street without a shirt on, and claiming to have "forgotten" his license and insurance at home. The damage is truly negligible - I didn't even see it at first - but it's still disappointing.

Real life is snapping at your spouse because he's the closest one there, the one who always gets the pleasure of seeing you at your worst, and the one who gets the short end of the stick because all of your patience and good cheer was used up on the rest of the world - the part that didn't promise to love you and build a life with you. Anyone else feel guilty over that bit of irony?

Real life is realizing that even though your problems might be first world, they are yours. You're entitled to feel the way you want and need to feel, and just because others have bigger and more serious problems, it doesn't mean you haven't earned the right to throw yourself a little pity party. I tend to wallow and I know that misery loves company but I have to try to remember one of the only things that I've ever found useful on Pinterest is the saying "It's a bad day, not a bad life."

And I mean, I may have vomit and creatures instead of white walls and freshly picked flowers that the internet makes me think is the norm, but my life is still pretty good. My crazy, type A husband planned our upcoming Napa vacation down to the minute and I can't wait. Fall is coming. I'm going to see Taylor Swift in a few weeks. I have friends who come to work bearing treats. I have people in my life who are always there to listen (or read) if I have an amusing, frustrating, or otherwise share-able day. I have a relentlessly happy dog and a cat who shows his affection by laying on my head so I can't breathe.

Real life. It definitely isn't all bad.


  1. Stepping on pet wet in the middle of the night is the worst! It can make any day super bad even a Saturday..

    Hope today is a better day!!

  2. You have every right to wallow on bad days, bad days suck. Hopefully today is looking up for you!

  3. Real life rocks!

    I'm not a wallower but will definitely acknowledge a bad day. I love going to bed at the end of one because I know I have a 100% chance that tomorrow will be better.

    Good stuff coming your way. Please be a vacation instagrammer!

  4. Ewwwww @ the mouse! Although I kinda feel bad for the lil' feller, too! lololol
    I always try to tell myself that it could be worse when bad shit happens, but, you're right... doesn't make it any less bad! We're all entitled to have our bad days/moments!

  5. Real life is where it is at, even with some of the crap it is pretty awesome! We can feel all the feels we want we just shouldn't live in them! If you know what I mean.

  6. oh man I HATE when I step in a hairball. Not fun.
    my husband definitely gets me at my snappiest, poor thing.
    totally true about first world problems being yours. i sometimes feel bad for having my pity party, but gosh darn it, i'm allowed to.
    real life definitely isn't all bad ;) i laughed @ the cat on your head. yep. they love us ;) one of my cats had some issues yesterday so we had to try and rinse her off and she was miserable and mad and the other cats freaked out, and oh it was just a messy real life kind of day.
    i am so jealous you are seeing taylor swift, and of course going to Napa! how exciting.

  7. ps. is it okay if i do a similar post? you have inspired me :)

  8. I had to clean poop off Hawkeye's butt yesterday. Ahhh real life.

  9. We are always our worst around those we love most, aren't we? Real life over here was cleaning up Mac puke from our carpet. Why do they insist on finding the one carpeted spot in the house? All the tile and wood and it was on our 5x7 carpet. Your vacation sounds awesome!! I am sure the food is planned?!?! And T Swizzle too? One lucky girl!!!

  10. I totally agree that many of our problems may be first world problems but they are ours & that doesn't make them any less significant in your own life.

  11. Real life is that I probably cannot get a super whitewashed perfect instagrammable pic to save my life!!! I don't think my real life has the tools for it!! It's so true. We are all entitled to our feelings no manner how minor the problem is in the grand scheme of the world.

  12. Love, love, love! Real life totally flippen rocks. I'm seeing Taylor on the 29th!!!!!!

  13. I'm so looking forward to hearing all the great spots you guys hit in Napa!! I can't seem to get our SF trip together, and P said we are not putting it off until next year, so someone needs to get it together :) I still struggle a bit complaining too much about my first world problems :) Love your post and it's always a good reminder for the "perfect" internet. P once laid down and slept in cat vomit on the couch. It's leather and he thought it was just cold.

  14. I could not agree more about the "other people have it worse" mentality. We all have different lives. We are allowed to be sad, angry, disappointed, and scared. Comparing and one-upping ("You think that's bad? Well...") does not help anyone.

  15. I love that quote. I need to repeat that as my mantra when I'm feeling like shite. Great REAL read.


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