Monday, August 10, 2015

summer eats

I've been terrible about writing about food lately, but believe me, my going out to eat game is still going strong. I've been trying to limit lunches out since I know nearly every weekend will mean a great meal or three, but I still have plenty to talk about. Houston is such a great food city right now - amazing things are popping up weekly, it seems - and we're in the middle of Houston Restaurant Weeks, which makes dining out affordable and charitable. Wins all around. Here are some notable things I've enjoyed this summer.

Enjoying a brewery, sans beer - Recently, we decided to visit the Karbach Brewery and their new tasting room. The Korean fried chicken was so great, I'm still dreaming of it. A little sweet, no bones, and great amount of crunch, it has become the first thing I talk about when someone mentions Karbach anything. No matter how hard I try, I can't acquire a taste for beer, but I enjoyed this so much I'm ready to go back to the brewery for another meal.

Best and worst of the 'burb - My area only has one bakery, and it closes at 5pm on weekdays - definitely not ideal for an after work pick-me-up. However, I finally made it to Yummy Tummy Pastries on a Friday off work and the $1.25 chocolate chip cookies didn't disappoint. On a return visit, they were out of them an hour after opening for the day (???) but I like at least knowing that they're an option nearby. On a sour note, I thought we had finally found a Tex-Mex place to call our own, but upon second visit, it was merely "eh." Not having a place for good margaritas and queso remains the height of my personal first world problems.

Trying something new - I was craving a burger the other night for dinner. We were going to settle for something nearby, but through the magic of the internet, Andrew learned that the soon-to-open Southern Goods was doing a soft opening of their bar menu that night which featured, as luck would have it, a burger. We made the drive to the Heights and without really considering the menu, I ordered a burger (and a French 75. It was Friday and cocktails were a given). The burger was great - tons of cheese, which I loved, a soft, lightly toasted bun, thick-cut pickles, and a "comeback" sauce kind of like a remoulade that made the whole thing amazing. Some friends met us and I got to try the pimento cheese grilled cheese sandwich, which was also delicious. I'm excited for the full opening when I can try more of the menu because the soft opening was already so good. The location - caddycorner to Fat Cat Creamery - meant that dessert followed, which I also didn't hate.

Brunch - I love brunch and especially love a good brunch buffet because it always guarantees that there will be more to eat than just eggs. Eggs and I have a weird relationship - let's just say they're one of the last foods I gravitate toward, ever. When Andrew told me he wanted to go to Caracol for his birthday brunch, I was torn. On one hand, we went there for a so-so dinner in December and I feared repeating that experience. On the other hand, Caracol's sister restaurant is Hugo's, which serves my favorite brunch in Houston, so it should be great, right? Luckily, it was beyond my expectations. Caracol has a focus on seafood, which isn't a favorite of mine, but the ceviche was delicious. They serve the same fantastic guacamole and tomatillo avocado salsa as Hugo's and I could eat the cost of the meal in that alone. There was a beef cheek mole and steak skewers and so much other goodness along with the flan and Mexican hot chocolate that are also a staple at Hugo's brunch. Both brunches are very similar and probably equally amazing.

Other things I've loved lately - The margherita pizza at Pizaro's Montrose (using sauce in favor of tomato slices and adding sausage makes it not like a regular margherita, but worth a try, especially for $9.99 at lunch), Cloud 10 banana split, Tout Suite's $5 stuffed avocado, and cold brewed coffee from pretty much anywhere (but Blacksmith and Javaman have my favorites).

Karbach's Korean Fried Chicken | Cloud 10 Banana Split (whole caramelized banana, nutella marshmallow ice cream, nutella powder, among other things) | brown butter cone with dark chocolate and vanilla bean swirl at Fat Cat Creamery | Burger from Southern Goods (I was too hungry to take a better pic, oops).

And, there are lots of other food-related plans on the horizon before summer ends. We have plans to check out Revival Market for Houston Restaurant Weeks, plus we have to pick another place to go to with friends. Every year, we have a "bye-bye to brunch" brunch at Hugo's during Labor Day weekend; it's the last weekend before football season, and therefore the last time my husband will want to go to brunch until mid-February. I'm craving Cafe TH and have also been in the mood for good Indian food since there's none close to where I live. I'm so happy that there are so many great options in the rest of the city to make up for it.

And if you want more food talk, I finally updated my Eat tab, above!


  1. I haven't had brunch in years, I wish I had thought about that yesterday and Little K free Sunday. I'll have to keep in mind for future K free weekends.

  2. Karbach is right by my house! The brewery part is great (if you like beer) when the weather is cooler.

    I'll have to put Southern Goods on my to-try list. Have you been to Hugs & Donuts? It's right next to Fat Cat and is one of my current obsessions.

  3. You just reminded me, it's restaurant week here this week. I think I should take myself out to lunch tomorrow at a new place!

    I feel like I'm always like oh I want to do brunch but in actuality on the weekend sometimes I don't want to leave my house.

  4. Yummy Tummy is such a cute name! I'm a sucker for things like that! lol
    Brunch is my favorite! Waffles, hash browns, fruit... GIMMEE!

  5. We had Tampa restaurant week in June and I loved it! I shouldn't have read this post while I am on a Whole

  6. I love brunch! That ice cream looks so good.


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