Thursday, August 27, 2015

thursday thoughts

Taking a page from my friend Steph's book for a mishmash of things on my mind today. If you borrow an idea from your blog friends, it's always nice to offer a shout-out. Remember that.

(Also my last post was also inspired by a blog friend. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then I'm making it rain compliments. Anyway...).

-- Like most people, I was horrified, sickened, and distracted by yesterday's awful attack in Virginia. All unnecessary killings are disgusting, sad, unforgivable, and beyond. Just the idea that these two people went to work yesterday morning to report on something as mundane as tourism and this person carefully plotted this attack so that it would garner him attention and let his feelings be known by the entire country is simply unbelievable. So much of the violence in this country is unbelievable and it's easier not to talk about it online rather than try to find new words to say since this kind of tragedy is hard to comprehend, let alone put into words.

A rainbow makes a nice segue, right?

Anyway (again). On to happier, fluffier, easier things now, shall we?

-- So there's this hot dog restaurant in Houston called Good Dog. I had heard about it, and Andrew had tried it, but I had never been. I mean driving "into town" for a hot dog never sounded that appealing, but this past weekend, Andrew suggested it, and since I didn't have a better idea, we went. It was the best hot dog I've ever had. None of the hot dogs are typical. The one I got, the Curryous Frank, was Indian inspired and had onion relish, cilantro chutney, sweet potato crisps, sriracha ketchup, and roasted garlic aioli. The texture of the chips, the sweet and salty combo, and the cilantro chutney which is just such a unique flavor were all perfect. The bun was also amazing - toasted on the outside but soft, yet still able to handle all of the toppings. And of course, this wasn't a grocery store hot dog. It was all-beef and tasted like meat, not like a mystery. We also shared a coffee-cajeta (goat milk caramel) shake and it was fantastic - I just wish it had been larger. I'm ready for another trip already.

I need to take a class in food photography but trust me that both were ridiculously tasty.

-- I felt very Sandra Lee this weekend in that everything I did was semi-homemade. We wanted dessert, so I made a pound cake (from a box that's been in my pantry for a while), cut some strawberries and added sugar, and then whipped some leftover cream for strawberry shortcake. It was pretty good and made me feel domestic. Then one morning, I got up and made homemade kolaches, which are really just souped up pigs in a blanket. One can crescent rolls, two little smokies, and cheese baked for 12 minutes. I spend as little time in the kitchen as possible so the fact that I made two things (albeit very, very easy things) makes me feel like maybe, just maybe, I'm growing up. A little. More thoughts on this to follow, for sure.

-- For the most part, it seems to take me three hours of shopping for one article of clothing. This is unacceptable. Who has time for that? I want a few new fall things before we go to California and new bedding for our guest room since we're expecting guests this fall but the idea of shopping for either already has me frustrated. I'm not a good online shopper - I like to touch things and try them on - so finding holes in my wardrobe and knowing that I need to fill them is less than appealing. Stitchfix is starting to sound like a great idea, but I don't think I can stomach a $48 shirt that I could find at Marshall's for $16.99.

And that's all I've got right now. My thoughts seem an awful lot like a weekend recap but when I package them like this, you hardly notice I'm four days late in my recapping, do you?

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  1. "Like meat, not a mystery." Bwahahahahaha!
    I looooove online shopping. I def get wanting to feel items though. I've gambled and struck out a few times, that's for sure.

  2. Shopping for clothes is the worst, it use to be so easy. Now I'm stuck between juniors and old ladies and finding things I like is hard work.

    I love the hot dog it looks amazing, I love specialty hot dogs.

  3. unless i need something specific that has to fit perfectly, i will do all my shopping online because mall humans. i always make sure to shop on a site that has instore returns because ain't nobody got time to be spending extra money returning shit via mail.

  4. That hot dog is huge! Holy cow! And that shake looks amazing.
    I can't get behind stitchfix. It's too expensive. But the problem with Marshall's is, like you said, taking forever to find something. I try to stick to just my favorite stores and concentrate there. I'm still a slow shopper too though.

  5. I am an online shopper, so I cannot offer any shopping advice. Sorry! I haven't gotten on board with Stitch Fix yet either. Everything I see people post about is way out of my price range for clothes. I guess I am just cheap, but I rarely buy anything that is not on sale.

  6. I cannot deal with the Stitchfix prices. I tried to, for a long time.

    I'm a huge online shopper. I order a bunch of things knowing a lot will have to go back. But nothing beats trolling Homegoods with no agenda or list in mind.

    If I ever come to your area, I'm going to need to go to that hotdog place. I love hotdogs more than is advisable.

    I keep wondering when enough will be enough with the violence, or if we will continue to devolve into it as a society.

  7. That hotdog looks insane! It's making me quite hungry... I also love the whipped cream to shake ratio of about 1:1! I'm having such a struggle to shop at the moment. I went into about two shops the other day and was like nope, I'm done. Everything was awful. I think maybe it goes in seasons. Anyway it made me cross enough to want to splash out on a Stitch Fix but alas, not available here. Probably for the best.

  8. Oh man, that hot dog place looks freaking amazing!!! Clearly I am going to need to come back to Houston. I am the same way you are, I like to shop for things in person and touch and feel and place them with other things to see how they really look. I can shop for some stuff online, but not clothes. Clothes must be tried on before purchased for me. And stich fix just seems absurd to me!!! I look at all the posts that people share and I am always dumbfounded by how much a blouse or dress is from them. Yeah, no thanks.

  9. That hotdog looks amazing and is making me very hungry haha. I have to really fancy a hotdog to have one and right now is one of those times.
    I am so excited for fall shopping but I just get so overwhelmed sometimes with how many choices. The amount of time things I have ordered online have not run true to size or has looked totally different on the model has annoyed me so I usually just end up going in and trying something on, saves the hassle of having to return it.

  10. that milkshake. oh em gee.
    i love to shop. but i hate shopping in person, because i am not a fan of people, lol. i have tried stitch fix, but like you said.. it's so ridiculously overpriced. i have bought 3 things from them, 1 was well worth it, 1 is okay and i've worn it a few times but i wouldn't rebuy it, and the other.. haven't worn once. rage. haha. when i really need things, i set aside a day and just knock it out. i make a day out of it, grab a milkshake or a starbucks and take my time. i like to go early morning so hopefully i beat a little of the weekend crowd.

  11. That shake looks amazing. I am not a big hot dog fan but all beef is good. It sickens me when I hear of such senseless violence.

  12. Couldn't agree more with your first point. WDBJ is my local station. Senseless violence usually leaves me shocked or angry or some combination but this time it just left me sad and hopeless and defeated. When will it end?

    I'm with Steph - I order a bunch of things online prepared to send it back if need be. It helps to stick to stores that have free and/or fast shipping both ways. That way I almost get the instant gratification of buying it in the store but without the hassle of leaving my house and wasting a bunch of time.

  13. i never knew that's what kolaches are! now i feel kinda fancy. that hot dog place sounds AMAZING!

  14. You may have never taken a food photography class, but I would never know it because your photos make me want to eat EVERYTHING (especially that coffee shake, GAH). So I think you're more than good to go!

    As for clothes shopping, I totally hear you. I LOATHE it. And for as much as I loathe it, it seems to always take me forever to just pick something. Which is probably why I loathe it. Endless cycle. I first heard about Stitch Fix from another Houston blogger (, and it's sounding more and more appealing every day...

  15. Would you believe I don't like hot dogs? I haven't had one since the fourth grade. That milkshake is calling my name though.


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