Friday, October 23, 2015

goings on: october

I haven't written a post that isn't about books or a trip recap in three weeks and as I texted my BBQ Wife friend Amber yesterday, I need me some blog post therapy. I can't guarantee it will be short.

- So my dog Duncan had a lump on his leg and so his paranoid mama (that would be me) took him to the vet to be told it was probably nothing, but as it grew, so did my anxiety, and we had it removed. Several hundred dollars later, we were given the less-than-awesome news that the lump was cancerous BUT they removed it with clear margins. It's the yucky cancer that spreads that we lost our sweet Jake to over four years ago. No connection, just crappy luck (and increased paranoia). We're going to get Duncan's bloodwork done every six months moving forward and keep an eye on the area of the lump, but there's really nothing else to do. He's happy and eating and seems fine for now, but any positive puppy vibes that you want to send our way are appreciated. Fingers and paws crossed all stays well, though.

- A few months ago, my coveted kitchen wall shelf met its untimely demise and took all of my favorite collectibles with it.The broken shelf laid on its side for far too long until one weekend, when my husband suggested a stop at an antique mall. I shifted my focus from a wall shelf (what we had) to a corner cabinet (that I thought would fit) and actually found a cabinet narrow enough to go on the same wall where the old shelf fell, which is a bonus because the chair rail got messed up in the accident and the new cabinet covers it up. The pale green has really grown on me, it matches my chairs perfectly, and it's the perfect "collected eclectic" look for our house. Oh, and bonus points to Andrew for spotting it and making me buy it on the spot. Now I just need to find fun things to fill it.

- I just read a book called Forever, Interrupted which is a little chick-lit-esque for my usual taste, but I really liked anyway. In the book, the main character's husband died after they had been married less than two weeks and her best friend comes in and basically peels her off of the bathroom floor and helps her function as a grieving newlywed widow. It made me wonder, if I was ever in a heart wrenching situation, who would be the friend pulling me up? And who could I be that friend for? I don't know that that question has an answer for me right now. I think a friend that sits through a crisis with you has to come with a lot of history that I just don't have with anyone. Perhaps that can be a friendship goal for me. Friendship is an ongoing theme in my life and something I think about more than the average person so trying to be better at that is something I'm always wondering about.

- Our friends came to Houston a few weeks ago and we had lots of fun playing Head's Up (no one listens when I tell them it will be awesome. It's always awesome.), going to breweries, eating ice cream, visiting the We Heart Houston sign, eating at Coltivare, and watching our respective baseball teams play one another. Oh, and just reconnecting after five years. I think a trip to Kansas needs to happen for Andrew and me at some point.

- Other fun lately: I went to a craft fair with my friend and her friends for the second year in a row. Maybe in another year, I'll feel like I can call them my friends, too? Either way, it was nice to be included. Bre came all the way out to my side of Houston for my favorite breakfast tacos and record shopping. The record store had a sign on it that said "back in 15" for an hour and we got tired of waiting, so that was a bummer, but now at least she has a good reason to come all the way back to my area for more tacos.

Duncan on surgery day | my charcuterie spread for Head's Up night with friends (I was very proud) | Ice Cream Stop #2 with our friends at Cloud 10 - the maple butter was amazing | Group pic at Coltivare | Breakfast tacos with Bre for #AustinInHumble | My new cabinet - the glass has been removed and the inside is a dark blue-green that matches the kitchen chairs.

- I deactivated Facebook. I was looking at it far too often and I found it kind of annoying. Plus, a lot of people post the same stuff on Facebook that's also on their instagram (me included) and a lot was repetitive or political or just plain ridiculous. It probably isn't forever but it works for now.

- The Gilmore Girls Revival: Let me first say that of course I will watch it pretty much the first second I can. With that said... and knowing that I'm a huge fan... I'm not sure how I feel about it. A few more escapades in Stars Hollow sounds great, sure, but it will be so definite. The way the finale ended, Luke and Lorelei were left wide open. Rory was just growing up. I know the finale's tone wasn't the best, but the way it wrapped up worked for me and I've had seven years to accept it. Going back for a few more hours has a chance of being like watching a favorite childhood movie as an adult - not as good as you remembered, and it can tarnish all of your previous memories. All of that said, bring on my favorite townies and please don't make Emily a completely depressed widow - I need more of her judgey one liners in my life!

That's enough of that. Maybe once a month, since I like to blog about once a week, I'll do a general documenting, goings on post. And maybe one day, I'll finish talking about California...


  1. fingers crossed that D remains healthy and lump-free!!

    craft fairs are the best!!! i love walking around and looking at all the goodies :D

  2. I hear you on the Facebook front. You do realize there's no getting rid of us though, right?????? ;P

  3. I had no idea GG was coming back!!! That's awesome. Facebook on the other hand, not so awesome. I deleted the app from my phone and iPad two weeks ago so I'd stop receiving notifications. They're onto me though and are now sending emails once a day. I'm about to diactivate.

  4. Love your new cabinet! Sending good vibes your way for Duncan.

  5. Aww poor Duncan! Hope he stays happy and healthy for a long time. My dogs are sending him good vibes! I'm excited for GG but I'm also worried. I think I have some pretty set views in how I think things should be and I'm worried the writers won't be thinking the same thing! But, I'll definitely be watching it!

  6. I love the new cabinet. Great find Andrew!

    All the good thoughts to Duncan. Send some to Gus Monday!

    I like your exploration of friendship because I like to talk about friendship. I have been lucky to form wonderful friendships in my life.

  7. I like the green cabinet and you know it won't fall and break all of your stuff.

    I'm glad your doggie is okay!!

  8. Awe, sorry to hear about Duncan but at least you took him and caught it in time!! I will be sending that sweet face good vibes. I love that green cabinet you got! Pieces like that are just timeless to me and match any decor. Plus you know....cabinets dont fall off walls. Well not usually.

  9. I will keep Duncan in my thoughts. What a great find on the cabinets, it looks great in that spot too. The tacos look delish. You can never have too many tacos!

  10. okay, i totally feel the same about gilmore girls. i loved it because they didn't even know it was ending when they filmed the end, so it was so ambiguous in a good way. i feel like it is way more popular now than it was when it originally aired (or at least, it wasn't crazy popular at home in the later seasons), and i'm really worried they are going to ruin it, or they are going to do something crazy. i mean, i will watch it, but i'm worried.
    forever interrupted is on my list. i think about friendship a lot as well. my longest friendship is 8 years. That's a long time, but not crazy long, most people I know have friends since they were kids. I worry sometimes that I wouldn't have someone to peel me off the bathroom floor, but I know I do. I have at least 2, I know that. But on the other hand, I don't know if I would be that person to those 2, you know? I mean I absolutely would, but they would have 10 more people in front of me which isn't a bad thing, obviously.
    i am so sorry about Duncan. sending all my good vibes your way. We almost took a few kittens home last year that had leukemia - they just needed a home for a few months they said, because they likely wouldn't have lasted very long :( but we couldn't take them because they said it is contagious and we already had 3 at home. It is so sad, I can't imagine. Hugs girl xxx

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