Monday, January 4, 2016

the end of 2015

I haven't written about life in the past two months at all. Not that anything particularly interesting has happened, but I do like to document things somehow so there it is.

So, since we last talked, I:

- Had a birthday! I wrote about my golden birthday party but my real birthday was a week later. We celebrated by spending all of my birthday coupons and having dinner at State of Grace, which is quite possibly my new favorite restaurant in Houston. Everything from the food to the decor and service is fantastic (minus the wall of deer antlers, I could totally live without those) and we've already been back so you know it's good.

- Went to my second Friendsgiving with my local friends and have since seen them for a movie date, a friend's birthday party, and New Year's Eve. It's nice to have people who live nearby. One of them lives in my neighborhood so we have lofty goals of joining our subdivision's book club this year. I hope we do it. None of them are internet people, which is oddly refreshing. Food is eaten and not photographed and no one talks about likes or stats. I'm so used to the internet that it's almost weird, but it's just how they are. Also, I made rolls from scratch and they were a hit!

- Went to a Rockets (NBA) game and sat in a suite! It was awesome and though the team hasn't been playing well this season, they won that night. Also, suites are as awesome as I thought they would be.

- Saw blog friends at June's first birthday party (gotta love when a non-blog thing becomes a blogger thing), brunched with Heidi, celebrated another friend's 40th with champagne and pirates, and tried to have more social lunches at work.

- Experienced great customer service. Four of the eight Bath & Body Works candles I ordered were shattered upon delivery. In trying to fix the situation, they refunded my card for them, sent me a new candle, and sent me a $40 merchandise credit to me. I was super impressed and I love twitter for making it easy to talk to them.

- "Suffered" through Andrew getting his wisdom teeth out. Honestly, it wasn't as bad as either of us expected. The hardest part was finding enough soft things he could eat that he didn't hate. A week after the fact, I realized how much about surgery day he didn't remember so telling him how ridiculous he had been was actually pretty fun.

- Had a fun night out at Public Services, which is pretty much the only bar I ever want to go to. Houston friends, I highly recommend it.

- Planned poorly for the Christmas season. Every year, I know it's my busiest time at work and every year, I don't shop soon enough and feel rushed and stressed when I should be full of joy. Next year will be different. At least I hope so. By the time I can relax and enjoy the season, it's over.

- We went to Delaware to spend Christmas with Andrew's family. It was a low key trip but we did get to meet my SIL's boyfriend (who has since become her fiance), spend a few minutes at the beach, and play with the cutest French bulldog. I'm lucky to have great inlaws but I missed my family a lot this year, probably because my nieces were in town from Oklahoma for the first time in years and they always make things fun. At least it will make me appreciate next year more, right?

- Went to a mini high school reunion hosted by one of my friends currently living in Singapore. It was great to see her after three years and fun to see others who I haven't seen since we graduated... over twelve years ago.

- We hosted a small New Year's Party with the aforementioned local friends. I made peanut butter chocolate truffles and salted chocolate cookie butter bark and both were hits (and also ridiculously easy!). I was super proud of my Happy New Year background, too.

- Binged Making a Murderer. I really liked it but then I read about what the filmmakers left out and was kind of annoyed with the whole thing. I mean I still think the doc was well done but a lot of the story was left out. I also watched all of season one of Jane the Virgin which I am now recommending to anyone who will listen. I need to go buy season two!

- I'm listening to Serial Season Two and feel so meh about the Bergdahl case. I mean it was a huge deal and of course I would like to know why he deserted, but it lacks the intrigue and the relationship with the subject that season one had.

Korean fried chicken at State of Grace | My Friendsgiving rolls! | My friend's cat at Friendsgiving - he wanted a seat at the table | My FIL's girlfriend's dog, Honey, who I loved | East Coast Christmas 2015 | chalk art at Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware | with my friend since 8th grade (Hi, Michelle!) | Amen, Trader Joe's | Happy 2016 from our home to yours!

That's it in a nutshell. I miss what blogging was to me but haven't made time for it like I could have - such is life. Cheers to 2016!


  1. I am going to have to make that cookie butter bark. No stores here sell cookie butter, NONE. So, I ordered some off of Amazon and made a cookie butter cheesecake. Cookie butter is now my new favorite thing. ;)

  2. I am not listening to season two of Serial because I feel like it's too high profile.

    I'm going to get into what was left out of MaM I finish, I have four more to go. I am mostly upset about the nephew in jail - they questioned that kid without a parent or lawyer NUMEROUS times. And he doesn't have the IQ to know that wasn't right.

  3. Cookie butter bark? Need it! And i haven't watched Making a Murderer but after hearing all this stuff about it on Twitter I kind of wondered how much they'd left out. Gotta take those "documentary" shows with a grain of salt.

  4. oh man, when i got my tooth taken out, i basically ate milkshakes for a week (with a spoon). they were the only thing that just slid down easily lol. i threw out my green card and dental insurance card as well, KC left me alone for 5 minutes and I was apparently so loopy that I thought throwing those things away was a good idea!! what an idiot haha. i got a couple episodes in of jane the virgin but i didn't finish the first season. i need to keep watching it!

  5. Delaware for the holidays! We did that years ago. It was sooooo cold that I never want to do it again. We meant to get to an NBA game this year, but alas it never panned out. Cheers to the new year!!

  6. You have to be at least the fifteenth person who has raved about MaM! I obviously need to get on it. Looks like your last quarter of the year was a good one (minus the holiday stress we all seem to deal with)! And OMG Korean Fried Chicken - I need to try and find this in Tampa!

  7. I'm gonna have to show Pete that link about what was left out of Making a Murderer... he's obsessed!

  8. What they don't take pictures of their food?! Weird! Haha! I need to jump on the Making a Murderer bandwagon people keep talking about it.

  9. Ummmmmmmmmmm, please mail me your dog and cat immediately. Thank you! So cute!


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