Thursday, February 4, 2016


Writing is hard lately. It doesn't come as naturally as it used to. How did I come here five times a week and think that I had things that were worth sharing when doing the same five times a month seems so hard now? I have ideas, but putting fingers to keyboard (sounds so weird. I miss "pen to paper") is a different story. My words feel clunky, uninspired, and overthought.

Thank goodness for this link-up that just lets me tell you what's been going on lately.

I spent January working to declutter with Stephanie. I got rid of 235 items, which isn't too bad. A lot of that was or will be donated, a big bag is being saved for my niece, and a few things were or will be sold. Not too shabby. I learned that getting rid of a gift doesn't mean I don't like the giver, I need to not accept things just because they're free, and that if something has outlived its use, it's okay to let go. It really was a challenge for me and hopefully now, I'll be more mindful of the stuff I bring in my house.

Speaking of bringing stuff into my house... I can't get enough of thrifting these days. A friend introduced me to a thrift outlet which has clothes for $2 or less. I have found some awesome deals (Ann Taylor! Boden!) and just started selling things on Poshmark. Since the thrift outlet doesn't have dressing rooms, it will be a great way to get rid of all of my cheap finds that don't fit correctly once I get them home and it will justify my newest addiction. Also, Poshmark is weirdly addictive and kind of fun... if you want a code for a $10 credit, let me know. 

Oh yeah, and we need to talk about Gilmore Girls. It's finally, officially coming back (!!!) and if it debuts on a weekday, then I will probably just have to take that day off and have a marathon. I'm more excited than anything, but also a little nervous that it will never live up to what the fans think it could and should be. I just read that Finn will be back so that has to mean that Logan will be too, right? He's still my favorite.

As far as food is concerned, I've enjoyed many good meals but instagrammed none. I feel way too much instagram pressure and I know I shouldn't care, but I do. Nonetheless, the biscuits and gravy at Kitchen 713 have my egg hating self changing my tune just a little and make me dream of going there again ASAP. 

And TV.. I have given up on New Girl, officially. I think it peaked in season two and has been straight downhill ever since. Except for Winston's cat. Give him a show. I'm loving Younger and need to get Showtime again to catch up on Shameless. I also started Billions during a free weekend and it was good... I mean, who doesn't love Brody from Homeland?

This weekend will be a super quick (less than 48 hour!) trip to Atlanta for my sister in law's engagement party and rushing home in time for the Super Bowl. Tell me - what's new with you?

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  1. Safe travels this weekend!

    I feel no Instagram pressure, I'll put whatever I like up there and hope you do too. I like to see what's going on with my people. Perfectionists need not apply.

    I am getting rid of one zillion things this weekend and I cannot wait.

  2. You can try showtime free for a month if you have Hulu! Although both together are really cheap. I love so many of Showtime's tv shows! Also I am beyond excited for Gilmore Girls!

  3. You can IG whatever you want and if you feel bad just use #notentirelyperfect and that makes even more acceptable. :)

    I am WAY excited about the super bowl and Tyson is off, we are going to PAARRTTTYYY and by that I mean eat junk food at home in our PJ's while we watch and probably yell at the TV.

  4. Im so excited for Gilmore Girls too and need to catch up on Shameless. I say instagram whatever you want but i do feel your pain, I know how it goes.

  5. thanks for linking up with us girl!

    i gave up on new girl as well. i don't remember which season, i think it was when jess and whatshisface finally got together, i lost interest. i did enjoy what i saw of younger, though i didn't make the whole season, i need to finish it.

    ^^ what kelli said above. i've been using the crap out of notentirelyperfect hashtag haha. i feel like instagram is slowly becoming more normal.

    yay gilmore girls! i am excited. but nervous. so, because it's netflix, they release the whole season at once? i will take a day off as well, but hopefully they will be smart and release it on a friday night or something lol. a lot of people will take the day off, or be zombies at work.

    i want to get rid of all the things. i need to learn to get rid of gifts and random things that serve no purpose. it is silly because its not like i am using them as they collect dust in a closet, what is the difference if i donate them? silly me.

  6. I still love New Girl, but I agree that the earlier seasons were much better. And you know my Gilmore thoughts!

  7. I haaaaaaaaaaate the staged, fake looking IG photos. I would much rather see pictures of your food/pets/kids/random things you find in Target. If I see one more staged picture with random assorted items on a white background/rug, I will scream!

  8. I've definitely had the block too, including social media. I just haven't felt the desire to show up; so I haven't. I'm back writing on my blog again now which I'm enjoying, but have yet to show up on twitter/instagram and honestly I'm just rolling with it. Nobody says you have to social media!

    I'm desperately keen for the Gilmore Girls reunion in a totally embarrassing way. I feel like us nutty GG enthusiast bloggers should mark the occasion in some way - I just have no idea how. And I'm SO JEALOUS you got to sit so close to Jess and Logan!

  9. I'm still into New Girl, gave up on 2 Broke Girls

  10. I've been decluttering too and it's been a sh*t ton of work but feels so dang good. I am loving it at home. I know what you mean about writer's block, sometimes it's so difficult to think of anything to say. I bet as quick as it left it will come back.

  11. I've been tempted to give Younger a shot. I wasn't really interested in it before but the promos lately are reeling me in!

  12. Girl I am all about Gilmore Girls reunion, and I'm SO in love with Younger! Sutton Foster is one of my favorite actors, and the guy who plays her boyfriend is adorable. Thank you so much for linking up with us today!!

  13. Ugh, that sucks about New Girl. I think I watched through season 3 and never picked it back up. I kept meaning to, but maybe I just won't bother. I keep seeing promos for Younger and I know I'll end up starting it one of these days when I'm all out of shows. We just started binge watching Homeland over the holidays (on season 4 now) but honestly I didn't love Brody! I watch through the Showtime app so I keep seeing promos for Billions pop up but I don't know if I want to watch him on a different show :X

  14. i've given so many shows the boot...they used to be so good then got super girl, black list, grey's anatomy, the walking dead...i hardly watch tv now! :(

  15. Cannot wait for Gilmore Girls coming back!! 235 items?! You go girl - I'm quite looking forward to some spring cleaning around here!

  16. I am excited about the Gilmore reunion as well. This gives incentive to finish the later seasons.

    I had a mandatory declutter called moving. ;) It is so hard for me to get rid of stuff. And I did donate quite a bit of stuff, but I still put a lot in storage that I just could not part with.

    Safe travels and have fun in ATL!

  17. I'm proud of all you got rid of, you did a lot! How is Poshmark? I ended up just sending a lot to ThredUp, but I know you don't get the same $ from them you do from Poshmark, but is it a lot of work to sell your stuff?

    1. It looks like my normal account but no! Whoops!

  18. decluttering is such an awesome feeling and a huge accomplishment in my book. I have a tough time getting rid of things. I hate it!!! I wonder if your Kitchen 713 is like our Kitchen 4140. The number is the address of the place itself and it is DELISH! I feel ya on having a hard time getting words to blog lately. I struggle with feeling like nothing is important enough to blog about and I kind of think it's a by product of having been blogging for so long. I've already talked about so much...what is left? LOL

  19. I am on a declutter kick too. It feel good to get rid of stuff! I haven't seen Gilmore Girls in forever. I will need to catch up before it comes out.


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