Monday, May 2, 2016

a currently post

I just read Kristin's post about blogging every day in May which I actually did in 2013 (! such a baby blogger!) and I was inspired to try to blog more than I have been in May. It's currently Sunday night and I still need to do things to get ready for the week, so why not start off slow and easy with a Currently post (and to keep copying Kristin, I'm using the categories from her most recent one. You know what they say about imitation and flattery and all of that).

So, I'm currently...

Watching: Nashville is my guilty pleasure. It's so awful and ridiculous that I can't get enough. I'm trying to make myself watch Fear the Walking Dead but I'm just not that into it. I started season two of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and I just don't love it. Is it the show, or is it me?

Trying: to be more intentional with my time. I waste so much of it mindlessly scrolling instagram, facebook, and twitter, or napping, or watching a show I don't like (see above) and then feel overwhelmed with responsibility when I need to clean my house or find a new dog bed to buy or other boring adult activities. I cleaned my floors when I wanted to laze and listed things on Poshmark earlier this afternoon, so I'm currently giving myself a gold star in that department.

Reading: The Truth and Other Lies. I can't get into it. The story is compelling enough, but the writing isn't doing anything for me. I'm 33% done so we'll see if I get through it or move on.

Enjoying: the last vestiges of spring before summer's humidity hits. All of the jasmine in bloom everywhere I turn around (I need to figure out where jasmine thrives and plant some of my own).

Noticing: that I need new mascara, and to put self tanner on my legs, and a haircut, and probably a pedicure, too.

Buying: shoes for Andrew, a new bed for Duncan, jeans for me. I haven't worn Levi's since I was a kid, but I read about these on Pretty Providence and I think I love them. I couldn't find the right size/color combo at my Macy's so I ordered them online. Only $32 with coupons and free shipping - gotta love it.

Thinking about: blog post ideas and making it more of a priority, finding a new book to read, dinner with my friends on Wednesday, and the Saigon Cinnamon ice cream that Andrew grabbed at the store today.


  1. I hope those jeans work for you! and I am so excited to see you this week!!!

  2. i was just looking at my self tanner last night thinking: "oh, it coming up to that time again" because no one needs to be seeing my pale, casper the ghost legs. ew.

  3. Nashville and now The Catch are my guilty pleasures - both ridiculous, but I love them. I just finished season 2 of Kimmy Schmidt - it got better at the end...I think I powered through because it's just 24 min/episode.

  4. 33% is usually when I decide to go on or let a book die.

    I need a major self tanner application this week. I got a new mascara Friday and went back to a $$ from drugstore. Not sad that I did, it's pretty amazing.

  5. Soooo I like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt but in small doses. I can't seem to watch more than 2 episodes at a time of it because it can be a bit....much? times. I don't know what the right word is but I know exactly what you mean. I totally need some self tanner and a pedicure bad!!!

  6. I can't quit Nashville either-guilty pleasure for sure!

  7. I'm horrible about wasting time and then feeling like I don't have enough of it.

    I find it's easy to come up with blog post ideas when I pay attention to my random thoughts about life. I can turn almost any of them into some kind of post.

  8. I really like Nashville and Kimmy Schmidt, for obviously different reasons lol

  9. It's the show ha. I watched both seasons of Kimmy simply because they were easy to have on as background noise. It never really holds my attention. I do love Nashville though! I'm so behind on my TV shows. Last night I watched the second half of TWD & tonight I'm going to start tackling Nashville.

  10. I also tried an episode of Kimmy and it didn't pull me in right away (I watched the first season in 1 day), so maybe I'll try again.
    I didn't get into Nashville when I tried it last summer. I LOVE Connie Britton though!

    I absolutely take it as flattery :) :)

  11. Oh, and I'm 100% sure I copy/pasted my first Currently post from someone else lol.

  12. I love doing Currently posts! They're so much fun and really give you an idea about what somebody's doing at a random point during the week. Nashville is so incredibly ridiculous, but so incredibly awesome too! We have a few episodes of Fear The Walking Dead on our DVR, and Chris wants to watch them all at the same time and have a mini marathon. I think that we're just watching to help hold us over until October when we finally find out who isn't alive anymore!

  13. I love Kimmy Schmidt but I spread the episodes out over a week or two. Hilarious in small doses.

    I need a pedicure and a haircut, too. Considering doing both on Friday as a Mother's Day treat to myself.

  14. I think it was also around 2013 when I joined blogging challenges and blog every day. 'Twas exhausting, exciting and motivating at the same time.

    Hope to read more from you this month then. :)


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