Sunday, May 15, 2016

april recap

I like using my blog so that I remember things, but I rarely take the time for Weekend Recaps anymore. I think I'll take a page from Kristen's book (or a post from her blog, I suppose) and do monthly recaps, probably along with her What's New With You? linkup. But since I'm late to that party, here's what happened in April, even though it's mid-May.

The month started with a long walk through downtown to get my boss cupcakes for her birthday. I loved the chance to go to the top of the Chase tower to see Houston from up high and checking out some street art on my way. Houston is really trying to step it up for the Super Bowl in February and I love it. Andrew did a BBQ cookoff on April 1st and our friends who we never see were able to come, sans kiddos, and I loved catching up with them.

 From the 60th floor, I believe (my ears always pop in the elevator) | installations on Main Street

Three random things worth remembering: I mentioned a while ago that we found a great bar, and we keep going back... like, every weekend. So far, I have ordered three beers there and liked them. This is huge. I've wanted to like beer since I realized how much cheaper it is than cocktails. I had to work one Saturday night and noticed that my school library has a space dedicated to RBG coloring pages. Oh, and we got our landscaping refreshed and a dead tree removed from the yard and it looks so much better.

One Sunday, Andrew and I took our annual BBQ and Bluebonnets trip. We ate at Truth BBQ in Brenham and the corn pudding was amazing. We went to a bluebonnet festival, which was really just a huge craft fair. Bluebonnets were hard to find - we even went to a state park in hopes of finding some but just got a snake instead. A small patch on the side of the road had to do for this year.

I need to go get these pages | sad year for bluebonnets | instagram repost, of Heidi and me, sorry.

I had brunch with my friend Heidi and every time I see her, I wonder why we go so long between chats and visits. It reminded me to be a better friend and text to say hi every so often. April is one of my busiest work months, so I got through that without any major crises. The biggest thing that happened in April, though, is that Andrew and his friends smoked a ton of meat, descended on the aforementioned bar nearby, and actually sold their barbecue to willing customers. It was basically a dream realized for them. I invited some friends who came out to support them and they fed strangers who went on social media and actually complimented them. It was a proud wife moment. They have already made plans for pop-up #2 and you're all invited. (Seriously, let me know if you want to come).

With work friends turned real life friends (can you tell which pic was stolen from snapchat and got the beauty filter treatment?) | there was an actual LINE. 

Other than that, I've been thrifting a ton (too much), working out occasionally, and going to restaurants. In April, I tried a Greek food trailer in my 'burb, a kolache house not too far away, and Mandola's Deli, an Italian spot pretty close to my office. I'm glad I use Swarm to keep track of that. That's what was new with me.


  1. That is so cool that Andrew's pop-up went so well!

  2. Is it sad that if I waited until the end of the month to recap I'd have absolutely no idea what I did at the beginning?

    I still love those RBG pages.

  3. I'm loving everything that Houston is doing in preparation for the Super Bowl! I'm really excited about it finally getting here, but I'm definitely not excited about all the extra traffic that we'll get. And that's so awesome that your husband and his friends sold all their BBQ! It just seems so Texas!

  4. Well I think the bluebonnets look pretty but I've never seen any before except in pictures so what do I know? And yay for your husband and his friends!

  5. Mmmmmm I want to go to a kolache house!!!! It makes me so happy to hear that you are finding beers that you like. What kinds are they?

  6. I want to come to the next pop up! :)

  7. That's one of my favorite things about blogging-using it to keep track of the little memories!

  8. I definitely prefer beer to cocktails. And wine.

    I am terrible friend when it comes to texting and responding to emails. I always mean to be better and then I'm just not.

  9. I took myself to Goodwill for some thrifting last weekend and left empty handed which is rare. I need some cute summer shirts but finding them in my size seems to be a problem.

    I love that the pop-up was successful! I'd come to the 2nd one if it weren't 18 hours or so away.

  10. yay for monthly recaps! i love them because i feel like i don't do enough on the weekend to warrant a post, but i still want to remember things. i normally draft the post and try and update it through the month because i'm like steph above, i forget things super easily haha. i don't mind beer, but i love a good cocktail. why can't they be cheaper?! so rude.

  11. What an awesome April! Sounds like lots of yummy food! :)


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