Thursday, May 5, 2016

three on thursday: podcasts

A book I listened to this month (more info coming Tuesday) put me in a major book slump. So, I went back to my old friend, podcasts. After loving Serial season one and not loving season two, I didn't know what to listen to next. I did some research and found some I really like. If you need something to fill the void, may I suggest one of these?

Breakdown - Remember the story in the news a few years ago about the Atlanta father who left his son in a hot car and the poor child died? It came out that the dad was sexting and possibly needed a break from his kid, so he was arrested and tried for murder. The second season of Breakdown covers that case. It's a really in depth look about the case itself and legal things like the charges, legal precedent, and jury selection. I now understand voir dire (mostly) and can tell you all about malice murder vs. felony murder. Breakdown is the work of a newspaper reporter, so many different sides are examined and experts are consulted. I'm hooked. I skipped season one because this case interested me more, but now that I'm caught up, I'll have to go back to it.

Embedded - If you listen to NPR and like All Things Considered, then check this one out. Embedded covers a different story each episode and the reporter attempts to get fully embedded in a topical story. One episode was about trying to understand what led up to the motorcycle gang shoot out in Waco, Texas last year and another followed a man through immigration court. All of these stories did a fantastic job of humanizing their subjects and really making listeners see things in three dimensions, as opposed to our preconceived notions of good or bad.

Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People - I've said a million times that I love hearing or reading about other people's lives. This podcast (Beautiful/Anonymous for short) is hosted by comedian Chris Gethard. In each episode, he takes an anonymous phone call from one person. The calls last about an hour and Chris isn't allowed to hang up first. The caller can talk about anything. It's fascinating to hear about people's upbringings and subsequent issues, dissatisfaction with parts of their lives now, dreams for the future, definitions of masculinity, or simply what their lives are like. Chris Gethard is so likable, asks great questions, listens well, and truly empathizes with all of his callers. I haven't listened to all of them, but for some reason Mountain Man vs. City Boy is my favorite so far.

Many thanks to Steph for the three on Thursday idea. I love that her posts are always short and sweet, so I attempted the same. My favorite thing about podcasts is that they're free and readily available. Let me know all about your favorites!


  1. I'm not a podcast listener, I still haven't finished Season 1 of Serial. Breakdown sounds interesting though, I've been trying to follow that case in the news.

  2. Yay I love other three on thursday posts! Sometimes short and sweet is the best, everyone is so busy towards the end of the week that it's nice to just get little snippets. Breakdown sounds interesting. We don't have felony vs malice murder here in Illinois, though we do have 1st degree, 2nd degree, and manslaughter so I assume it's similar. It'd be fun to learn about.

  3. I love the idea of listening to Breakdown! I loved listening to Serial, but didn't really like the second season. This sounds like it would really interest me!

  4. I love saying voir dire. I know that's weird.

    I like eavesdropping on conversations which is what I imagine Beautiful/Anonymous to be like.

  5. We've listened to about half of Serial so far, my physical therapist recommended it! It's definitely interesting but I'm not a huge podcast listener, I like to sing to music haha

  6. Breakdown sounds really interesting, I will have to check it out!


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