Thursday, June 2, 2016

what's new with you: may

May was a good month. I'm glad I'm taking the time to document some of it because it makes my Grinchy heart smile to see how much time I spent with friends - I didn't realize that until I sat down and typed this up. I love that I check in everywhere on Swarm and take a lot of pictures on my phone (mostly of food, you've been warned) to remember everything.

I started the month with a long (and long overdue) dinner at Good Dog Houston with Miranda and Sarah. My neighborhood started doing Food Truck Fridays once a month, so Andrew and I went and met my friend's friends our friends Beth and Nate who live in our neighborhood and stood in too long lines for eh food, but it was nice getting to know them two-on-two since we have always seen them in group before. We tried ice cream from a cart and the salted caramel latte ice cream was definitely worth eating again. The four of us went to our favorite bar that night and had a great time getting to know them better and listening to music.

Flowers for no reason from Andrew at work | fries, fizzy mint lemonade, and a hot dog with provolone, mixed greens, and giardiniera | Houston friends, if you see this ice cream cart, stop!

Andrew and I spent a day looking for sausage and spices for his ongoing barbecue endeavors and I thought Penzey's had the cutest set-up. I wanted to spend tons of money on things I didn't need. One of my friends and I checked out the new donut/breakfast/coffee shop in town on its first day and though there are kinks to work out, I loved my latte. I went for a long walk through downtown and caught the Bunny Invasion art installation - huge inflatable bunnies that you could hug and touch. They were so weird but fun.

Doesn't the kitchen set up make you want to bake? | Instagram repost but I love latte art | the bunnies! That ear was taller than the second floor of the building.

I casually mentioned to my friend Hayley that I really wanted to go see Dave Matthews Band in concert three days before they came to town. Andrew didn't want to go since he has seen them more times than I have, but I was dying to since we didn't see them last year and they aren't touring next year. Hayley and I agreed on an amount we were willing to spend per ticket, and by the end of the day, tickets were purchased (for less than face value!). It was such a fun girls' night with wine and good music and I'm so glad we went. I was dying to hear You and Me OR Cornbread OR #41 and they didn't play any of them but proceeded to play all three in Dallas the next night so I was a little bitter, but it was still an amazing show with three new songs, a Prince cover, and some great ones I hadn't heard live before. We've already made plans to see them in 2018!

Pre-show | Not bad seats for the last minute!

Andrew wanted barbecue and we had nothing better to do, so we decided to drive out to Killen's BBQ on a random Saturday. It ended up being extra fun because Sarah and her husband and their (eighteen-ish? month, super adorable) daughter were able to meet us and there was a burger pop-up, so I didn't have to eat barbecue. All good things.

May also means graduation, which means working on a Saturday. But, after that was done, I finally got to meet Kate (you might remember her blog having to do with a slate being clean...) in person after being blog friends for like... a few years? So that was fun! She invited Andrew and me to a baseball game with her and her boyfriend and the Astros lost, which was a bummer,  but she and I spent our time judging the actions of others, which made the game more fun. We got to take them to Okra, one of our favorite bars, where I drank $5 rose and recognized the bartender from another bar I like to go to outside of a coffee shop and accosted him for not being at work in his own bar. No more rose for me...

The brand new Killen Burger | Good seats! | Glad Kate took a pic because I forgot! That feeling when you meet someone you already know... | BBQ spread

It rained a ton in Houston, I was sick for two days in one week, and we spent lots of time cleaning the house since Andrew's sister came to visit for Memorial Day weekend and his other sister and her daughter came over to eat - you guessed it - more barbecue. It was fun to host everyone but exhausting and remind me that I should keep more paper plates on hand because dishes are the worst.

Next month, I have the ATX Festival to look forward to (Friday Night Lights party ON Panther Field!), our sixth wedding anniversary, and the rest of Andrew's family coming to visit (and eating our way through Houston with them) so I'm already excited for June.

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  1. Yay for the Kate Date! That sounds like a nice night and I'm glad you finally met.

    Lots of good for you this month - I love things like your Dave concert that were last minute and ended up being really fun with good seats to boot.

    I have only been using my phone for photos for like the past three months. I need a new pocket camera.

  2. oh so cool that you got to meet Kate!
    i love impromptu concerts - well, the buying of tickets being the impromtu part. i get really cranky/bitter when people or bands play songs i love in different cities and not in my own. rude. 2018 though, so far away! so awesome you've already made plans to see them though, maybe they will play your songs then lol.
    all the food looks amazing, especially the hot dog. and that kitchen is adorable. is that the Penzey's place? how unique.

  3. Fun month! That caramel ice cream sounds wonderful.

  4. Yayyy for meeting Kate, I miss her clean slate. Glad you guys had fun!

    I'm sad I didn't get my monthly picture post up, I've been trying to do better at taking pictures of day to day life that I have no other use for!

  5. Um listen, the fatty in me gravitated right to the burger pic - whoops. Looks like May was a great month (minus getting sick twice in a month)!

  6. i always miss out on the's like i hear about the the night of or it just passed. like when prince was here, my friend told me that day at 5pm that she was going and i had no idea he was even in town!!

  7. May sounds like it was a really fun month! Even though I lived in the Houston area for 3 years I went to Okra for the first time back in...March? It was a couple of months ago. I really liked it there! Both the ice cream & the fizzy mint lemonade sound delicious!

  8. Hooray for graduation and the Astros game! I need to check out Okra because $5 Rose sounds too good to pass up! June sounds like it'll be a great month, if only this rainy weather would stop already! And I think that eating your way through a city is always a good idea!

  9. Awww I remember Kate's blog! How fun!!! That salted caramel latte ice cream sounds amazing. That is my favorite latte flavor from Starbucks next to the caramel creme brulee! All of your food pictures look amazing as always! I am not the biggest Dave Matthews fan but I know that his concerts always sell out around here. I bet it was fun, even if you didn't get to hear the songs you wanted. Happy June!

  10. that kitchen set-up is divine! it does make me want to bake and I'm not a huge baker.

  11. We happen to meet a great people there and started to chat with them and drink w/them too. I had a great time here, glad we found these Chicago venues by accident. Will definitely come to this place again as anyone will make this a regular spot easily.


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