Friday, July 29, 2016

podcast love: summer edition

Something about summer has made my attention span short and put my desire to listen to audiobooks at zero. But, I spend nearly two hours a day in the car and another half hour walking the dog each night, so I have to listen to something and podcasts are it. I find the variety nearly crippling but the ones I love I really, really LOVE so of course I have to share them.

If you missed the podcasts I recommended in May, check them out here.

Anna Faris is Unqualified: You guys, I didn't really "know" Anna Faris until I listened to this. I mean I have seen The House Bunny and Scary Movie and knew she was married to Chris Pratt, but that was it. After listening to a few episodes, I adore her because she seems so kind, genuine, and funny. The podcast is always Anna with her friend and producer Sim and 1-2 celebrity guests. They talk about anything and everything, sometimes do an improv scene, and then call people who have reached out to them for advice. It's so interesting to listen to celebrities be real people instead of just hearing them plug their latest project on a talk show for five minutes. They really think about the listener's situation and give heartfelt advice. The Chelsea Handler episodes were SO GOOD (and I didn't think I was a Chelsea fan anymore...) and the one with Keegan Michael Key is a lot of fun, too.

Revisionist History: This one skews on the nerdy side, but if you want to learn something, check it out. Like most of my favorites, I learned about it from This American Life (which I have never outright suggested, but it is the grandfather of all good podcasts and if you haven't tried it, start NOW). It reexamines or explains a misunderstood part of life. There's a three-part series he did that I'm currently in the middle of on education where he talks about the smart kids stuck in poverty, why some college cafeteria food sucks, and how the two are related. I love the way it's produced to inform me, yet keep me entertained. Start with Carlos Doesn't Remember and then listen to the following two episodes.

Millennial: Thanks to Bre for getting me into this one. I had to go through and listen to every episode because Millennial talks about the lessons you learn in your twenties in real time by following its creator, Megan, as she tries to find a job, create a podcast, and otherwise live as a millennial. At times, she isn't relatable, but her often present boyfriend Ben serves as her voice of reason. Like following a personal blog, I got to care about Megan and her well-being and wonder what she was going to do after listening to a few episodes. While it may not be for everyone (sometimes I want to yell "this isn't a real problem!" as I listen), it's nice to follow along as Megan figures things out. To get a feel for the whole thing, you really need to start with the first episode, though some season two episodes can stand alone. 

The Vulture TV Podcast: If you're a real TV nerd, this one is great. I only listen to ones where I have watched the shows, but if you want a deep dive into a certain TV show or topic, the discussions are always fantastic. I especially loved the one with the author of Seinfeldia (a book chronicling Seinfeld's history that I just finished) and with the guys who adapted The People vs. OJ Simpson for TV. Just this morning, I finished an episode recorded at the Vulture TV Festival that was an interview with the cast of Better Call Saul.

Honorable mentions for  passing the time:

Casefile: One story per episode, anywhere from 30 minutes to a little over an hour. The narrator is Australian (I'm pretty sure) and most of the crimes took place there, so the chances of Americans knowing about them are slim. The stories are interesting, but you  have to pay attention.

This Is Actually Happening: (First, I just love the name). Did anyone else watch the show I Survived that used to be on A&E? This is basically the podcast version. People tell true stories about scary things that happened to them, from being shipwrecked to having the worst-case scenario happen to them (note to pregnant friends - skip that one). I've only listened to a few, but the episode titles alone are really intriguing.

2 Dope Queens is next on my to-try list. If you're a podcast lover, what do you love lately? Anyone else dying to try a Casper mattress or start running a website using Squarespace?


  1. i've also jumped on the podcast wagon recently and love listening on my way into work. my favourite podcasts are either very geeky/science-based on true crime. i've just downloaded a podcast about John Wayne Gacey and man, that's some creepy sh*t!

  2. I am always looking for new podcasts, so thank you for this! I saw Anna Faris and Chris Pratt once on Top Chef, and saw a different side to her, so I bet I'd enjoy her podcast quite a bit.

  3. I think I am going to add the Anna Farris one to my list!

  4. I would sign up for Audible but I don't even know which Podcast to give credit for. You know I'm currently binge listening to The Bright Sessions. It's my first fiction so now I might start listening to those. And might finally suck it up and do an audiobook.
    Going to download Anna soon as I'm done with the Bright Sessions lol.

  5. Unqualified! yes! I'm gonna check some of these out!

    bahahaha Casper and Squarespace, legit allllllll podcasts have the same few sponsors :)

  6. I listened to one of your past recommendations, Breakdown, so good! I'm going to have to try a few of these too!

  7. I've been loving Here to Make Friends, The Babysitters Club Club, and I always have listened to Stuff You Missed in History Class.


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