Thursday, August 4, 2016

the summer of...

For me, summer ends next week. I work at a school and students are back. I can't wear jeans anymore, and traffic will pick up.  The past three months were over before they started.

It was the summer of...

- Starbucks. I've stayed away from them for the better part of two years in favor of buying local but the convenience of mobile ordering and the sweet cream vanilla cold brew have made them at least a weekly indulgence.

- TV and podcasts instead of books. Maybe one day I'll write about my second experience at the ATX TV Festival, but not today. Let's say that it  made me want to watch more TV than I have in a long time, and it was time well spent. And I talked about podcasts last week. (I spent a lot of time on Orange is the New Black and what happened this season? Why so many characters with storylines that just weren't expanded upon enough?)

- Trying to figure it out. What do I love? What makes me happy? Where do I see myself in x years? I have never been good with goals or long term planning, and I tried to change that. I didn't get very far. How does one plan when one can't figure out what they want from life, let alone how to get it?

- BBQ Wife Life. If you follow me on snapchat, then you know all about Andrew and his friends and the early stages of their BBQ business. Doubleback BBQ is becoming an actual thing, and I couldn't be more proud. Except when I am sweaty and attending the pop-ups or cleaning up before or after they cook. At those points, I wish his passion was a little less messy...  but I'm still excited about his success.

- In-laws. Due to my sister-in-law's wedding in Atlanta and some other things, I have spent more time with my in-laws this summer than ever before, and it was all good. Something about weddings brings me out of my shell and makes me a total embarrassment on the dancefloor. Plus, I got to spend more time with my SIL than ever before and I feel like I got to know her as her, and not jut as Andrew's Older Sister, if that makes sense.

- Trivia. We discovered Geeks Who Drink trivia and it's so fun. And we're pretty good at it. It's a fun way to break up the week.

- Giving advice (both solicited and not), becoming the in-house interior designer for my office (a post I'm definitely NOT qualified for), realizing that I lucked into some pretty great friends, trying to stay politically informed. attempting to stay cool, and trying to find more hours in the day. I can't believe my summer is nearly over.

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  1. love love love podcasts. it makes traffic bearable and i certainly don't rage as hard when sitting in ridiculous traffic!

  2. Dude - " How does one plan when one can't figure out what they want from life, let alone how to get it?" is so my life right now!!!!!!!! I mean obviously most of my plans now consist of how to stay healthy and keep this baby alive but once I get in to a routine after she gets here, I need to figure out what makes ME happy outside my little family and start working towards it. How does one ever decide this? And why doesn't money grow on trees to make dreams come true quicker???

    Huge congrats to Andrew on his BBQ!!!! That is awesome!!! And I hope that you love your SIL as much as I do mine! She is like having another sister and I am not mad about it one bit. I am going to go dream about Starbucks now. mmmmm

  3. I'm not a big picture goal person. MFD is, that's one of the reasons he is a great balance for me. He pushes me to think about things I never would.

    I'm glad Andrew's BBQ thing is a thing! Even with the mess that comes along with it, how cool.

  4. I'm so glad that I'm not the only person that doesn't have it totally figured out yet! I feel like I like what I do, but I don't know where I see myself in X number of years. I feel like I should have had that figured out years ago!

  5. Oh man, I seriously love this post format so first of all, kudos on that. I hear you so much on "trying to figure it out." That's what I've been doing a lot of this summer too... still not there yet either.

    Congrats to your husband on the business endeavor, how exciting!

  6. i am not good with thinking of the future future.. i can think like a year ahead, max. it's weird. i don't have big dreams or goals in life, i just want to be happy, and you can't really plan for happy that far in advance i guess. geeks who drink trivia sounds super fun!

  7. Those ants don't take after each other deliberately. They really take after a scented way left by the insect that first found the sustenance. As it moves far from its home point, that scout leaves pheromone deposit in a trail that aides it back.

  8. I love weddings... I think I have the most fun on the dancefloor. lol

  9. Sounds like a great summer! Yay for getting close to your SIL! We go to trivia at a restaurant around us a few nights a month and it is always SO much fun.

  10. I really hate planning for the future. I'm just about finished with my degree (finally!) and I hate the unknowns. What's my job going to be? Where am I going to live? What do I actually want to do with said degree?

  11. Congrats to Andrew & the BBQ business!

  12. "How does one plan when one can't figure out what they want from life, let alone how to get it?" Me exactly. So until I figure it out I just kind of do what I'm doing! That is awesome about the BBQ biz. Talk about turning your passion into a career right there. I find the orange story lines really hard to keep up with. There are so many, and then they aren't touched upon again that I need a guide just to remember all the back stories.

  13. I think it's great you got to know your SIL for herself instead of as your husband's sister, it makes total sense to me. As a parent I often think of people as x's mom or dad until I get to know them and then they become themselves.

    Hey look at me catching up on blog reading, maybe I'll even write something. I think about it at least twice a week and then I think but since I ghosted again no one will care so maybe I won't waste my time.


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