Friday, September 30, 2016

cost money, make money, no money

I have blog posts in my head that I never write because I feel like they should look or be a certain way. Instead of doing what I should do - collaging all of this and making it look pretty - I'm just going to tell you about a few things that I like a lot lately since it's Friday and who wants to read anything real, anyway?

Things that cost money:
I'm not a huge makeup person, but I love this NYX Gotcha Covered concealer. It's $5 and a little goes a long way. It's super thick and I think of it as paint, but I really like it for getting rid of under eye circles.

One of my friends was looking for rose gold nail polish and in trying to help her, I found this rose gold glittery polish at Kohl's. I had to have it and I love it - metallic without looking like glitter and light enough to not notice too much when it chips.

Things that make money:
I installed the Ibotta app a long time ago and thought it was confusing, so I deleted it. I saw something about it recently so I decided to try it again and I love it. It's so easy - basically after you shop, you select items you bought, scan them, and then take a photo of your receipt -  and it has items on there like bananas and onions that I buy often and things like bread and milk that I sometimes need as well as name brand things that I might want to try. There was a $4 coupon for lipstick that only cost $5.82 so that's a pretty good deal. If you haven't tried it yet and want to, use my link and you get $10 when you redeem your first rebate (and, to tell the truth, I get $5, so come on...)

Things that are free:
NPR's How I Built This podcast is one of my new favorites. Hearing the stories behind how major companies started as ideas and became worth millions or billions of dollars from the people who built them is fascinating to me.

Twitter. It's my favorite form of social media. The challenge of making a point in 140 characters weeds out miscellaneous information and it isn't like facebook where you have to follow people back out of obligation. I find it especially interesting during election season - the memes, jokes, and ridiculous fights keep my attention for far too long.

iOS 10. I love it. Many people do not. The fact that gifs are at my fingertips and photos are super easy to send make me happy. Plus, my phone seems faster than ever and I like that you can easily swipe for the camera PLUS sending confetti and balloons has yet to get old.

So far, there are no plans this weekend and the weather is cooling off (kind of) so I'm excited to see what we find to do. Saturday is the beginning of my birthday month so I have high hopes.

Apologies for having captcha turned on - I've gotten literally 40 spam comments in the past few days! It will be gone again soon!


  1. Twitter is by far my favorite form of social media too. I feel like I connect with people so much better!

    I can't believe it's cooler in Houston than it is here. But I think next week it is supposed to start cooling off here, so fingers crossed!

  2. Birthday month! Holler!

    You know my ios10 rage.

    That's a nice polish. I need more nail polish like I need a hole in the head.

  3. I love Ibotta! I just cashed out for the first time and got $23, so sweet. I've been all about that and Ebates, even though I've only bought one thing using Ebates so far. I do a lot of online looking, not much buying.

  4. I think I need that polish!! I mean, I don't need polish because I have about 60 bottles at home. But I don't have any rose gold ones!!! I just added that podcast to my list, I need some inspiration in that department. I love Ibotta! It takes me a little longer to collect money but money is money yo. Do you use Shopkicks? If not, you should be! And let me know and I will invite you and we can both get extra kicks. Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. I love iOS 10 too! I was nervous to try it but it's really efficient. I miss swiping to open though...
    Interested in the nail polish.

    I think collages are overrated.

  6. I've been using Shopkick but I'll have to check out Ibotta. I know I signed up for it forever ago because I get the emails. Shopkick is cool because I can literally just walk into the store and get points.
    yay for just writing the things and not overthinking the things.

  7. i can't make the confetti work and it makes me sad. i do like having gifs to use though, i used to have an app for that but this is way better. i downloaded ibotta a few months ago and couldn't really figure it out, so i will try again. also, i am all about cheap stuff and always looking for a little under eye help, i will check out that NYX concealer!

  8. I love Ibotta, especially since a lot of times the rebates are on things I'm already buying or plan to buy. For some reason I haven't been prompted to DL iOS 10 yet so I haven't, but I am curious. Normally I like IG best, but Twitter during an election season keeps me occupied and laughing for far longer than I care to admit!


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