Friday, September 16, 2016

goals from a non-goal setter

Truth: It's been so long since I posted a photo on my blog, I had to think about how. Another truth: When I saw my friend Bre post these free stock photos for bloggers, I knew I wanted to write about the goals I've been working on. Seeing that Steph and Sara are hosting a goals link-up sealed the deal.

I'm not a goal-oriented person. I like to do what needs to be done and do it well, but looking to the future isn't my forte. Perhaps I fear failure, so if I never plan to accomplish anything, I never let anyone down. It isn't ideal. I've been thinking a lot about hard work, doing things that benefit me, and the payoff that comes from working hard, or at least consistently, toward something. I felt like I needed to make some goals for myself, simply for the satisfaction of getting things done, the same way I'll make myself a checklist of things to do at work just for the simple joy of crossing them off. So, here are some goals from a self-proclaimed non-goal setter. They've been in my head for about a month and will definitely take me through the fall and beyond.

1) #tenfortieks: Yup, it's something I have never tweeted about but in my head, it's a hashtag. I wear ballet flats to work daily and cheap ones just aren't cutting it anymore. I've seen Tieks before on bloggers, but it wasn't until I saw two coworkers with pairs that I got really interested in them. I was able to ask real people if they were worth the steep price tag (they start at $175!) and actually comfortable and I got a resounding yes. So, I decided I needed to have them, but I need to earn them. Enter Ten for Tieks (#tenfortieks). I need to lose 10 lbs and if I do, I get myself some shoes. It's been a good way to motivate myself to get up at 5 a.m. and go to the gym, take walks at lunch, do less mindless or emotional snacking, and think about the money I save every time I don't give in to junk. I've lost about 6 lbs in six weeks - I'm not doing anything crazy - but I think the mindfulness I'm gaining will make the process worth it.

2) Use My Planner: I have a $10 planner from Target with an unconventional set-up that totally works for me (post to come, possibly). I like to use it to keep up with all the things I want to do, from podcasts to listen to, new TV shows to watch, cleaning chores to do that night or in the future, how much I worked out, and things like that. I also try to document a little thing I did each day in it, from trivia nights to lunches with friends or binge watching a TV show (yup, there's a Stranger Things day). I like that it helps me see where I spend some of my time and helps me remember things I'm bound to forget.

3) Dress more like an adult: The aforementioned daily ballet flats are usually accompanied by pants, a top, and a cardigan. There's a reason I'm not a fashion blogger. But, I have noticed when I wear heels or a dress or have my nails painted I feel... better. Older. Like I'm playing the role of Real Adult Professional and have my life together. It's a nice feeling. Not for every day, but I have been trying to keep it in mind as I create a fall wardrobe. I want to buy a blazer, but they always make me feel like an extra in an 80s movie, but surely there are some without shoulder pads, right? And, I've been painting my nails more which is so easy that I wonder why I don't do it more often.

I have other, smaller life things I'm working on, too. Write more, start Christmas shopping, be a more supportive friend, use my time more wisely, and try new things. It's a lot. But it's nice to have a focus. Maybe I can become a goals person after all. Does that count as another goal?

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  1. yess! use that planner! doesn't matter what kind it is - fancy or not fancy -- planners 100% keep you organized. and please - post about it?

  2. Yay for planners! I just dropped some $$$ on an Erin Condren planner because I can't keep up with everything, and my notebook just wasn't cutting it anymore! I figured if I got one that cost a little more, I wouldn't lose it...we'll see?! Happy Friday :)

  3. I know what you mean about feeling better based on how you dress. I'm all about comfort, and so when I do my nails or put on nice makeup, I do feel better, and happier, and more 'adult'.

  4. I very much like your goals :) The #tenfortieks is genius. I completely hear you on dressing like an adult! I feel totally different when I actually do my hair and have my nails done (though my nails have been done since spring, I haven't missed either getting them done or painting them myself, go me.)

  5. Ahhhhh I love your idea of how you are going to earn your Tieks!!! I know you can do it!! That is so brilliant. And you totally have to give me the honest low down on your thoughts on them because after baby I want to invest in a pair too! I bought Cole Haan flats two years ago that are the most comfortable ones I have to date but I wear them sooooo much that I need to get another pair to give them a break before they need replaced too.

    I have been debating about getting a planner or not. I always quit using mine after 2 or 3 months. I really like how you said that you use yours for things you want to do and watch and stuff too though. That is smart! And I totally feel you on dressing like an adult. Ever since getting pregnant, my style has gone way down. I wear flip flops every day and the same 5 or 6 flowy dresses. I cant wait to re-vamp my wardrobe next year again. I am sure you will eventually find a blazer you like! Have you tried Kohls? LC, Elle and maybe Apt 9 all had cute ones last year for a decent price to see if you like it before investing in others. Also, Loft.

  6. I want to see your planner post. I use it for my whole life too, but I did that more so before I did TWTW and Thursday Thoughts posts.

    I can't imagine a life in which I have unpainted nails.

    Great idea on #tenfortieks. Great job on the weight loss too. I just spent $125 on Rothy's and should have done something similar.

  7. Oh, I put Tieks on my list but I LOVE your idea of having to "earn" them - goes nicely with my move the 2nd digit in my weight down by one goal! I love a planner too - but mostly for the "keeping up with things" like my lists, etc. My phone is my end all calendar because I always have it - hit us up with a planner post! OMG and yes to dress like an adult - I just added some nice things from the Nordstrom sale - now to wear them and put on makeup - so hard!

  8. I love the #tenfortieks goal! I haven't checked those out yet, but I've been needing a good pair of flats. I should do a healthy eating/eating at home incentive plan for some! ;)

  9. I also use my ($10 Target) planner to track what I do and things I don't want to forget, more than just making plans. Currently, I have the fall start dates of my favorite shows in there.
    Let us know about the Tieks. Obviously I've seen them but flats are tricky and there's no way I could spend that much unless...well, who knows what that circumstance would be.
    I start every school year telling myself I'll wear heels. That never happens. I'm okay with dressing like an adult (most days), but I can't do heels when I do what I do all day long.

  10. I like the Tieks plan! I want to get some, too... I've heard that they're absolutely amazing and super comfortable once they get broken in!

  11. i am not super into goals.. i love to make them but i am horrible at achieving them lol. but i never feel bad about it, i'm always just like whatever. that's life.
    ten for tieks is brilliant! i wear flats every day as well, and my cheapie ones (i don't like to spend more than $20) are fine and comfortable, but my thing - and this might be TMI, sorry - is that they end up smelling after a few months and I replace them. I don't want to spend $175 on shoes that will smell and then I won't want to wear them... and I know that's gross, but I have tried everything, I guess my feet just like to sweat lol.
    we had a stranger things binge day too haha. i love all the things you use your planner for. i use mine for appointments, blogging and bills, but i want to use it for more things, so i'd love to see a post.
    i love your #3. i wear pretty much the same thing, minus a cardigan. i wear a blouse type top every day, but on the days i wear a dress or skirt with heels i feel so fancy and i just hold myself better. i would love to make an effort to wear them more often.

  12. I've heard of tieks too!! So they are worth it. I like your plan to get them. I have long been over shoes that hurt my feet. I have worn a shoe with a heel exactly one time this year and that was because I was in Vegas. I just can't do it anymore.

  13. Congrats on the 6 lb loss in 6 weeks! I am doing something similar, no plans, no gimmicks, just being mindful and uber aware of the food and amount of food I'm ingesting. (I'm down 15 lbs since Aug. 1.) I, too, hope the mindfulness makes this a lifestyle change that I can continue in the long term. Good luck on all your goals!

  14. ok so i was just browsing planners on Amazon and saw a goals one that i liked but alas, i'm not a goals person either. and another that's minimalist but maybe too minimal. #bujo life is ok but it doesn't do all the things i need. and i don't have the energy or crafts to do it fancy. FWP.

    yay for your progress on #tenfortieks !!! that's amazing!!!

  15. I like the idea of using the planner to track TV shows and movies and podcasts. I know there are a few shows I want to try but for the life of me, cannot remember what they all are.


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