Tuesday, October 25, 2016

bbq wife life by the numbers

A pop-up is when a restaurant or concept takes over a space that isn't its own for a limited time. Since Doubleback BBQ doesn't have a "home," pop-up is a good phrase for the monthly food services they keep putting on. The one over the weekend was the 6th.

(I struggle with saying "we" in conjunction with Doubleback; on the one hand, I help where I can. I feel pride and a sense of ownership through my husband's hard work and some of my own. On the other hand, I make it very, very clear that this isn't my dream and don't work nearly as hard as Andrew and his business partner.  That's why I like the BBQ Wife concept, and others in similar situation seem to get it. Our husbands are completely consumed by smoked meat, whether it's making it, eating it, thinking about it, or writing about it. Anyway.)

So many good ideas come from Jana and Steph. This post idea seemed to work really well with summing up how the weekend went, and BBQ life in general:

2 - services - both lunch and dinner

4 - types of meat

20 - hours of brisket smoking

3 - extra trips to the store I made because someone forgot something

5.5 - combined hours of sleep on Friday night for the pitmasters

43 - estimated number of apple crumble bars cut and packaged by yours truly

7.5 - lbs of German potatoes prepared and sold (they were an unexpected hit!)

4 - dishwasher loads of dishes from prep to post-event in my house alone

5 - people working for a smooth service

25 - hours spent smoking meat

9 - bottles of Doubleback BBQ sauce sold (all that was made!)

10 - supportive friends and family members of Andrew and me who showed up to eat

1 - amazing birthday cake bought by Doubleback BBQ (ironically, from Truth BBQ) for their wives' October birthdays... it was phenomenal and even half of it was so massive that I'm going to have to freeze it.

50 - forks and knives wrapped with a napkin and sealed with a Doubleback BBQ logo (not by me,  but by my BBQ wife partner in crime who is way nicer) (And they all disappeared and then some so there were probably 65-70 people served, at least.)

90 - lbs of meat (before cooking) prepared for the event

6 - lbs of tater tots in the tater tot casserole

48 - homemade buns made, sold, and eaten for the event (brioche hamburger buns and pretzel hot dog style buns)

2 - number of smokers used

0 - Nothing. What was left at the end of the night. They were completely sold out and had people bummed to have missed out on dinner. What a great feeling.

A pic I took of the aforementioned apple streusel bars during our test run the weekend before, along with mustard made from a local Oktoberfest beer and homemade sauerkraut.

Some things are harder to put into numbers, like how I had to learn really quickly how to take an order in a way that made sense, use a credit card swiper, be friendly to customers (whoa you guys, they have actual customers!), learn people's names, and talk about the food all at once, on a Saturday, when I had been on my feet helping all day. But this was the most successful night yet. People who we didn't know before this started are coming to the bar to eat their food, asking for certain menu items, leaving Facebook reviews, taking photos of their plates, and basically validating the fact that they're doing really, really well at this thing. It's like when you plant a seed and you barely start to see it sprout through the dirt; it's confirmation that something's in there, that thing you started wasn't a dream, and there are things that you can't see working. The change from event to event is small, but it's a huge change from where they were in April. Let's see where the numbers take them next.


  1. This is seriously so exciting! I always wanted to own a restaurant, or be a chef but then life happened, and now I don't know if I quite have it in me for all that! But I love pop-ups. I am glad it was such a success!

  2. ok the german potatoes sound amazing, and the apple thing looks fabulous too. but really, this is awesome and sounds like a super successful night. good for them, and cheers to the next big night! i also think it's fantastic you and the other bbq wife help out as much as you do, even if andrew & his business partner work even harder and it's their dream etc, you still work hard and are probably crucial to the success. so congrats to all of you!

  3. I love by the numbers posts...I'm not a very visual person and they help me to be.

    I am so askew when I am thrown into a customer service position. Great job wife crew!

  4. Ahhh congrats on selling out!!! That is so awesome! The apple crumble bars sound amazing. I would say the BBQ wives totally deserved a delicious birthday cake for all their hard work.

  5. Congrats on doing so well!! I could really go for some potato salad right now.

  6. yay!!! also i'm gonna need a bottle of sauce.

  7. Awww dude. You just made me realllllllly miss some Texas bbq.

  8. That is so exciting! I wish I could have come and tried some, too. It sounds like things are going really well after all of your hard work, so congrats all around! When's your next event?

  9. I would like to attend this.

    I am terrible at making small talk and customer service so kudos to you for doing it!

  10. Awesome! Congratulations on the dream coming true.


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