Thursday, October 6, 2016

stuff and things that are new with me

If you follow me on twitter and read most of your timeline, a lot of this is a repeat. I always go to it when I have something to say but at least I can elaborate here. I need more twitter friends who use it to talk and share so if that's you and we aren't already friends, let's fix that. (I'm @eatdrinklauren.)

- This was on twitter, but it bears repeating: I made a recipe over the weekend that my husband really, really liked. He went to culinary school so I never learned to cook and finding things that I feel comfortable attempting to make that he likes is virtually impossible. This Mediterranean chicken and chickpea dish with turmeric rice was a huge hit and it has now been added to the rotation.

- I tried yoga for the first time over the weekend and surprisingly, I didn't hate it. I know I should do weights at the gym, but it's so intimidating when other people are there and let's be honest, I really enjoy using my gym time as TV watching time. Yoga requires so much more strength than I ever imagined. During the class, I was miserable and I hated it, but thinking about it after (and for the next two days, when I was sore), I actually liked it. My first class was on Saturday and I went again Wednesday so this might become a thing.

- Related: I feel like yoga requires new workout clothes. I need shirts that are longer and looser.

- I tried to go to one of the Gilmore Girls/Luke's Diner things yesterday but the line was literally a block long. It was a cute idea but I didn't want to wait in line for over an hour for a disposable cup and to take a few pictures. The fervor reminded me of seeing the cast at the ATX Festival all over again.

Let's #tbt to that time I was two rows in front of Logan and Jess (even after all the rewatches, I'm still Team Logan...)

- I built a website! Okay, "built" is being generous; I played with a template until I had something I was happy with! Andrew chose to build a website for but then gave me the awesome task of making it work. It wasn't too bad once I got the hang of it so I would recommend it if you ever need something similar.

- I'm loving the push to get back to blogging basics lately. I'm definitely going to steal Steph's post from yesterday and I think Alyssa's non-traditional link-up idea is completely genius. What else is out there that's a break from the norm? I used to be able to open up to bloggers, and write long comment responses, and turned my blog friends into text friends, gchat friends, and in real life friends, and that hasn't happened in a long time. I'm excited to know there are other people out there who want to be known.

- We're going to Charleston in a few weeks and I'm super excited... but all we have planned is where to eat! What are the best things to do in the city? We'll have to uber everywhere if that affects anything.

- A few weeks ago, we went bowling with three other couples. I was awful but it's so fun. I get worse the more I drink so by the end of our two hours, I was embarrassing myself. I'm glad no one else was good, either.

- If you have a fancy camera, how did you learn to use it? I want to learn to use mine - help!

Okay, that's enough stuff and things that are new with me. Linking up with Kristin and Joey and Kristen and Gretchen.

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  1. I'm up for talking and sharing on twitter, let's do that! Also I'm keen on getting back to blogging basics, Alyssa's link up looks fun so I'll see if I can get it together to join in. I'm all about the rambly comments and feeling like you get to know someone, I'm not interested in gaining thousands of social media followers like everyone tells you you should because how can you get to know thousands of people?

    I'm also horrible at bowling, drinks or no drinks. I need those rails they give to kids to help them aim straight...

  2. fancy camera - i have a DSLR but never knew anything about it. then for christmas one year, my husband signed me up for a camera class that was basically equivalent to "DSLRs for dummies" and it was taught by a profesh photographer at the Henry's store. it was incredible! 3 hrs of learning how to use your camera settings, motion photography, aperture settings etc... i loved it.

  3. I haven't been bowling for years! I never was much good though.

    Stopping by from the link up :-)

  4. Visiting from Stuff & Things! :)

    I am SO thrilled that blogging is starting to go back to it's roots, I took a long break over the summer because blogging stopped being fun, I was tired of reading post after post of sponsored content and 'Pinnable' content. I'm dipping my toes back into the blogging water and discovering that there are still blogs out there sharing real life and writing about everyday kinds of things.

  5. Back to blogging basics should be a movement. Its opposition is tightened up picture perfect posts. Let's have a rumble in the streets of the internet. LOL

  6. i don't have a fancy camera - i have a point and shoot which is much nicer and fancier than my iphone though? lol. i am definitely stealing steph's post and loving alyssa's challengey thing. yay for liking yoga! you definitely need new clothes.. i wear very specific clothes for yoga because i've had embarrassing things happen when i wore other types of clothes haha. as for the weights, i totally feel you. i have been just doing machines at the gym lately so i could watch tv, but i know weights are important too. do you have a weight class like body pump at your gym? no tv watching, but WAY less intimidating than walking up to the weights and doing it yourself. my husband thinks i am being ridiculous when i get intimidated at the gym, because he's like 'you pay as well, you have every right to be there' but like no. let me hide in a corner instead thank you very much!
    definitely saving that chicken and chickpea dish! my husband did not go to any kind of culinary school lol but he is still pretty hard to please, and that sounds right up his alley.

  7. I LOLed at Steph's comment up there ^^^ and I totally agree with it. When blogging becomes work, I don't like it anymore.
    I feel like I'm Team none of them, I don't know. I hate Jess. I was/am mostly Team Dean but I hated that he married Lindsey. I don't want her to end up with any of them, they all treated her badly. Team... Finn. Yes. Team Finn.

  8. Someone...Ashley from The Wandering Weekenders, I think...did a whole series on Charleston. It's a to-go list place for me, too.

    Back to blogging basics should be thing, for sure. I just got back from a conference that's essentially all about the business of blogging and it was just not for me. I have no interest in products and email lists and SEO tricks and fancy Pinterest images (let's be honest, I rarely have images anyway). I want stories and personal connections and community and friendships. Not superficial nothingness.

  9. I learned to use my fancy camera at a local camera shop that held an "Intro to your DSLR" class, two hours each on two nights. It was a good basic introduction to it but it didn't stick super well...I'm thinking of trying to find a community ed photo class that goes over a longer period of time and has more activities!

  10. I always love when I cook something that Chris just LOVES and has something to say about it. I mean, I cook every night but rarely do I get an OMG this was so good. Probably because we make the same things over and over but still! Awesome that you found yoga and don't hate it!!! It takes a lot to be able to do some of those poses so go on with your bad self! Obviously it is an excuse to go buy allllll the new yoga clothes. Duh!

    The BBQ site is looking good, lady! Way to go! I am excited about Alyssa's prompts and I am totally taking Steph's post or next week too. I love posts that make you think outside the norm. Can't wait to read yours. Let me know when you figure out your fancy ass camera. I need to figure out how to use the one we have too.

  11. I borrowed Steph's prompt today because I loved the idea of it and it was fun to do. Great thoughts on blogging basics.

  12. I love the idea of blogging getting back to the basics. There are many posts that I just won't read, even if I love the person's blog, because I'm sick of all of the sponsored stuff.

  13. It always makes me scratch my head when people make assumptions that yoga isn't a workout. Sure, there are types of yoga that won't make you sweat, that are simply restorative, are more focused on low-impact flexibility work. But the type I teach and most popular studios teach is a balance of strengthening and flexibility poses, and it can really work the body hard! I'm glad you ended up liking it -- and I totally support buying some new yoga clothes and making it a habit ;)

    Thank you for saying that about my linkup! I hope you and everyone enjoys; I can't wait to start seeing posts next week!

  14. I use wix for our business website as well. I am slightly technology challenged, so when I was able to use this site to build something I was happy with, I was pretty excited myself.
    For two years, while living in Houston, I was actually in a bowling league. It was more a fun, social event and not all of us were all that great of bowlers.

  15. You buy a fancy camera and never properly learn how to use manual mode. <---That's my story, 5 years later.

    I do like yoga. And yes, I realized that gym shorts and tshirts don't always cut it for those types of workouts.


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