Monday, October 17, 2016

the things unsaid

... aka, the posts I haven't written yet. I wrote this post to join Alyssa's non-challenge blogging challenge but realized after mostly finishing this post that I read the prompt wrong and this should be things I haven't written but want to.  I just thought about things I haven't written and honestly, this is all I'm going to say about most of them. I mostly just want to be more motivated to write more.

There are many reasons I haven't written many posts. A lot of it goes back to thinking that no one cares what I think about things and no one really reads blogs anymore which is why I wanted to embrace this challenge at least once while Alyssa is running it. It's hard to find motivation to sit in front of a computer for what seems like no reason.

Many posts are silly and haven't happened because I was to lazy to recap something and now, the moment is gone:

- What to pack on a trip to Napa (this padded, cross-body camera strap was the biggest reason I wanted to write it - I love it!) (Not an affiliate link because I'm not fancy.)

- How we ended our Napa trip... that we took in September 2015. In short, we went on a safari and even though it wasn't supposed to be like a zoo, it was. It was fun but sad. A cool experience, but not a must do.

- A recap of the ATX Festival, season five. That happened in June. In short: it was biker week in Austin so our AirBnB was super loud, Friday Night Lights is one of the best shows of all-time, you should watch the show Search Party when it airs on TBS in November, and Tate Donovan aka Jimmy Cooper playing Jimmy Cooper in front of me in an OC script reading was fantastic. Olamaie is also a must-visit restaurant next time you're in Austin.

On top of our safari jeep in California | In the REAL Panther Fieldhouse with the authentic J. Street signature and Panther P | Tate Donovan in the center, surrounded by Jack from Revenge and Mindy Riggins.

Some things just never got fleshed out, but were probably mentioned in other blog posts in passing:

- Blog Your Unpopular Opinions, volume two. Volume one happened way back in 2013. Volume two includes things like my dislike of Chipotle, Scandal, spirit animal, Fri-yay, and hashtags in blog posts. Sorry guys, they just aren't for me.

- My at home alone behaviors. Lots of trash TV, laying in bed like a starfish, and listening to bad music - what would you expect?

And other things are just hard to write. Or I don't want them on the internet forever for various reasons:

- My feelings on everything election-worthy. If you follow me on twitter, you can see that I'm With Her, but I've never listed why. Normally we don't talk politics, but this election has changed the rules. Voting for him just seems like a step back in history and it seems to be obvious that most people are voting for anyone but him. I've considered elaborating on that beyond 140 characters, but why take a chance on spreading misinformation, pushing my opinion as fact, or trying to be better than many of the awesome things already out there?

- Kids. I don't even want to elaborate on why. I feel it's a very "you do you" topic so I'll just stay over here keeping quiet.

- A time I was wronged that still stings when I think about it. It was a long time ago, and it doesn't need to be addressed, but not posting it does show how much I fear being vulnerable on the internet.

The more I think of posts I wouldn't write, the more topics I realize there are. Some stories aren't mine to share. Some ideas would come across so one-sided that they would hurt others in my life if they ever came across them. Some topics are still such a mystery to me that I wouldn't know how to tell anyone else what I feel about them, let alone why. What are some posts you haven't written, whether you intend to or not?


  1. There are SO many posts I haven't written. Or rather, I've written, re-read, saved in a word doc, and never published...all fit the categories you hit on there too.
    As for the election, I'm anti-Hillary for many reasons. I'm also not with Trump. But since being unwilling to vote is an unpopular stance on the internet, I'll state that here in your comment section instead of on my own blog :)

    Also, the Volume 2 of unpopular opinions...pretty sure I agree with all of that. But I think I do *occasionally* use a hashtag. Occasionally.

  2. There are many things I think about writing but then I think some of the same things such as, "do I want this online forever?" or "If someone from my real life came across this would they appreciate it?"

  3. There are a lot of drafts I have started but never finished as well. I hate fri-yay. And I cant with the election anymore. It is sad that these two candidates are what we have to choose from. I literally don't think I can vote for either of them. I skipped over all the political posts last week and have mostly stayed off Facebook to not become enraged. lol

  4. i have a ton of posts in draft that either i lost steam when writing them, i decided they're lame or too controversial that i don't want to publish!

  5. I like this kind of post, but possibly because I'm a millennial with the attention span of a gnat? If I believe what the internet says about me ;) I agree with most of your unpopular opinions, except Chipotle which I will eat in a gluten free pinch (not fine cuisine though I'll grant you that). I think I may have used a hashtag in a post once and instantly hated myself. I'm also over here in a corner keeping my opinions about kids to myself. Perhaps we should move to the same corner and have hushed conversations under our breaths?

  6. There are a lot of things I've written that have never been published and will never be published because they don't belong on the internet for public consumption but I felt like writing them.

    Then there are the 30 some topics that have been sitting in draft unfinished for no good reasons.

    Then the topics like my at home behaviors and other things that I feel like I've written but I might not have written?

    I don't write for people to read, so I don't get my motivation like this point, it's probably a habit.

  7. I have a slew of topics I meant to write about but now the time has passed and it's just not worth it. There are also some that are completely off limits and will never make an appearance.

    FNL IS one of the greatest shows of all time.

    Totally agree with talking about the election. I'm not a huge politics talker but with this shitshow, some things just need to be said. It doesn't necessarily bother me for my opinions to be on the interwebs.

  8. I don't like Scandal or Fri-Yay either. I really want to do an election post because I don't want jerks that would vote for Trump reading my blog.

  9. laying in bed like a starfish is THE BEST.

    i have stories or thoughts that i have decided not to share for those kinds of reasons as well, like if someone came across it, or there really isn't a point except to vent and only make me feel worse.

    i have thoughts and opinions on the election, but i'm not great with words like trying to get across what i think or really mean, and a lot of times i have to stumble through things before i even realise what i mean, which probably makes no sense but back to the not being great at words. plus, i can't vote, so i mean, why am i talking about it? you know?

    i don't like chipotle.

  10. There's no should here—interpret however you want! A lot of people have been taking this prompt to inspire a list of posts they'll probably never publish, because we're pretty much all afraid of something.

    Also, I'm right on board with anyone who has such love for Friday Night Lights <3 <3

    I wrote an "unpopular opinions" post a while back, but without going to check and relying on my bad memory, I don't think they were opinions that were exactly unpopular with bloggers, so I was definitely afraid of going all-out on that one. I've written one about my weird single-girl-at-home stuff too, but mostly it's just about how I sit weird and snack all day long.

    I haven't written in depth on the election either. I think it should be fairly clear that I'm With Her too, though I've only actually written those words in comments on other people's blog posts. It's a realm of blogging I just don't want to step into, because I am SO vocal about my political opinions in "real life," and I just want to keep my space free of that stress and angst unless I really need to. Your reasons for withholding are great and important too. Steph Doyle always says what I would say anyway, so I feel like she covers my bases ;)

    I have more to say but this comment is getting obnoxiously long. Thanks for joining the challenge.

  11. I love these posts. And you're "unpopular opinions" post awhile ago really cracked me up.

  12. Home alone behaviors. I'm sure we can all relate to those. I'd have to add spontaneous solo dance party to that list. I need to go read your "unpopular opinions" post. I always find those fun to read.

  13. omg I hate "fri-yay". I also plan to watch Search Party. i know i say i don't have any more time for shows. but I'm lying.

    I think the only post that I haven't written (as in "in drafts") is my nerd confessions post, which kinda just worked better as a facebook status. oh, and all the fiction i don't write.

  14. I was going to skip this prompt because I couldn't think of enough topics, but now that you mention the hurting people's feelings - I've definitely taken down posts after someone said something. Like I wrote one about how family is NOT more important than friends, just because of the genetic component and my mom was worried how my grandma would take it. And there's all kinds of stuff about my dad and alcoholism and so on.

    I love the idea of home-alone behaviors though! And unpopular opinions are always fun, even when I don't share them because it's usually not important things and we can laugh at it.

  15. I think the unpublished posts prompt has been my favourite to read from the challenge. I'd love to read the home alone behaviours (I like to watch crime documentaries and scrapbook).

  16. Your home alone behaviors post would definitely be something I could relate to. And yeah, I understand not wanting to put certain things out there on the internet for all the world to see.

  17. I hate seeing hashtags in posts. Ugh. Blogging is not social media. I've considered writing a post about some reasons why we don't want kids, but I think some people might take it as an invitation to do a sales pitch for parenthood. (If a person is happy being a parent, fantastic, but not everyone's idea of happiness includes children.)

  18. I feel like a lot of my non published posts are things I am scared of or things I worry others will criticize me on. I know we can't always write what will make everyone happy, but we all tend to think we can to a point. Sometimes we just hit road blocks. But the point I agree on most is where you said, we start something about a recap and then forget about it. When we remember it, it seems like its been to far to post now. Gets me every time! (Also I feel like I shouldn't hit publish on this comment as I feel like it's all over the place! Sorry about that!)


  19. Such great post ideas! Also, how did I not know you are based in Houston?! I'm a Houstonian too! Next time I'm home, we might need to get some food together :)


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