Tuesday, February 28, 2017

add it to my list: february 2017

It's the last day of the month and the last Tuesday of the month which means it's time for Add It To My List with me and Bre. All you have to do is write a post about things that you like and recommend to your friends in real life so we can all add new things to our Amazon lists, Netflix queues, podcast subscriptions, and so on. Then click around and see what other people have recommended so you can add it to your list. If you can't link up today, the link-up is open through next Tuesday, so come back and join in later this week!

Anyway - on to my list!

Add it to your shopping list:
RTIC Cups: I didn't realize how much I like ice cold water until I had it at my disposal every day. I used to use Aladdin cups from Target and they were fine until I got an RTIC and I have ice all day (or as long as my water lasts) and now I want to throw all of my other cups away. They're less than $15, they're from a Houston-based company, and they're totally worth it. If only they weren't hand wash only...

Total Comfort PJs: I got a cute pair of short pajamas from Target a while time ago and wore them all the time, so I asked for a pair in a different color for Christmas. Target started making them differently and my new pair is amazingly soft and stretchy - they make my old pair feel like a ratty old t-shirt. Plus, wearing actual matching pajamas makes me feel like an adult in a good way.

Trader Joe's Vegetable Masala Burgers: I love Trader Joe's but I find it overwhelming. There are so many things you can't get anywhere else, so I go in there and don't buy much because "what if I hate it?"I love to share the things I buy repeatedly there, though, and these veggie burgers are on the list. They're made from potatoes and other veggies, so no weird soy if that isn't your thing and the Indian flavor is unique enough so you don't feel like you're eating fake meat; you're eating something totally different.

Add it to your watch list:
Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime. I love a good ten episode season because it isn't a huge commitment. Sneaky Pete has a great cast (Giovanni Ribisi, Bryan Cranston, Margo Martindale) and it's a fun premise - a guy gets out of prison and in order to get money and escape someone out to get him, he assumes his prison roommate's identity so he can steal money from that guy's family. Only the family isn't at all the way the roommate described. The first episode is nothing like the rest of the series. Give it at least two to three episodes if it doesn't hook you right away - it's a good series.

Add it to your podcast list:
I like to check out the iTunes podcast chart when I need something new and since all of my favorites are on hiatus, I found Missing Richard Simmons last week. Yes, Richard Simmons, the older man with the wild curly hair who sweats to the oldies and was always the butt of David Letterman's jokes. Apparently he used to be one of the friendliest celebrities around but he hasn't been seen in public or heard from by his friends in two years. This guy who kind of knew him is trying to solve the mystery. It's part human interest and part mystery and I definitely hope they find him.

Why yes, I do watch Wheel of Fortune every night and I did have to rewind it to take a pic for this linkup.

So tell me - what should I add to my list?


  1. Richard Simmons is missing? That sounds slightly fascinating but sad too.
    Those pj's are adorable.

  2. Those pjs are so cute! I have a Walmart cold cup I have used everyday since July when I bought it! I didn't know Richard Simmons was missing?!

  3. ok i'm glad you recommended Sneak Pete. it's on my list but i hadn't heard anything about it.

  4. Wheel of Fortune irks me but that is a great capture.

    I buy pajama sets then rarely wear them as a set. LOLOL

  5. I should really jump on this steel tumblr thing...but I actually don't care for ice cold water, so feel like it would be wasted haha.

  6. I've been in the market for a good pair of cute, comfy, matching pjs for a year now. I browse the section all the time in stores but I just haven't found any yet. Lol. Maybe I'll have to look into these...

  7. I LOVED Sneaky Pete. My husband and I watched the whole season in a weekend.

    I need to check out that podcast. It seems like one I'd like.

  8. I'm so fascinated by this Richard Simmons saga - I feel so bad for him! I'm intrigued by the podcast and can't believe it's a thing - lol - gonna check it out!

  9. I didn't realize that Richard Simmons had basically disappeared! That's so sad! We're huge YETI fans, but that's mainly because of how cold my water stays! The handwashing them everyday is definitely no fun!

  10. I bought matching PJs for the first time this year and I felt the same way, Haha, I'm such a grown-up now!

  11. OK but really, what happened to Richard Simmons?! No joke!

  12. Can't believe I missed this again. Seriously...
    Putting it on my calendar!

    Matching pjs are overrated lol. But I love pj shorts. I wear them all day in the summer if I'm just staying home, so I may have to just buy the shorts. I like that tumbler but I think I need a straw....

  13. Richard Simmons is missing?! I hope they find him!

  14. i love wheel of fortune. that's a good game.

  15. The Richard Simmons thing is so so strange, I didn't know there was a whole podcast about it though! Definitely need to listen to that.
    I love Trader Joe's, and I totally agree, it's a world all it's own and it can be so overwhelming with all the stuff to try. I don't think I've seen those burgers so I'll hunt them down next time.
    How stinking cute are those PJs?! I want!

  16. So, it wouldn't work necessarily for what you mentioned, but a good Trader Joe's tip is that you can try almost anything (except foods that like, need to be cooked). So if there is a chip or dip or drink or whatever that you are thinking about but not sure on, you can ask them to try it!

  17. This is a great link up! It's my first time coming across it. I am going to have to participate this month. I love reading what others have on their lists in life.


  18. I've been watching Wheel of Fortune since I was a kid. I'm actually pretty decent at it, though I don't like the way its played now. The picture is PERFECT! :)

  19. Missing Richard Simmons sounds fantastic!


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