Friday, February 10, 2017

friday six

Shamelessly stealing this from Jana because I wanted a quick post idea so I didn't keep silent until Show Us Your Books.

So it's been a week on the new job! What I love about events work is that it's never consistent. I spent two days somewhat training myself since my team was preparing for a huge event that happened to be in Houston. I was able to meet two of my four teammates, help prepare materials for the event (including a really cool art installation that I'll probably post on snapchat or IG stories), and then check out the event prep to get a feel of the scale of events that my new company does (it's HUGE compared to where I came from... I'm both excited and nervous!). I miss my old coworkers more than I realized and I need to rearrange my home office to make it better suited to me, but otherwise, it's been a great first week!

Reading: First week on the job means I'm working pretty hard and when I take brain breaks, I do things like laundry instead of catching up on social media. Most of my reading is done in the evening now and catching up on the news I missed during the day. I broke up with a DNF earlier this week and nothing new since.
Watching: This Is Us, of course. Top Chef since it's the only food show I still enjoy. Trying to catch up on Jane the Virgin even though like an idiot, I saw this week's spoiler. Andrew and I are also watching Sneaky Pete on Amazon when we have time.
Listening: Dog walking time is the only time I really have for podcasts now! I enjoyed this week's How I Built this because it was with Kate Spade and her husband, Andy. Did you know she isn't even involved in the company that bears her name anymore? They amicably sold it several years ago and now have another line, Frances Valentine.
Quitting: Being in my shell. This new job and project I'm on are really pushing me from my comfort zone. I like to be a wallflower and observe until I'm comfortable and then start talking to people more and making connections. This week, saying "Hi, I'm Lauren, and I just started here on Monday" has been an awesome springboard to get conversation going, ask people what they do, where they're based (people are in from all over the country! So cool), how they got involved with the group, and things like that. It's so much more fun to just start talking to people and giving unsolicited food recs than it is to worry about how I'll come across. It's a fun change for me. 
Planning: A fun Saturday with Andrew to celebrate our 11th dating anniversary (BBQ, outlets, fancy dinner) and then a quick work trip to NYC next week. I think I have a few free hours, mostly during the evenings, so I want to grab a quick treat or coffee near my hotel and I want to visit the 9/11 Memorial if I have a chance.
Laughing: The other night, Bauer got scared of something so he ran into our kitchen at full speed. He needed to make a 90-degree turn and moved too late, so his paws went into the turn and his body smacked into a cabinet. Andrew saw it, but I just heard the noise. Bauer was fine, though embarrassed, I think, and it was hilarious.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind in many ways so I'm looking forward to a weekend of doing what we want to do with no real obligations (and no football!). Looking forward to Tuesday and book talk.


  1. i love that you're being proactive and taking the initiative to start conversations. i'm also one to sit back and observe because well you humans LOL. happy 11th anniversary!

  2. I also like to observe until I'm comfortable. MFD is the guy who will walk up to absolutely everyone and introduce himself. It's interesting, the difference.

    I'm glad you like your new gig and that it's a good challenge for you!

  3. I love Kate Spade, I will have to listen to that episode. I had no clue she wasn't even involved anymore. This is Us is so awesome. I need to get on the Jane the Virgin train too I think. I am one to sit back and observe things more often than not, so it is inspiring to see you jumping in and saying hello. I wish you all the best in your new job. It sounds exciting!

  4. oh i am totally a wallflower, so i'm getting sweaty palms just thinking about introducing myself like that. go you though, that is awesome! sounds like it's a good fit for you so far. happy 11th dating anniversary :)


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