Tuesday, February 14, 2017

trying to show you my books but I don't remember them

I have an awful memory. I've said it many times before. It most definitely spills over into my "book life." My last SUYB post was right at the end of 2016, and after that, I had time off of work in which I read a lot. So much, and so fast, that as I try to write this post... well, I don't exactly remember what I read. Thankfully, I took a few notes on my phone and rated some things on goodreads or this post would say next to nothing.

(Also speaking of forgetting things, Valentine's Day is completely passing me by this year. Andrew and I celebrated our dating anniversary over the weekend [which we count for V-Day] and I've been otherwise busy with work so it's like it isn't happening.)

Left Neglected - I flew through this and I liked it, but I don't remember much. If you like Lisa Genova books, add this one to your TBR. I found it far less depressing than others, but it still makes you wonder what you would do in a similar situation.

Animal Dreams - This is one of Steph's favorites and since I remember reading a book by the same author in high school and enjoying it, I thought I would try it. If you enjoy the setting becoming a character, read this. It was sad and descriptive in terms of scenery, but something about the writing made me feel like the characters were being kept at a distance from me. Many of the themes and ideas are resonant today, even though the book was written in 1991. Check it out if you're in the mood for something a little more literary.

Scrappy Little Nobody - I wanted to hate this book. I don't really like Pitch Perfect and, I don't know, I just thought I was going to find Anna Kendrick annoying. Nope. I found her totally likable and I want to be her friend. She's quirky and insecure and so darn relatable. No one is ever going to tell you what becoming an actress is really like, but she does a good job of showing you how she was far from an overnight success and I love how she is still wondering how and when she became an adult (same here, sister.). I find it hard to find time to read real books, since you need to have proper lighting and all, but this was borrowed from my former boss and I finished it in just a few days since I enjoyed it so much.

Elsewhere - This was recommended to me by Kristin since it's by the same author as The Storied Life of AJ Fikry. It's a completely different book, but some of the whimsy is still there. At first, it was a hard story for me to get into - a teenage girl is killed in a car accident, and the story is about the author's vision of the afterlife. I definitely appreciated the creativity it took to create that and I enjoyed the premise overall. Once I got into it, I really liked the theme of being in the moment, regardless of the outcome, and I think for a YA book, it did a good job of looking at a bigger picture. Some parts of the story seemed to drag while others were rushed, but overall, I enjoyed it.

Every Exquisite Thing - I love the way Matthew Quick captures being a loner and a weirdo in high school, but I didn't love this story. There wasn't enough backstory with the main character to make her make sense. Part of me understood her teen angst while the rest of me was able to just see her as a spoiled brat and not get past that enough to empathize with her. Alex was a strange character whose motives weren't clear, either.

I totally forgot that I read Every Last Word but I knew that there was a setting in my head about a swimming pool. The main character in Every Exquisite Thing plays soccer, so I knew the pool had to be somewhere else. I'm glad my Kindle tracks all of this. It was entertaining enough - I think I read it in a night or two - but it glosses over OCD and the driving plot point, when revealed, just makes you scratch your head.

DNF - Where Am I Now? - This is Mara Wilson's book. So, so different from Anna Kendrick's. They're different people, obviously, with different careers, but I felt like this book was too much about the mundane and didn't provide much perspective from someone with a really interesting life. There were tidbits here and there that were interesting, but overall, I just didn't care about her life anymore. I mean I wish her well and she seems like a nice person, but the fact that the girl from Matilda paints her toenails while on FaceTime with her sister isn't interesting to me. Maybe that was the point. I got to the last chapter and after repeatedly falling asleep while reading, I just quit.

Isn't this cool? We went to Brenham, Texas over the weekend and stopped in a used book store. I couldn't resist a $2 "Blind Date with a book." There was a shelf of wrapped books with descriptions and info on the outside. You can see the one I chose and the book I ended up getting. It sounds a little more like a romance when you read the cover but we'll see...

Linking up with Steph and Jana and hoping to find some books that will keep me awake long enough to finish them and that I can hopefully remember from month to month!



  1. I had the same thought about Scrappy Little Nobody, that I might think Anna K is annoying, but now I might give it a try!

  2. I've never seen Pitch Perfect (and have zero desire to), but I kind of want to read Scrappy Little Nobody too, even more now that I know you liked it so much and didn't go into it a huge Kendrick fan. I looove that blind date with a book-- so clever and fun!

  3. I have zero desire to read Anna Kendrick's book. I love Pitch Perfect but really, how fascinating can she actually be that she fills up a book? Fine, she's funny on Twitter but can't we just leave it at that?

  4. The title of your post made me laugh so hard. If I didn't keep my book review post going as I finished my books in my drafts, then I would be the same way!

  5. Animal Dreams is definitely more literary.

    For some reason I also wanted to be anti-Anna Kendrick but I like her on IG.

  6. I loved Kendrick's book! I listened to the Audible version, which she narrated, and it was so fun. If my life were made into a movie, I hope she would be picked to play me, haha.

  7. Need to read Scrappy Little Nobody, but I mostly came here to tell you I thought I was the only girl on planet earth who doesn't like Pitch Perfect! In fact...I HATE it. Anna is cool, though.

  8. I have that problem to of remembering what I read in the past month. Although, that has made me be a little bit better on my reviews on Goodreads which helps with writing these posts. I haven't heard of Animal Dreams, but I'm adding it my list, especially since you and Steph both love it. And I love that concept for a bookstore, of picking out a random book based on descriptions instead of the cover! I hope that you end up liking the book you got!

  9. I have had Left Neglected on my TBR forever. Glad to hear you liked it!

  10. I am really bad about remembering what I've read too, so I finally started writing my reviews immediately after I finish a book. It's kind of a pain at the moment but it does make putting my book review post together easier! LOL! I'm not a big memoir person but I do like Anna Kendrick.

  11. I adore that "blind date with a book" concept, and I especially adore secondhand bookstores.

  12. I love that blind date with a book - SO fun!! I am really looking forward to listening to Anna Kendrick's book soon.

  13. I'm glad you ended up enjoying Scrappy Little Nobody. I've been a fan of Anna's for years and years now so I really need to read it! I just love her.

    Lauren @ www.shootingstarsmag.blogspot.com

  14. i am sad i somehow missed this post. i have a horrible memory as well and i have to start a draft post and update it immediately after finishing a book, otherwise i won't remember a thing.
    i haven't read elsewhere but i have another book of hers on my list and i am a bit scared because of the whole loving aj fikry thing.
    anna kendrick's book is on my list. one day.
    love the blind date with a book idea! so fun.

  15. My memory sucks too! It kinda makes me sad. I'm glad I blog because otherwise I've already forgotten half my life. I miss reading! I need to get back to it.


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