Thursday, February 23, 2017

what's new with me: february 2017

If I can't use Kristen and Gretch's link-up to talk about what I've been doing lately, is there any real reason for me to write a blog post? And if that link-up isn't until next week but I don't realize it until AFTER I've written my post, I should just publish it now and link up later, right? Say yes.

I've spent most of 2017 so far unsettled. I had a final interview for a job on January 5th, got a call the next week that it was mine but I had to wait a week on the offer letter, got an offer, put in my two weeks' notice, started a new job, and am still training and trying to figure out where I'll be traveling to in the near future. It isn't bad, but it isn't delineated. I haven't found my new normal yet and I spent so much time waiting for things this year that I'm ready for routine and to be able to expect what's happening next, but I continue to feel unsettled.

But that isn't to say I've been sitting idly. My husband and his business partner had their biggest BBQ service yet where they sold four briskets in four hours (for those not in the BBQ know - that's a LOT of meat!) and then went on to serve other food for four more hours so the prep for that and the clean-up and recovery took forever. The week before that, we went to see Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds do an acoustic show and it was fantastic (even if I have still yet to see Dave's Cornbread after 5+ shows...). The week after the big BBQ event, the guys did a catering which was small but still time-consuming.

Houston hosted the Super Bowl, and we hosted my sister-in-law, her husband, his mom, and a friend for that weekend so they could go to the game. We tried a new restaurant with them, One Fifth, which was unfortunately disappointing, introduced them to kolaches, and tried to dissuade them from a trip to Whataburger (it didn't work).

My time wrapping up my old job was the definition of bittersweet. I was fortunate to build lovely relationships with many of my coworkers and got to celebrate with a happy hour, cake at work, last lunches, and thoughtful gifts which include the cutest office supplies for my new home office since I'm obsessed. I left rubber ducks for my favorite people to remember me by as I've collected them for years and it was the first thing people noticed upon entering my old office. You never realize how much people like you until you're leaving, I guess. It was fantastic and I felt so loved, but what no one tells you is that it's very emotionally draining to tell people where you're going, give hugs, and promise to come back so many times in a few days. I'm nonetheless grateful for the support and such a nice ending to that chapter.

My old office, my ID with my pic from my first day on the job, and a cake trying to get me to stay behind.

I started my new job and there was fortuitously an event in Houston at the end of my first week, so I got to meet a bunch of great people and get really excited about the organization as a whole. For week two, my team of five traveled to NYC to spend some time at the home office, eat soul food in Harlem (in the name of supporting local businesses - love it!), and I snuck away to have pizza at Eataly (so so bad) and coffee at the cutest coffee shop. Twice. Because it was around the corner and they had bagels and latte art.

In non-work news, weekends have stayed busy even when BBQ life doesn't take over. We went to Brenham and found the cutest biergarten that was indoor/outdoor, served beer and wine, had local goods for sale, and had a cooler full of meats and cheeses that you could buy to snack on. The music and murals were also fantastic. We celebrated a friend's birthday with bowling at Lucky Strike, I got to eat my favorite cake in the world on a BBQ run, and I got to visit with one of my oldest friends and meet her baby when they were visiting from Hong Kong. (I just realized I instagram a lot of my highlights. You should follow me there if you like this kind of thing). Valentine's Day kind of passed me by since I left for NYC the next day, but we celebrated with one last dinner at Oxheart since it closes next month. We each decided to go to separate bakeries and get the other a Valentine's treat and a chocolate chip cookie to celebrate the day of. Great minds and all of that. We always do a little something around Valentine's Day since we started dating on February 12 11 (we disagree on the date but know that this year makes 11 together!).

Dave and Tim | The best chocolate cake ever from Truth BBQ in Brenham, Texas and I got the first piece of the day.

Oh! And yesterday, I chopped off my hair. A good 5-6 inches. It's been too long for too long and when I had a cancelled conference call and the salon had an opening, I went in to do it. I've been loving long, wavy bobs lately like Adele at the Grammys and Gina Rodriguez on Jane the Virgin but I told my stylist to go two inches longer than she thought she should. It's short for me, but so far I love it.

Hair triplets, am I right?

I think that's the gist of it. I've missed just doing a general recap of life. If you're like me and you're only motivated to blog when there's a link-up involved, join Bre and me on Tuesday for Add it to My List, where all you have to do is talk about things that you like.

I'm also going to link up with Kristin and Joey since the Stuff and Things linkup is actually happening today... oops.


  1. You know I totally understand writing the post accidentally a week early...hahaha whoops! I love the new hair cut! I've been rocking a lob/bob since my wedding and it's amazing. And I actually have to do my hair which is good because when it's long I rock a bun everyday.

  2. Your hair looks fabulous and I think writing the post a week early is perfectly fine!
    The unsettled feeling is definitely hard, but your new normal is coming soon, I'm confident.

  3. Your hair is super cute! Congrats on the new job & to your husband's BBQ business!

  4. Change is exciting but routine...routine has its own sweet spot. I hope you're settling into a good one!

  5. I love your hair.

    My husband and I cannot agree on our first date date. As in, we don't actually know when it is. So until we got married we had a completely made up date.

  6. We discussed this, but a day out in small town Texas is a fun day, isn't it?
    The new locks look great!
    I'll be starting a new job soon. I look forward to getting settled into a new routine, so I can relate.

  7. i am super behind on blog reading and commenting, but i say yes. haha. link up anytime. i think we said that originally, but it's been so long. i can't remember. i thought suyb was next tuesday and had my post ready to go.. nope. following week. jeepers. been doing that link up for over 2 years and i still forget haha. love that you left rubber ducks for people. i agree about it being draining. it's like thank you for being curious and happy for me, but.. stop. haha.
    your hair looks fantastic!
    i'm sorry i missed your second link up. i truly had nothing to share haha. but i will be there will bells on next time!

  8. Your year is off to a crazy start! I hope that March is more settled down for you and your job starts to get better. Love the hair cut! Thanks for always linking up with us :)


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