Tuesday, March 28, 2017

add it to my list: march 2017

It's already the last Tuesday of the month which means that Bre and I are talking about all the things we're recommending right now, AKA our link-up known as Add It To My List.

The rules are easy - just link up things that you're actually recommending to people in real life. A link back and a comment to us as your hosts is appreciated and checking out other lists is suggested but that's it!

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Anyway - onto my list of things that I can't shut up about right now.

Add it to your People to Stalk Online list

I've explained before that much of Bre's and my friendship takes place via email. We chat about what we're doing, what other people are doing, how weird life is, and other things you talk to your friends about. I've come to realize that there are a lot of people out there who I would like to invite into mine and Bre's friends club because I would love their takes on pretty much anything.

  • Nora McInerny - creator of the Terrible, Thanks for Asking podcast and brains behind the free Nevertheless, She Persisted tattoos that outgrew the tattoo parlor. She's very dry and a little awkward and I can relate which is probably why I want to be her friend.
  • Lindy West - author of Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman, one of my favorite books of 2016. She just did a reading in Houston and Bre and I went and I didn't invite her to the friend club even though I wanted to. She had to quit twitter because people are awful but she is turning her memoir into a TV show and she's on instagram and Facebook.
  • Phoebe Robinson - cohost of the 2 Dope Queens podcast. I'll be honest, I don't love 2 Dope Queens because I would rather listen to Phoebe and her cohost, Jessica, talk than the stand-up comedy that's the point of the show. But, she has another podcast I need to check out and I'm reading her book and it makes you think about hard things like race and white privilege while making you laugh out loud and being full of pop culture references,
Oh, and you should also follow Pete Souza on instagram. I think I've tweeted about him before; he was President Obama's official photographer and now uses archived Obama photos to make statements about the current administration in the shadiest way.

Add it to your Playlist

Music from Big Little Lies. I've tweeted about it and it's good. Lots of angst and a good mix of recent and older music. This playlist gets updated weekly after each episode and I love it. And then when I'm done I listen to Leon Bridges' album in its entirety.

Spotify's My Daily Mix Playlist. Check out your spotify account. You have one, too. I only have a free account so it has made me two playlists so far. I love that it pushes me to listen to new things while still in the confines of songs I know.

Add it to your Treat Yo' Self List

I love school supplies and when I left my old job, my coworkers treated me to an amazing assortment of things for my home office. I got these gold Nate Berkus scissors which are unnecessary, I suppose, but they're heavy and pretty and now I get excited when I need to cut things. They're definitely stronger than any other scissors I've ever had. Plus, they're just begging to be artfully arranged and captured on instagram, right?

Add it to your Houston List

Local friends, if you haven't been to Tiny's Milk and Cookies yet, then please go. They have arguably the best chocolate chip cookie in the city and their Milk and Cookies ice cream is perfectly sweet with huge cookie chunks in it. Plus, it's a window attached to the restaurant, so you can just pull up and easily grab treats to take somewhere. Just go.


  1. I'll be going to Houston in a few weeks! I didn't have a list of places to go because I figured I'd stick with places I used to go when I lived there but Tinys has started my list of things to do!

  2. I just added Shrill to my list, and I have a friend here that I'd like to get the book for as well. Something to add for me AND for a friend?! Score!
    If I get to Rice Village when I'm in Texas in May, Tiny's will definitely be added to the list :)

  3. I have a gold dog Berkus tape holder, which was obviously a need in my home office. I basically want his entire line!

  4. Shrill is on my TBR! I've read some of her articles and enjoy her viewpoint.

  5. i still haven't watched big little lies (waiting for the last one so i can binge lol) but i will make note of the music when i do. off to follow that Pete guy.

  6. I want a milk & cookies drive-up window. What the what??
    I want to watch Big Little Lies but I haven't read the book and that feels like a sin...
    Just followed the photographer! Thanks!

  7. I still need to read Shrill but I just followed her on IG.

    I love the Spotify Daily!

  8. I always love everything from the Nate Burkus line at Target and I'm definitely going to check out the music from Big Little Lies now- such a good recommendation!

  9. I'm definitely adding that book to my goodreads list. And YES about the Big Little Lies music.

  10. I cannot get into 2 Dope Queens. Something about it just rubs me the wrong way. However, I've listened to Phoebe guest-host on other podcasts and I don't mind her opinions (on tv and books).
    I want to watch BLL but the book was so good...I don't want to ruin it.

  11. The music from Big Little Lies is perfect! I seriously want to listen to all of the music on repeat because it's that good!

  12. Every time I go to Target I stare wistfully at all the Nate Berkus office supplies but they're not really practical for my job considering I run a non profit haha

  13. gold scissors! you are quite the blogger!!!

  14. The Spotify Daily Mix playlist is everything. I look forward to it every single day.

    Yay for Lindy West! Didn't know they were turning her memoir into a TV show. Interesting.

  15. I was intro'ed to Lindy West when I listened to her podcast ep on This American Life where she talked about and subsequently CONFRONTED an Internet troll who did the most savage/awful thing to her (do you know this story?). She's amazing. Also, I'm loving Big Little Lies and can't wait to see where it goes - the music is also TOP NOTCH. (Although not realistic for 1st graders to have that level of music knowledge, right? What do I know)

  16. I love office supplies, too! Target has such a great selection :)

  17. i forgot you and bre are in houston. i'm in the woodlands, so not so very far from yall. maybe i could yall for coffee or something?

    1. duh. or at tiny's milk and cookies. i've not been there.


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