Friday, March 10, 2017


I had a really good weekend but didn't feel like recapping it so I thought I would do it here with some other thoughts and call it a good Lately post.

- I love local businesses and there aren't a ton where I live. A few months ago, some friends and I were at a craft show and met a really nice couple who just started making their own bath bombs. I saw a post on Facebook last week and thought "hmmm, those look familiar..." - turns out that couple opened a cute home decor store in the historic part of town so I had to stop by. The owner was as nice as I remembered, the whole store was on sale, I got some subdued Beatles decor, and she told me about her upcoming Pinterest project and floral design workshops that my friends already want to go to. Loved it!

- Fun fact: I went to take a photo of my new decor but of course my camera is out of space (it's a constant struggle). Googled for a photo and the same thing is available at Of course it is. At least I paid less and bought it locally...

- Saturday was basically a day o' thrifting for me. I was looking for a bookcase but didn't find it. I did stop in a great resale/antique store with lots of refinished furniture (I have come to realize I will never DIY) at fantastic prices. I found a dressing table that I loved but couldn't justify and a pie safe that I didn't need but texted to Andrew and even he said I to buy it. I don't need his permission to buy things, but I am super indecisive and if I don't NEED an item, I'll leave it behind (and normally regret it). I was just texting him things and when he said buy it... I figured I would just find a home for it. It's currently living in the corner of my dining room but I need to figure out how to style it.

- We tried Xochi for brunch in the new Marriott Marquis. It was good, but its sister restaurant, Hugo's, is still my brunch favorite. At least they both use the same guacamole recipe (aka the best ever...). Xochi has a chocolate flight on its dinner menu so the buffet desserts were chocolate-heavy, which I didn't hate, but sadly there was nothing there I had to have (unlike Hugo's flan).

The dressing table I left behind | the pie safe that came home with me | Mexican hot chocolate, cake, tart, with passionfruit, flan, and in a strawberry cone. I thought the croissant was chocolate, but it was plain. And fruit because balance.

- It's so warm that it was pedicure time. I went with OPI's Two-Timing the Zones. I kind of feel like a Barbie, but I also really like it.

- Andrew and I are bingeing The Americans. When we went to the ATX Festival last year, it was everyone's favorite show so it's been on our watch list for a while. We tried it when it first started and couldn't get into it, probably because we had just finished Brothers and Sisters, which had the main male actor in a very different role. Time has solved that problem. The show is intriguing and the costumes are fantastic, but so far, I don't get the LOVE for it. I like it and I look forward to watching it, but I'm not obsessed. We're in the middle of season two and the fifth just started airing this past week. I'll keep you updated.

- Not having coworkers that I see daily is weird. I think I've been texting my friends a lot more often and I also started instagram story-ing (is that a verb?) just to share. What are your thoughts on IG Stories? I admit, I was in camp "they are unnecessary, please stop" but I do appreciate how they let me see a more real side of people who appear to be perfect online (that does not include me. I don't think I post anything perfect-looking). I also like hearing the voices of bloggers I've followed for a while.

So that's me lately. What's going on in your world?


  1. I love a good pink, that's a great toe color.

    Also love the Beatles decor but huge pink puffy heart love the pie safe. That is an awesome piece.

    The Americans gets better as it goes. But why watch it? We're living in it. LOL

  2. Funny you talk about IG Stories - I was a Snapchatter for the past year, but after a weekend away for a bachelorette party, none of the girls had it so I used IG Stories to document the weekend. Andddd, I kinda became hooked? I like the idea of one less social media app to check, plus most people either totally migrated to IG or used Snap less because they were using both. I think I follow you but going to check & make sure now! (Alia15)

  3. The reason I liked snapchat so much was because it felt a little more authentic for me (vs insta photos for my blog) but I was going to comment yesterday on your insta story, and say how I was loving seeing you post there, so clearly I'm a fan of the stories!

  4. we don't have nearly enough antique places in my local area...all of them are downtown and they are so expensive! i wish we had antique stores that sold stuff at reasonable prices :(

  5. I wasn't a fan of instagram stories at first but now I really like it! I like to see the real side of people too. I hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I've avoided ig stories.
    I think the Houston area and Texas, in general, has a great thrift shop culture. You just gotta look for it and be patient sorting through the junk.

  7. I wasn't sure how I felt about IG stories at first. I was like, isn't this snapchat?? I never really used Snapchat, but stalked others who did. I have to say, I like IG Stories now because it is in the same app as my favorite social media! And like you said, it is cool to get to see a different side of my favorite bloggers. I want to play more with stories.

    Love your pie safe!!! My mom and I went to an antique place the other day that had some Magnolia Market furniture at!! That stuff was expensive, but they had some fabulous refinished older pieces that I really wanted to get. That pink polish color is pretty!

  8. I have mixed feelings about the IG stories. Some videos of dogs are cute, and I've filmed a couple of short ones, I admit! But I think it's bad enough that people are whipping their phones out so much and over-sharing life through photos. Now people are stopping to film videos. And some things, like fireworks, are really only fun for the people who are actually there.

  9. I like IG stories because it's easy it being in one place and I quit snapchat for the most part. I pop in and look at what I what I want to when I want to and skip over the rest. Instagram isn't all about the stories so I feel like it consumes less time than snapchat did (and less data). I also find that I post less stories than I did snaps to, which is a good thing. I don't need to post THAT much video. Nobody does really!!

  10. I love local home decor stores! Even if similar things are available in big retail stores, it's more fun to shop locally!

  11. So glad you picked up that pie safe I love it I wish I had the space to do serious thrift shopping.


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