Friday, April 28, 2017

currently {april 2017}

I felt like I just did a Currently post. Like, that it was not too long ago and so maybe I shouldn't do it again but then I searched my archives and the last one was a year ago next week. I feel like 51 weeks is a pretty fair amount of time in between.


Watching: Felicity on the ABC app! I've never watched it before and the 1998 fashion is awesome. Felicity is kind of the worst, though. Better Call Saul is back, and so very different from Breaking Bad but still so well done. Considering the thought behind each shot, line, and choice on Vince Gilligan's shows makes me appreciate TV even more. I also started Rectify which I had never heard of (it aired on Sundance and is on Netflix) and it's got an interesting premise.

Trying: To find more balance. To get away from my desk and move around my house more, to find time to decompress (which used to be my drive time), to be happy and proactive, and to not be controlled by how I feel in this moment. Things change quickly so chances are, it won't always be this way.

Reading: I finally found a book that's holding my attention (Damage Done - it's YA but compared to Gone Girl)! My slump has been in effect since late January so this is exciting. I also read this article about what bullets do to bodies and found it fascinating. It talks about how the people who survive gunshot wounds are the story we aren't talking about and how trauma surgeons have gotten so good at their jobs that there are many gunshot wound survivors so they don't seem like as big of a deal anymore, but they are.

Enjoying: Champagne on a Thursday. Not wearing my contacts most days. Cool mornings. My vet refilling Bauer's steroid prescription without an office visit (huge win - he's terrified of the car). Leftover Cadbury mini eggs.

Noticing: That somewhere along the line, I forgot how to think critically. I spent six years (professionally) knowing that if one person was happy with my work, then I was seen as doing a good job. As long as I did what was asked of me, my job stayed easy. When I questioned or asked why, it didn't matter since pretty much everything was beyond my control. Now I'm in a role where I need to ask questions and think everything through. No details are too small and I'm surrounded by people who don't understand my role, so I have to explain it to them and do great things with my own job. It isn't bad, it's just different. But through it, I realized that I forgot to ask why. I got in a habit of following orders, I stopped thinking creatively, and now I need to get that back. It's a weird lesson, but I don't hate it. I just wish it were easier.

Buying: A shower gift for my new niece or nephew. New luggage. A pedicure on Saturday. And probably more since a woman in my neighborhood turned a room in her house into a really cute boutique and she's doing an open shop today. I won a gift card at one of her previous events, so I think I need to update my spring wardrobe.

Thinking About: Travel. I'm going to NYC for work this week, New Orleans later in May, Austin for mine and Andrew's anniversary/the ATX TV Fest in June, and then Las Vegas for a conference the week after that. I like to be busy, and it will be fun, but it seems daunting. Plus, the NYC event is a benefit dinner with fancy rich people and I have nothing to wear. The story of my life, you guys. If you have any recs where I can find a fairly inexpensive professional dress today or tomorrow, let me know. I got one dress from Amazon and hated it and another that my husband said made me look Amish so I need help.

I'll be reading on the plane, instagram story-ing where ever I go, snapping pics of the Fearless Girl (my company's NY office is right behind it), and searching for the best spots to spend my per diem. Gotta find those silver linings.


  1. Rent the Runway for a dress or you want to buy? Try Macy's or ModCloth to buy. YAY fearless girl.

    I saved the bullet article to read later today.

    Sometimes I need to reset my creative thinking/ask why mojo.

    1. Also...some bloggers do currently posts every week. I think you're good.

  2. Let me know if you want to meet up while you're in NYC! I don't know how long you'll be here or how much free time you have but we could grab a coffee or something :)

  3. I hope the weather is better for you in NYC when you get here - it's been a total sh*t week. Have fun when you're here; can't wait to see what you're up to!

  4. I'm jealous of all the travel you have coming up!

  5. Damage Done sounds like an interesting read! And hooray for getting to travel for work and for fun too! NYC is full of great places to eat, so you'll definitely be able to find some places to spend your per diem money!

  6. I've heard many people rave about Rent the Runway. If I had to go to a benefit with fancy rich people, I'd try it.

  7. ok so you ARE gone this week. i just watched your IG story and i was like "wait. wait what did that say? what? what?!!". yay you got a picture of the girl in front of the bull! is it on a postcard yet? do they still make postcards?

  8. YAY Fearless Girl! I have yet to visit her. I agree with Macy's for the dress, or Century 21- so many options. I used to love Felicity, but I could see how she would be the worst if I were watching it for the first time now, when I'm older. So jealous of all your upcoming travel, especially ATX in June!

  9. I never watched Felicity either. Not that good? The in home boutique sounds so cool!! I wanted to get some more mini eggs after Easter on clearance but I forgot. I have all the sads now.

  10. I loved Felicity! I never finished the series (I think I missed the last season) but I've rewatched here and there and always love it. Better Call Saul is GREAT! You're so right - it's different from Breaking Bad but very well done. Champagne on a Thursday is never a bad choice. I approve this message.

  11. i bought a navy dress from the gap not too long ago that i love, and for sixty bucks, i felt the price was decent. maybe look there?


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