Friday, April 14, 2017

fun facts

I always like reading fun facts about other people. Here are ten about me.

I barely touch my eyebrows. I see brow powder and sticks and microblading and it all scares me because I never know if it's "in" to have thick brows or thin ones. I don't do anything to mine unless they wildly misbehave but the internet leads me to believe that this is strange.

I hate the beach. The sand, the sun, and the water are my enemies. I love your photos from there, but I just can't get into it myself. More space for you.

I went to my husband's high school graduation but I didn't know him then. Andrew and I are four grades apart. We went to the same high school at different times. He's actually the same age as my cousin and step-sister, went to school with both of them, and graduated with my cousin. So we were in the same space at the same time long before we ever met. Small world.

Sometimes when I run, my legs get ridiculously itchy. If that isn't a reason to watch TV on the couch, I don't know what is. They get red and splotchy and I can't think of anything else. Usually a shower helps. It doesn't always happen and I wish I knew what triggered it.

With few exceptions, I have always had a cat in my house. I got my first cat when I was two. The first year and a half Andrew and I lived together, we had no cat. Other than that, I've had a cat in my house for my whole life and I always plan to. They're jerks but so much easier than dogs.

I can barely ride a bike. I didn't learn how to ride one until I was 12 and haven't practiced much since. Last time I got on a bike was probably five years ago and I ran into a little girl on the sidewalk since I'm not good at maneuvering. My niece still reminds me about that and laughs.

I love cheese. I mean I love chocolate, too, but lately cheese has been my real love. I check any fancy cheese shop to see if they have my favorite Mt. Tam triple cream brie. Queso, babybels, in any form, really. If I go to the grocery store and decide to "figure out" dinner while I'm there, it's probably going to be meats, cheeses, hummus, and crackers.

I have the worst memory. I don't know why. I barely retain anything I read or watch for very long. If I binge a show, I won't remember much about it a month later. If I watch a show in real time and have to go months between seasons, I usually can't remember what happened last. It's really frustrating, but can be nice since nearly everything feels new to me. I can also be a story repeater. I need people to call me out on that.

I have lots of freckles. This seems very self-explanatory, but I have had many people who have known me for a while and one day look at me and say "I never realized you had freckles." So, since we are likely online friends and great things like instagram filters might hide that from you, I thought I would let you know. As a kid, I hated them. As an adult, I'm pretty indifferent but do use their darkness to gauge if I need to up my sun protection.

I'm a terrible shopper. I talk myself out of everything. I convince myself I don't need it. I'm cheap. It takes me forever to make a decision. As such, I always hate my entire closet of clothes because they're not cute anymore. However, if I'm shopping with you, I'm a total enabler and I want you to buy everything.

There it is. Ten things. Tell me something about you.


  1. the only thing i do to my brows is groom them (pluck). i have thick brows to begin with so i don't need to fill them in...and even if i did, i probably wouldn't because lazy!

  2. That happens to me when I run sometimes too! I have no idea why. It's bizarre. And I'm the same way about TV/movies/books. I can absolutely LOVE something I'm reading or watching and be super into it but five minutes after it's over I'm like...who did what now? I think what I really like is the feeling of a book or a show or whatever rather than the plot or details, so that's the part that sticks with me the most.

  3. I don't do my eyebrows either. I don't have the skills & I don't care enough to take the time to learn/actually do them. My legs get itchy too sometimes when I run! Someone needs to solve this mystery! Also, same on the cheese & the shopping.

  4. That's probably about when I learned to ride a bike too. Maybe a little earlier, maybe 10? But late enough that I have vivid memories of trying to learn, my friend's dad had to teach me and even her little sisters who are 6 and 7 years younger knew how! I never ride anymore, quit the minute my first friend got a license.

  5. A cheese platter is the perfect dinner.

    I don't do anything to my eyebrows aside from clean them up every two months or so.

    I'm not great on a bike but I ride one at the shore.

    I love reading these posts.

  6. My legs get itchy when I run too!!!!! I think we might be allergic to we stay away right??? I don't do much to my brows either other than maybe pluck a hair or two here and there to keep them clean. I am a huge fan of cheese too. When Chris says he wants snacks, I always go for meats and cheeses. Easy and delicious! And umm I am the worst to shop with as well. I never can make decisions and I walk around the store with things in my hand or cart and pine over them and put them back and walk out with nothing more often than I would like to admit. I did share some dresses today that I got this week though like you asked! Have a great weekend!

  7. Yes! My legs get itchy when I run too sometimes. So weird!
    Re: Freckles. I have a lot of freckles too. I once had a (lame and obvious ex-) boyfriend tell me the freckles on my face were "fine" but I had just too many on my shoulders. Why I didn't dump him that moment I'll never know.
    Cheeeeeese! Yes. :-)

  8. The eyebrow thing! I like thick brows and the internet does lead me to believe this is odd.
    The red/itchy thing is probably an allergy to something in the air? I would take Claritin or something regularly to see if it helps (if you do actually want to run:)

  9. OMG someone on my twitter timeline was saying how awkward it was to be in America because she is from the Dominican Republic. In DR it's a thing of beauty for women to have a unibrow. It's unheard of to wax them or even have them thin. Women just do not touch their facial hair. So don't feel odd. It's America. Remember how everyone plucked their eyebrows super thin in the 90s? Well probably not because we didn't social media then. lol.

  10. I'm not an eyebrow person either, and I don't notice them on others.
    Yes to all things cheese!
    And, I'm pretty freckly myself, and I do nothing to cover them up.

  11. Now I am thinking about Parmesan cheese, I need to make my homemade alfredo sauce soon! I am a "terrible" shopper in the same way. I am not one of those stereotypical females who spends hundreds of dollars on shoes just because they're cute.

  12. I'm right there with you with loving cheese! If I could have cheese for every meal I would be the happiest person ever!

  13. i don't do anything to my eyebrows either, but only because i am growing them out.. and have been for over a year i think haha. maybe one day i will get them reshaped, but as they are, i kind of hate them, so i just ignore them, which is what i normally do with things i hate.
    my legs don't get itchy too often, but my face does after running or being active outside. sometimes it gets really weird and all swollen. super not pretty.
    you know how i feel about cats haha :) we briefly talked about getting a dog but ugh.. so much work.
    i am also with you on memory. i am not good with watching shows in real time because of it, i'd rather wait and binge, even then i will forget it a month later.
    i am a great clothes shopper (too great, hence the current no shopping challenge) but i talk myself out of everything house related. like, buy some curtains kristen. too hard. do we really *need* curtains? (yes). but i will talk myself out of them. it's so weird.

  14. I pluck my eyebrows and that's about it. It astounds me when I see people obsessed with theirs...


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