Thursday, April 6, 2017

if we met for coffee

If we met for coffee, it would likely be iced because the warm weather is coming to Houston. Summer is around the corner which means it gets too hot to move. April and October are Houston's best months so hopefully we would be somewhere with a patio.

If we met for coffee, I would try to think about what I've been doing lately. I've been really lucky to get to spend time with friends, and it's been nice that Andrew and I have couple friends to hang out with. We've gone to Corkscrew BBQ with the Westbrooks and Baby C, have friends who live nearby that we can meet at our shared favorite bar for a drink, and got to see one of our couple friends twice this month. They taught us to play Parcheesi which was surprisingly hard but also unexpectedly fun. We learned a lot about Columbian soccer, food, and dancing.

If we met for coffee, I would inevitably ask you what you're watching. I love to talk TV. Andrew and I binge-watched The Americans over the past month and are now caught up to watch it in real time. It's so well done and intriguing but also a little scary in today's climate. I'm sure you're watching Big Little Lies and if you read the book, I especially want to know what you thought of it. I read it, and I thought the show was a great adaptation and I stayed interested, even though I knew the ending. We might talk about Jane the Virgin and how I think it's fun and light but also serious and well thought out. I would tell you that I'm over The Walking Dead but pumped for Better Call Saul and I would hope that you can recommend something new for me.

If we met for coffee, I might ask you what you do for lunch every day. I find lunch to be a necessary evil; I need to eat and I like taking a break, but finding something healthy, satisfying, and quick that I don't get tired of is a challenge. I would tell you how my life was made because I thought I could make avocado toast but I was (and still am) out of red pepper, which is essential. We could then compare first world problems. My current favorite thing to complain about it my robot vacuum.

If we met for coffee, I would have to ask you if you listened to S-Town and if you did, what you thought. I binged it right away. I thought it was great storytelling - really, listen to some non-NPR podcasts and you will appreciate their production so much more - but maybe not a story I needed to hear. I was kind of disappointed at the end that I spent seven hours with very little payoff, but at the same time, it was passive time so nothing was lost. I would want to know what you got from John B's story.

If we met for coffee, I would want to talk about goals. I'm not good at them, but I feel like I need something concrete to work toward. I would tell you about how I started Couch 2 5K last week and I pretty much hate it. I'm only running 90 seconds at a time; next week's three minutes at a time might as well be three hours. I also want to set some travel goals so I want to talk about where you've been and what's next on your travel wish list. Oh, and I would tell you that I have a goal to get back into blogging more regularly and have post ideas for every Tuesday and Thursday this month. Maybe talking about it will make it happen.

If we met for coffee, it would likely veer into a serious or political discussion. Depending on you. I'm trying to inform myself and feel confident in my assertions. I wouldn't want you to feel attacked but I don't want to stay in my echo chamber. I've been thinking lately about privilege and what it means to me as a person who looks white but has a Latino last name (both married and maiden, if you didn't know) and who never fully identified as white or Latino but selecting two boxes in the race section wasn't always an answer. I think about how I have mostly been lucky in my experiences, but I have definitely been treated differently because I am a woman. I would want to talk about where you get your news and opinions and what you care about in such a noisy, political landscape.

If we met for coffee, I would worry that I wasn't interesting or too negative or not enough. My insecurities seem louder lately and I try to ignore them and be content with who I am and where I am.  I have to think about the actions that speak louder; that the gift of your time shows that I am enough, that our friendship is worth the effort it took to sit in traffic and get to this place, and whether we share deep thoughts or observations on the weather, it was time well spent.

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  1. I think I'm going to try to download S-Town so I can listen to it on my drive down to Houston next weekend. I'm charging my work iPad as we speak because well my iPod has no room...

    I am so over TWD. I haven't caught up since it came back from the break. Honestly, I've been over it since about season 5.

    I keep wanting to make travel plans for this summer but until I know for sure where I'll be working in the fall I can't really do that.

    Happy Thursday!

  2. If we met for coffee we would definitely have a lot to talk about in the TV binging department! I really liked Big Little Lies but I didn't read the book so I'm glad to hear it was good even for people who read it. Me and my husband used to really into The Americans but we stopped watching a couple of seasons ago and I've really been wanting to get back into it!

  3. I kind of envy you two for having good couple friends. I wish we knew a nice couple to hang out with regularly. I watch a lot of re-runs of shows from the mid-2000s and earlier. I also like crime shows (Forensic Files, Disappeared, Fear Thy Neighbor, Killer Couples, etc.).

  4. I'm already dreaming about another Corkscrew visit. It's so dang delicious! :) Glad it's near us so we can catch up!

  5. I rarely have a conversation that does not turn political in this climate.

    I hate thinking about what to make for lunch.

  6. I did my whats new post like this today too! Great minds! Awww Heidi! I hope they are doing well. What a fun lunch date! I love Jane the Virgin!!! I am only caught up with what they have on Netflix though, so I dont know what is going on this season. Chris and I are hoping to get to Big Little Lies this weekend. We were waiting for all the episodes to be released so we could binge. I just did an appraisal in the town where S-Town is supposed to take place so I am excited to listen to it and see if I can feel like I was there.

    I did C25K two years ago and I remember how terrible it was in the beginning and how I never thought I would ever be able to run a 5K but I eventually got there and was so damn proud of myself! Hang in there!!! Though, I was hoping it was going to turn me into a "runner" but I hated running before I did it, while I was doing it and I still hate it today.

  7. I'm super excited about the new season of Better Call Saul too! And I'm with you about worrying whether I'm interesting enough when and if I ever meet with friends. Having couple friends would be awesome; I need to try to figure out a way to make some.

  8. If we had coffee, it would probably last for three days because we'd talk about all of these and more.

  9. I wish I had HBO because I really want to watch Big Little Lies! I would talk to you about other shows though..especially ones on Netflix or Dancing with the Stars :) Thanks for linking up with the style of this :)

  10. I loved S-Town. It's an example of beautiful storytelling and production. I would recommend it to anyone and also not tell them anything about it because that won't help...the less you know, the better!
    It made me think that one person can accomplish a lot, and no one should ever be persecuted for being intelligent.
    Concerning political discussions, I get my news from t.v. mostly but our opinions are colored by the military husband sees things differently than a civilian would so we have a lot of lengthy talks about it. I am a conservative and appreciate different viewpoints, but I also don't like to always have to keep my opinion to myself for fear of being attacked. I do feel confident in my assertions but it can be hard to convey that to others, you know?
    Eh, I have no shows to recommend.

  11. I haven't heard of S-Town, but you're making me want to go and download the podcast right now! It sounds really interesting! And yes to finally having some nice weather in Houston! I need some patio time because pretty soon we won't be able to enjoy it anymore!

  12. i have never watched The Americans but it has a few actors in it i like so it's on the 'eventually' list, but i don't actually know what it's about. i still haven't watched big little lies, i'd planned on watching it once it ended so i could binge, but that coincided with all the house work/moving and there has been zero time to pick up a book or watch TV. so yeah. eventually haha. i did start watching a pretty lame tv show - beauty and the beast lol - the other week as KC was out of town. what is wrong with your robot vacuum?? for lunch.. right now i'm eating takeout one of the girls from work surprised me with so it totally doesn't count as me eating out, right? k. but normally i have some sort of rice + flavour + protein/veggies (i don't eat a lot of meat). i also sometimes just eat baked beans.. as in the english/australian kind, not american. sometimes with toast, mainly just on their own. it's filling, healthy and yum. but probably an acquired taste haha!
    i always worry i'm too negative or not interesting. and i would definitely talk about politics because how can you not these days..

  13. When I first starting working from home, I ate a ton of avo toast, for breakfast and lunch. For some reason working from home makes it harder for me to plan lunch then when I worked regularly in an office.


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