Friday, May 26, 2017

a reminder, and a poor metaphor.

Well hello.

I miss our little talks. Both you coming over to talk to me, and me to you. My extra hour of morning time has been spent sleeping or watching Good Morning America to see what his orangeness did overnight.

In April, I actually did one of those things that bloggers say you should do and wrote an editorial calendar and it kept me focused and made me want to write again (well, twice a week - vast improvement!). And then I had a really busy week at work and then it was May and my remaining two topics were never addressed and now we're here, nearly all the way through May.

Since we are nearly all the way through May, I wanted to remind you that Bre and I are still hosting the Add It To My List linkup the last Tuesday of the month. That would be this coming Tuesday so you have a three day weekend to think about the things you would recommend. After a lackluster April, I'm excited that I have been keeping up with my recs so I can at least bring something to the linkup party. The one that I co-host. Last month, I felt like I invited you guys over and only had a bag of pretzels on the table. This month, I can at least offer you a decent cheese tray.

So please join us! I know you have opinions and spend money and like to share. Plus, you can write it on your editorial calendar. Win-win. Share about it if that's your thing. There's plenty of decent cheese to go around.


  1. This made me a little sad. Only because I just realized that by not going back to Minnesota for the summer, & not having TV at my apartment, means that I won't get to start every morning with the Today Show this summer... Cheese tray for the win!


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