Tuesday, May 30, 2017

add it to my list: may 2017

It's the last Tuesday of the month which means it's time to share the things you're recommending in real life with me, Bre, and everyone else. The Add It To My List link-up is where you can compile the things you really, truly like and have tried and want others to try too. It's nice if you leave a comment for Bre and me and then see what others are recommending. So, let's talk...

grab button for Eat, Drink, and Be Lauren
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You can grab the button here if you want.

Add it to your Netflix Queue:

Dear White People - I feel like this show was added to Netflix and no one said anything about it. I really liked it! If you understand white privilege and what's happening in society now, it's an interesting look at what it's like to be a black college student today. I mean it's still TV but it makes you understand how a young black man feels when faced with a police officer or how a black woman tries to be less black in certain situations. It's funny and coming of age and serious and you will breeze through the episodes while also getting a primer in social justice. I highly recommend.

Add it to your Podcast List:

Pod Save the People - While we're talking about social justice, here's a podcast that boils down social issues in terms we can all understand. The host and two others will talk about news issues and why you should care about them, and then there's an interview or two with an expert, politician, or celebrity talking about issues they care about. I've learned more about 45's tax cuts and why they're scary and more about Medicare and Medicaid since I started listening. The eps are long but worth it and also the host is an alum of the organization for which I work, so it's safe to say I'm hoping our paths cross soon.

This American Life - Tell Me I'm Fat - You already know that I love This American Life and Lindy West. I first learned who Lindy West was from this TAL episode, which you can download again this week (you can only go back so far to download TAL episodes via iTunes; otherwise, you have to listen to past eps online). If you haven't listened and you want a better understanding of being overweight in America, you should.

Add it to your Shopping List:

Sea Salt Garden Veggie Straws - Sometimes, 3 o'clock hits and I'm not hungry, but I need a snack to stay awake. I discovered these and I love them.  I feel like you can eat a ton for not many calories, they are wonderfully salty, and the crunch makes them satisfying. Are they the healthiest choice? No, but they are far better than many other things I could grab. Also, I've tried other brands, and these are far superior.

Clothes... on Amazon - Sometimes I see a really cute top online and I try it on in the store and it looks horrendous on me because I am not size two like the model (no offense, size two friends). I understand that they can't get models in all sizes for all clothes but seeing other body types in a lot of clothes would be nice, you know? Enter Amazon. There are so many clothes available on Prime (with free returns!) and tons of reviewers have posted pics of them wearing said clothes! When I see different body types looking great in an article of clothing, I'm much more likely to buy it. I bought a dress via Amazon last month which ended up just not being to my taste and I have this bathing suit in my cart now since it looks great on women of all shapes and sizes... I hate water but maybe this will make me change my mind? (not an affiliate link, click away).

Add it to your People to Stalk Online List:

Dan Rather/News and Guts - Who knew that a retired news anchor would continue to be a person we could look to to explain what's happening in the U.S. and why we are living in such an interesting time? Dan Rather writes open letters to the president on Facebook, compares current times to the past and predicts what might happen based on lessons learned, and continues to examine the cracks in our democracy. It's terrifying, but it also makes for good reading when you know what's happening in America doesn't feel right but you can't quite articulate why. I suggest following both on Facebook for maximum impact.

@hereisgina on Instagram - You know I love Jane the Virgin. I listened to a podcast with Jane herself, Gina Rodriguez, and then I started looking at her Instagram and her insta-stories are really fun - you feel like you're hanging out with her as she tries to do pull-ups using her at-home bar or plays with a giant bunny. If you want a normal celebrity to creep on, I suggest her.

Hopefully you found something new to add to one of your many lists. I'm excited to see what is on everyone's list now that it's officially summer!


  1. Dan Rather gives me life most days. Really.

    I have bought some capri leggings on Amazon. A+.

  2. Love the veggie straws they're so good!! That swimsuit is super cute. You should totally try it.

  3. The ranch straws are like a drug.

    I went through a ton of these things (regular and ranch) last fall and finally had to stop buying them ha ha.

  4. I really need to get those veggie straws.
    Totally agree about Amazon clothes, I love when I can see customer pictures, it's such a better idea of the actual product size, coloring, quality, etc.
    I love all the podcast related things you recommend so I'll definitely check them out!

  5. Before now my most defining memory of Dan Rather was during a past election when he said fe-i-f (or something along those lines),5. After that I didn't watch the news as much when I was off at college, then he was off the air. I love hearing from him now. His experience is so amazing, he's had quite the life.

  6. Dear White People keeps popping up on Netflix. I'm hesitant to add it to my watch list just because I'm OCD and trying to cut my list down lol. But hey summer is about to start for me & I'll have all the time in the world right?!

  7. I loved Dear White People so much! I also love Lindy and am downloading that episode right now! She got her start up here at a Seattle alternative newspaper. Her book is really good too. I set my Facebook notifications to put Dan Rather's posts at the top. Love him as well. Great recommendations!

  8. ok so now i have to listen to the TAL episode. you know i don't do old numbered ones but i did see it was Lindy West.
    also now i have to try clothes on Amazon because i haven't had new clothes in forever and i hate every store.

  9. I've heard DWP is great, it's on the TBW. Lindy West & NPR= LOVE!

  10. I LOVED Dear White People (I watched it in a day) and totally agree: it totally slipped under the radar!

  11. I've never really looked at clothes on Amazon although I imagine the selection on Amazon.ca leaves a bit to be desired. Glad to hear of someone having success though!!! My kids love those veggie straws but I haven't bought them in ages...thank you for the reminder!

  12. I've heard a lot of good recommendations of Pod Save, but with.out a commute, it's hard to make time to listen to them often. I do want to check it out though; good to hear another positive rec!

    I *hate* shopping for clothes online, but the few times I've gone for it with something from Amazon, I've been really happy with the result. The reviews are priceless and Prime free returns are a godsend


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