Tuesday, June 27, 2017

add it to my list: june 2017

Maybe one day I will get my act together and write one of the many posts in my head and do more than join three link-ups a month. But today is not that day since it's already the last Tuesday of the month and time for Add It To My List with me and Bre.

In the rare circumstance that you're new here, here's what you do: write about things you're recommending to people in real life, leave a comment for your hosts if you're so inclined, and click around and see what other people are recommending. So easy!

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Anyway - onto my list!

Add it to your Netflix Queue:

Glow on Netflix: Andrew and I went to the ATX Television Festival earlier this month (recap possibly to come?) and got to screen this show. I loved it. It's set in the 80s, so the costumes and music are great. It's going to have a female, ensemble cast so I don't think there will be many if any lame romance storylines to get in the way. And, it seems different - I mean I've never seen a show set in the world of women's wrestling before. Andrew seemed to like it too, so we are going to watch it together and haven't had time since it came out on Friday but I am really excited to get into it!

Also on a TV note: Master of None is fantastic. I didn't like it much when it first came out, but I picked it up again and wondered what was wrong with me. It's funny but not laugh out loud, realistic yet still unique, and just a TV world I like spending time in. If you want something lighter and fluffier, Younger starts season four this week (on TV Land if you are old school like me and still pay for cable) and I got to see the premiere at the aforementioned festival and it promises to be a fun season.

Add it to your "things to look forward to" list:

Prime Wardrobe: Have you guys seen this yet? Amazon is starting a Stitchfix-esque service for Prime members. Basically you pick out three or more clothing items (it can be womens, mens, or kids), they put it in a box, send it to you, you try it on at home, and are only charged for what you keep. The more you keep, the more of a discount you get. Free shipping both ways. It is missing a Stitchfix stylist, but I'll try my luck with what I pick out and save myself a styling fee. You can sign up to be notified when it's available in your area. Since I'm already in the market of buying clothes on Amazon, I'm excited to check this out.

Add it to your phone:

Ibotta app: This app is legit and I am kicking myself for not using it for so long. You grocery shop every week, so you can get money back every week. You check the app before or after shopping, select what you bought, scan it if needed, take a photo of your receipt, and you get paid. I love that there is often cash back for produce I bought anyway or .25 back from any grocery receipt. You can even access Uber through the app for money back. It also seems to be the first place to feature new snack food, so sometimes I scroll through the offerings and add things to my shopping list because I know it's on Ibotta. I love things that make money off of what I'm spending anyway. (Disclosure, that is a referral link. You get $10 in your account if you sign up using it, which is halfway to redeeming for a reward, so we both win.)

Add it to your shopping list:

Salted Caramel Craze "Trail Mix" at Kroger: This stuff is so bad for you. I shouldn't admit that I eat it. It's SO addictive, though, and satisfies my afternoon sweet craving. I try to just eat a little handful at a time (but sometimes I fail). It has almonds (healthy!), butterscotch chips, chocolate caramel candy, and I think cashews. I put trail mix in quotes because really, it's candy, but everything in moderation, right?

That's all I've got for now - tell me what you're loving this month!


  1. I didn't care for the first episode of Master of None but I will give it another try if you insist ;) maybe I wasn't in the mood when I tried. I love Ibotta and have about $76 saved in my account. I want to wait til $80 to cash out for some Adidas Superstars! I love saving towards something. Do you use Shopkicks too??? I have cashed out so many Sephora gift cards with that. If you don't, I can send you my link and we can both get extra points! That is awesome that Prime is doing the wardrobe thing. I've never cared to try stitchfix because some of the stuff seems way over priced to me but I'd be willing to try Prime!

  2. We watched a couple of episodes of Master of None on vacation a few weeks ago, and liked it, but totally forgot about watching it again once we got home. I wish Younger was on Netflix or Amazon- it sounds so fun! I had no idea Prime Wardrobe was going to be a thing, but I'm definitely intrigued now!

  3. what I need to do is get netflix. The only thing is, there's a big difference between the asset libraries in Canada vs US (ie. Canada has suckage while US has awesomeness) :(

  4. We watched a few episodes of GLOW over the weekend and it's surprisingly good. So 80s and THE MUSIC. Master of None I enjoy but forget to watch.

  5. I had no idea about that service through Amazon! That sounds like a great way to try out some new clothes without actually having to go to the store!

  6. Those shopping apps always intrigue me..maybe I will finally give it a try! The Prime wardrobe thing sounds cool, and the trail mix = YUM.

  7. I am a dick because when ibotta first came out I was all THIS IS TOO MUCH WORK. Now I buy my groceries online, so I don't even get a receipt.

  8. I did not get my act together and remember to do this. Sigh.
    But I'll enjoy reading everyone else's recommendations!

    I thought about Glow but I don't like OITNB at all and it's the same creators so I was wondering about that.

  9. Ugh I need to get back on ibotta & such.

  10. I didn't know about prime wardrobe, that's cool! Report back with how it works out for you please, I'm dying to know.

  11. OMG the Prime Wardrobe sounds awesome! I tried Stitchfix a couple times but never had much luck & actually I do like (online) shopping for clothes so this seems like the best of both worlds!

  12. Amazon is adding a new thing to their arsenal of services. I'm not surprised! I really enjoyed the 1st season of Master of None,and I don't like the 2nd season as much, but I like how it's different and real, so I'm sticking with it. This Ibotta thing sounds cool. There was this one other one that you do online...darn the name escapes me...but you get money for browsing and clicking and/or shopping?...anyway I'd meant to try that one too but sometimes I feel exhausted about all the ways to try to save money and then I just don't do any of it.

  13. I'm so intrigued by the Amazon wardrobe. My last "fix" was horrible and I hated everything.

  14. Whoa... solid list, friend. I'm definitely going to check out that Prime Wardrobe thing! Also, Glow sounds super interesting!! And this Ibotta app intrigues me! I'm checking it out now! (A TV festival sounds so freakin' cool!)

  15. I'm intrigued by Glow & need something new to watch so I might check it out. I can't say enough about Master of None... I LOVE IT SO DAMN MUCH.

  16. i'm on E6 of Glow. i do not love it but i have watched 6 episodes in 24 hours so...i kinda like it as a super dark comedy than a quirky ha ha comedy.


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